ship: dan x amy

i love how Veep tries to convince us Dan Egan is an emotionless (likeable) scumbag

which for the most part is true

except when he’s around Amy

exhibit A:

I like to call this Dan’s “bitch face”. I mean is that loserish reporter really trying to take on his girl? (only he gets to screw with Amy) I don’t fucking think so.

exhibit B:

this is Dan’s “oh no you didn’t” face. You can see his patience wearing thin with this guy.

exhibit C:

this is Dan’s “fuck yeah” face. Amy Brookheimer is about to drop some fucking wisdom on you so you better back off cuz she eats little shits like you for breakfast. that’s Dan’s thought process FYI.

exhibit D:

this is when Amy accuses him of flatlining all day. “At least I give a shit,” she tells him, Implying Dan obviously doesn’t.

Guess what Dan does next:

that’s right. he goes to the motherfucking VP and tells her what’s what. he’s trying to give a shit. at this point he’s already decided she’s a lost cause. so he’s pretty much doing this for Amy.


look how fucking nsync they are. they even pose the same way. DC avengers right there.

bottom line: Dan Egan cares only about himself….and Amy Brookheimer.