ship: darcy and lizzie

Me as a fangirl:

*throws rainbows and flowers to couples* *Sees romance everywhere* *has a million ships*  “Kiss! Kiss! Just Kiss! Make out!”

Me in real life:

*Spinster, only loves her dog* *Bitter and cynical about love* *Is disgusted by happy couples*  “Ugh, get a room, you two*

Pemberley (deleted scene)

Darcy - Miss Bennet

Elizabeth - Mr. Darcy

Darcy - Miss Bennet, this is my sister Georgiana Darcy.

Georgiana - Miss Bennet, I knew it had to be you. My brother has told me so much about you. I feel as though we are great friends already.

Elizabeth - I thought you were in London.

Darcy - No i’m not. I had to return to evacuate my sister from Pemberley. Are your parents in good health?

Elizabeth - Yes very well thank you sir.

Darcy - I’m glad to hear it and all of your sisters?

Elizabeth - Yes they are all in excellent health sir.

Darcy - Would you do me the honour of introducing me to your friends?

Elizabeth - Surely, Mr. and Mrs. Philips. Mr. Darcy. Mrs. Philips is my aunt.

Darcy - Well I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Please I wish time permit for me to give you a full tour of Pemberley but alas I must deliver my sister, Georgiana, to my Aunt Catherine and return to the front immediately.

Mr. Philips - How goes it Darcy?

Darcy - Not well, but we have manage to keep the infected contained within the city walls.

Mrs. Philips - London is loss then?

Darcy - Yes. Come Georgiana, we must make hast.

Georgiana - I hope we should meet again very soon Miss Bennet. Good day.

Darcy - Good day. Come