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It doesn’t concern me that Darvey won’t happen for a while, you know. I mean, we all know that Scottie is just another step into the whole walls-around-hearts-falling-down thing. First it came Stephen, making Donna understand that life’s too short to be afraid of risking and now Scottie is here to make Harvey understand that is ok to show your feelings.
I believe that they’re both afraid to get envolved with the other because Harvey means too much to Donna and vice-versa so they allow themselves to be with people that won’t really destroy them if the relationship doesn’t work out. Be friends is safe, it won’t break your heart and the person’s still there for you if you need support of any kind. Be in a relationship with someone that important and take the risk that said relationship don’t works and ruin the bond you have… Well, that is just too much to take and it’s scary and you can’t really control the end.
Harvey needs Donna, and not just at work. Donna needs Harvey. No matter what, need will always be more important. You can live without the romantic part, but you can’t live without the person at all. Its a sacrifice they’re both ready to take until their feelings collapse into a ultimatum - to have everything or nothing at all. We all know that that day will come. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but it will. And when this happens they’ll remain together and strongest than ever.

Couple You’re ‘shipping Like Crazy

1. Harvey and Donna, Suits, 31% 
2. Annie and Auggie, Covert Affairs, 25%
3. Jenna and Matty, Awkward., 24%
4. Jane and Grayson, still, Drop Dead Diva, 14% 
5. Annie and Eyal, sorry, Auggie, Covert Affairs, 6%

Difference between first and second: 393 votes

I’ve been thinking about this since the episode, but remember when Donna and Harvey were arguing in the bathroom about the memo and Harvey says, ‘You don’t keep things from me!’ and Donna responds with, 'You keep things from me all the time!’.  Idek, but that part breaks my heart.  Maybe it’s Sarah’s delivery, or the fact that Donna just really wants to be there for him, but it seriously gives me heart pains.

Especially when Harvey justifies himself by saying that he’s her boss and she says that maybe he shouldn’t be her boss anymore.

Ugh, sorry, so many feelings about that entire scene/episode/the pairing in general.

Okay, bye.