ship: eren x levi

Eren and Levi fighting

Eren: *angry AF* So What huh?! Go?!

Levi: Brat you wanna go?! *angry AF too*

Eren: Yeah let’s go! *blushing due to anger?*

Levi: YOU WANNA GO OUT?! *said out-of-nowhere*

Eren: O–ON A DATE?! *can’t stop talking*

Levi: YEAH WANNA GO OUT ON A DATE?! *they are STILL fighting*

Eren: L-LET’S GO! *hold his hand*

Levi: *triggered* WANNA HAVE KIDS?!

Eren: *chokes*


Levi: “It doesn’t matter what you think. You have to. There’s no other choice. We’re out of options. Our forces are struggling so desperately, there’s nothing else they can do. You have to succeed.”

Eren: “I will. I’ll do whatever it takes to seal the wall!”

Levi: “Calm down, Eren. […] Learn how to restrain yourself. Don’t succumb to rage and lose sight of the goal. We can’t afford another mistake.”

Eren: “Yes, sir!”

Eren x Levi - S02E03

Eren and Levi are getting ready for season 2 episodes! Eren is goofy as always while Levi is trying to remember his line on script.

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