ship: derek x allison

Shopping with Stiles would include..

- him being a secret shopaholic

- “Y/N can we go in here?” He asks, whilst dragging you into the store anyway

- Stiles buying at least one thing from every store he goes in

- him being a little embarrassed when you announce you want to go in VS

- “oh Stiles stop it, you can wait outside if you want” you giggle

- going into the dollar store and buying nearly all the packet sweets

- both of you desperately needing food after shopping for 4 hours

- going to the food court and arguing whether to get Burger King or McDonalds

- “but Stiles Burger King tastes way nicer” you protest
“Oh sweet innocent Y/N, have you never had McDonald

- finally giving in and getting McDonalds

- and Stiles paying for both your meals

- going to an ice cream shop and getting two scoops of ice cream each

- after you decide to go home, you walk to the car park only for Stiles to forget where he parked

- resulting in 20 minutes being spent wondering around the car park until you found his jeep

- “thankyou for coming shopping with me Stiles”
“Anytime Y/

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“All this time I’d thought we were strangers, and it turned out we knew each other intuitively, in our bones, in our blood.” —Gillian Flynn

Being best friends with Allison would include..

- her teaching you how to use a bow and arrow

- sleepovers every Saturday, where you’d watch scary movies and eat 2 pizzas

- being there for her when she went through her breakup with Scott

- sitting next to each other in history class

- always getting told off for laughing and passing notes

- “ Y/F/N Y/L/N, Allison Argent, if you do not stop passing notes then you will be granted two weeks of detention!”

- Chris Argent treating you like his second daughter

- helping each other study in subjects you're bad at, she would tutor you in math, and you would tutor her in french

- Allison and her dad teaching you how to use gun, since you were also human you would also need some self defence

- you guys having to bunk off school a few days because you both had an allergic reaction to the face masks you used at your sleepover

- dying your hair together, and both hating it

- going to concerts and festivals together

- before Allison and Scott broke up, you, Allison, Scott, and Stiles would always do everything together

- competing against each other in gym during track season

- “ you ready for this Y/L/N?”

“Oh it’s on, Argent”

- you were there when Allison was killed by the Oni

- you refused to leave your room for two months after Allisons death

- going into every fight, knowing you were doing it for Allison

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A Shy!Reader dating Issac would include..
- meeting him for the first time at school in english class
- you tutoring him after school in english
- having regular coffee dates at the café
- him sleeping at yours most nights
- Issac stroking your hair softly while you sleep cuddled up against him
- you being nervous when Issac introduces you to the pack
- Issac being careful with pda 
- " y/n, can i kiss you?“ his soft voice asked
- watching disney movies on the couch, Issacs large hand holding your small one
- preferring nights in to nights out
-  you’re the only person that knows everything about Issacs past
- slow, gentle sex
- he would meet you at your locker so you can walk to lunch together 
- Issac surprising you one morning and driving you both to the airport, only telling you when you got on the plane that he was taking you to Disney Florida
- staying at home and having a movie marathon
- making each other chicken soup when the other was sick 
"Issac im sick, dont kiss me, i dont want you to catch anything”“ Y/n its okay, i just want you to get better”
- his nickname for you is Princess
To the Rescue (Derek/Allison)

because the dallison tag needs a little love:

Title: To the Rescue

Author: Flashes09

Rating: T (some swearing)

Summary: Sometimes rescues come from the most unlikely places. Slight Derek/Allison. Rewritten scene from episode 1x11 Formality.

To the Rescue (cross-posted to

Derek isn't sure how long he’s been trapped down here in this damn dungeon, but sometimes it feels like forever. It’s a good time to reflect on some of the uglier parts of his past though, even if he’d rather avoid them. For example, he’s having a really hard time reconciling the girl that he dated in high school to the woman who had no problem hunting him down and stringing him up in some dank cellar. He’s having a really hard time imaging the girl who used to kiss him so sweetly has no problem wiring him to a generator that zaps him with electricity every minute or so, preventing him from healing. And he’s having a really hard time imaging the girl who had spent so much time spoiling her niece had become the woman that brought her niece to come check out the werewolf. Kate Argent was not the girl he fell in love with. She was the woman he had come to hate.

But Allison was a bit of a surprise. When Derek had first learned that the Argents had moved back to town, bringing their teenage daughter with them, Derek was sure she was another Kate. That’s why he kept warning Scott off of dating her. But the night he’d driven Allison home, after Scott left her at the party, he realized she wasn’t another Kate. She was too sweet, too happy, and as Derek soon realized, too innocent. She had no idea about her family’s legacy as werewolf hunters.

Well, the secret was out now. Allison’s horrified look was burned into Derek’s mind. It was a horrible way to find out the things that go bump in the night are real. But he’d deal with that fallout later, right now, he needed to get out of here.