ship: desmond x penny

Day 9: The most believable relationship.

Desmond and Penny (Lost)

Des: I love you, Penny. I’ve always loved you. I’m so sorry. I love you.
Pen: I love you too.
Des: I don’t know where I am, but–
Pen: I’ll find you, Des–
Des: –I promise–
Pen: –no matter what–
Des: –I’ll come back to you–
Pen: –I won’t give up–
Both: I promise. I love you.

They had their ups and downs, but they never gave up on each other. She literally turned the world upside down to find him. She never stopped looking for him. He never forgot her. She kept him alive. She’s his constant and he is hers. He only needed one person to survive, her. Their love went to hell and it came back stronger. They are the real love story of Lost.