ship: hardston

How I ship.

I’ve figured it out. It’s not that I have a fleet. Or an armada, of that I ship it so hard I helicarrier it.

It’s like I own a port. 

Ships come and go.

Some are small,

some are large.

Some dock for longer periods of time than others. Some are my own ships, I built them myself.

But many other people’s ships sail into my port as well. Very occasionally a ship will show up that I just can’t stand, and I send it on its way.

Someone else can have that ship. But often new ships show up and are welcomed into my port.

Eventually each particular ship will sail off and then I don’t think about it again for a little while. But every ship must come back to port eventually.

For example, in the last couple days the Thorki freighter has showed up. Prior to this it hadn’t been around for a while(read: I had other ships taking up my time and port space) but now it’s here and it takes up quite a lot of room because it’s a big ship, you see? It comes with lots and lots of fans and fanart and fanfic and also it’s a hella interesting ship with lots of fun possibilities and on top of that the smut is hot.

Also, we’re pleased today to welcome the good ship Hardston to our port. I’m not sure why I’ve never seen this ship before but now it’s here and it makes a fine addition(read: constant source of heartbreak and pain) to the shipyard. Thank you to The Following, a TV show that constantly finds new and better ways to ruin my life.  

So, did I take this analogy way to far? Anyone else out there operating a port?