ship: deacon and rayna

I’m seriously heartbroken and devastated! As much as I know this is just a tv show, it’s a tv show I’ve watched from the begging fell in love with! Rayna and Deacon were finally together and happy like they were supposed to be and they shared a love that was truly inspiring and completely true. At this point I don’t know what to think! I just hope Deacon doesn’t start drinking again and I hope the girls are taken from him! I know there’s going to be Ted and Tandy drama because of Rayna’s death and at this point in time that angers me because I can’t stand either of them and it’s definitely NOT what these girls need!! I really wish Deacon and Rayna would of gotten their happy ever after! 💔💔💔😭😭😭


Favorite Nashville Couples (3/3): Deacon Claybourne and Rayna James

Don’t you try to tell me someone’s waiting.
They’re not waiting for you.
Oh, and don’t you try to tell me that you’re wanted.
That you’re needed.
Cause it’s not true.

I know why you’re lonely.
It’s time you knew it, too.
No one will ever love you, no one will ever love you.
No one will ever love you like I do

Why you always looking for the limelight?
Ain’t you satisfied with me?
For once why don’t you get down off your high heels, you’re no big deal. Can’t you see?

I know why you’re lonely.
It’s time you knew it, too.
No one will ever love you. No one will ever love you.
No one will ever love you like I do

I’m all you got.
I’m all you’ll ever need.
I’m all you’ll ever have

–lyrics to No One Will Ever Love You

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Brooklyn nine nine, 

The Walking Dead



Jake x Amy

Daryl x Carol

Deacon x Rayna

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Stronger Than Me

Here I go again
Walking the line killing time between my sins
Oh, why do I come here?
The ending is still the same
I’m bring back old tears
I act like I don’t know
Where this road will go
Pour me something stronger, pour me something straight
All these crooked voices, make them go away
I can barely stand up
I can hardly breathe
Pour me something stronger than me
Pour me something stronger than me
Sunrise hurts as much as you
You always come up when I don’t want you to
Oh, I can still hear you say
That you and I will both be off this way
Pour me something stronger,
Pour me something dark.
Pour it up so high so I can’t feel my heart.
I can barely stand up.
I can barely breathe.
Pour me something stronger than me.

thanks Ray and Deacon. I hope you live in love forever.

After just watching the Nashville season 3 finale(which was so freaking sad) I have a theory about the “bad news”: Beverly didn’t survive the surgery.  They got what they needed for Deacon, but she crashed afterwards.   And now when it returns in the fall, Deacon will be okay, but wracked with guilt because he gets to live, but his sister didn’t.  Yep, I can SO see that happening and it’s going to suck.  But yeah, I’m like 99.8% sure they aren’t killing off Deacon.  They wouldn’t be THAT stupid, I hope.

Also, wow, my Javery heart is broken.  Fix Juliette next season, show. FIX IT!