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derek/ms blake: bonding over something they have in common

Derek drives Jen home, because it seems like the normal thing to do. The whole point of the Volvo was to have a car without bloodstains rubbed deep into its seats but he resigns himself without thinking about it too much, wishing he at least had a clean shirt in the back to change into.

She’s quiet most of the way, except to give directions. It’s only when they pull up outside of her building— modest-to-crappy but close to Beacon Hills’ downtown, such as it is— that she turns to him and opens her mouth.

“Werewolves,” she says. “Are we gonna talk about the werewolf thing or what?”

“Or what,” Derek says, startled. “I mean— what— you— werewolves—”

Get out of Oregon, they said,” she goes on, agitated, now. “California is quiet, no wolves for decades, weres don’t hang out there, don’t like the lack of cover, it will be quiet, Jen, move to Beacon Hills. This is such utter fucking bullshit. I refuse to get involved in another territory dispute, not even if the kids are— the kids aren’t involved, are they?”

Derek allows himself a moment to appreciate the righteous surety of her anger, the flush in her cheeks, the bright sharp focus in her eyes. 

“It’s not a territory dispute,” he says. “I’m not sure what it is.” 

“The birds,” she says. “That’s— I was hoping they were unrelated. Are you kidding me? Not just feuding werewolves but ominous, nonspecific supernatural portents? This is— man, this is bullshit.”

“You can leave,” Derek says. “I can ensure you safe passage, I can—”

“My contract’s not up ‘til the end of the year,” she says crisply. “I’m not going anywhere. And I’d say I’m not getting involved but—”

“You don’t have to.”

“I am involved,” she says. She catches his eye, holds his gaze, rubs a gentle thumb over the dried blood streaking his chin, jaw, neck. “Come inside,” she says at last. “We’ll get you cleaned up, and then you can tell me everything.”

I don’t think Derek and Jennifer’s relationship is moving too fast, but it is quick, and didn’t begin in the most normal of circumstances.

Derek saved her life, not the normal way for couples to meet.

He went back to check on her because he obviously cared about her, probably to see how she reacted to the news that werewolves exist.

He must have saw something he trusts because he went to her when he needed help.

He’s hurt, she’s been taking care of him, so it’s natural for their feelings to escalate.

Their relationship is moving fast, but if its played right if could be the best thing that ever happened to both of them.


people keep acting like derek fucked ms blake and they have a full-blown thing going when really they just held hands in the boiler room

but this is what happens when sterek shippers exist, to whom one glance is literally an entire sexual history

will they probably be together? YEP. but how will the plot/character development lead to this? WE LITERALLY DO NOT KNOW BECAUSE IT HAS NOT YET OCCURRED

also unhealthy people get in relationships all. the. time. it has nothing to do with what’s  ~*~*~*~best for derek~*~*~*~ 

finally, can you categorically say that you hate her character when literally all she’s done was say NO TEXTING and BE A GOOD BOY SCOTTY >:[ and held hands with derek hale

o wait i forgot that was the actual reason

Why are a lot of people hating on Ms. Blake? I get that her character was just introduced and now they’re kind of making her and Derek’s relationship happen kind of fast, but don’t hate on her just because she’s Derek’s love interest. Everyone has a love interest at some point. Maybe things won’t work out between them, maybe the alpha pack will kill her, maybe they’ll end up like Scott and Allison, WHO KNOWS? But don’t hate on her character because you think ‘she’s annoying and needs to go away.’ That’s not a good reason to hate a character. 

I’ve seen a few comments liking the scene in Freyed to the scene in Magic Bullet back in season one, and that writers are trying to recreate Sterek with Jennifer but I totally disagree.

The writers gave us a clever insight to Ms Blake’s character and their relationship. She’s only met this man twice yet he came at her car with blood all over his hands marking up her windows. Here, she was given an out. She was safely in the car, the door was closed and I reckon she had enough time to get her key into the ignition.

Jennifer could have ran from him, but she didn’t, she chose to get out and help him. That means something to me.

In Magic Bullet if I remember correctly Stiles doesn’t want to help Derek, he actually wants to put him out of the car and get on his way. Hardly similar at all, except they both meet in a school parking lot.

I really wasn’t buying the whole “going to Ms. Blake for help” thing, but then - she’s the only other adult in Derek’s life (assuming that she can be said to be in his life) that hasn’t given him a reason to think she might hurt him while he’s weak. The kids are all on the bus and who else is he going to go to? Chris? Peter? No, for obvious reasons. Deaton? Sure, while he seems to be a good guy and opening up more, his motives are still unknown at best and shady at worst. So, we end up with Ms. Blake. Maybe this is a sign of positive personal growth in terms of interacting with more grown-ups and an actual logical choice from Derek Hale. At least this is what I’m going to tell myself to keep from being annoyed with that hamfisted ep ending.

I’m sorry to my followers that this has temporary become a Jennifer/Dennifer, supporting blog. I don’t think I’ve ever stood up for a character quite like this. But they just have so many haters and I kind of love the ship. So, I’m sorry if you don’t like it, I just have a lot of feels for these characters.