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Endless Dan and Amy Edits: 35/? (Sunday edition - Season 6 Finale)

Like a storm, I ’ll turn my love
Suprah and the profit are both in the business of souls

- The (Shipped) Gold Standard by Fall Out Boy

Veep - Breaking Ground

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1. Remember back when Dan got his infertility diagnosis and I wrote like an essay on how, in TV world, that meant a pregnancy was incoming? I was kind of crossing my fingers that Veep would avoid the cliche, but apparently not - it’s like Terry Prachett’s theory of narrative causality.

2. Called it. I was sure either a pregnancy / pregnancy scare was in their future, I just didn’t expect it this season. Note, by not saying anything, Dan has ALREADY handled it better than he did in season one.

3. They X-Filed us and it’s really goddamn annoying. Not showing the moment when the two of them finally acknowledge what’s going on between them is genuinely cheating the audience.

4. On the other hand, this allows them to string out the tension into next year, though I think at this point what will happen is a foregone conclusion. Dan’s always been possessive of Amy - which we were reminded of this season - that’s only going to double when she’s the mother of his kid. And somehow, given his infertility diagnosis, I don’t see him pushing for an abortion this time. (Not to mention, while his sleaziness has always been front and centre, if he continues being as horrible to and about her as he’s been this season it’s going to get mighty uncomfortable). If she dates anyone else next year he’s going to LOSE HIS MIND.

5. Just how drunk WAS Amy that night? I know I joked about Dan drinking her under the table, but sleeping with her when she’s too drunk to know better doesn’t seem remotely like his style. But at the same time, for Amy to risk unprotected sex with him seems pretty reckless (even if she thought she couldn’t get pregnant).

6. That damn Brookheimer fertility screwing everything up again. Amy’s Dad is going to hate Dan even more now. (And Sophie will be insufferable - more so than usual).

7. As a general point, I think a little more than sex may have happened that night. Mostly because of the way Dan is with her in this episode - there’s still banter etc - but he’s kind of back to his usual self with her, no more nasty little comments or anything like that. Who knows if she told him about Nevada, but there must have been some kind of conversation where…a certain number of things were acknowledged on both sides. I say BOTH sides, because Amy is dressed a lot better this episode than she has been all season - she’d got some of her confidence back, and I don’t think sex (alone) with Dan would do that.

8. From the way she tells him, I think Amy has already made up her mind to have the child - particularly the way she walks away right afterward. She’s not expecting anything from him - whether he will live down to her expectations is another matter.

9. This happened the SECOND time they saw each other after she broke up with Buddy. I’m guessing Dan was eager to stake his claim - the engagement may have bothered him a lot more than we actually saw. He’s virtually always the aggressor in their relationship, so I’m sure he got the ball rolling, so to speak (not to mention that Amy was so beaten down in the last episode that I can’t see her actively seducing anyone).

11. You have to wonder how much the failed relationship with Buddy is underpinning Amy’s thinking here. While I don’t think she was in mourning for BUDDY this season, I did get the general impression that she’d…almost resigned herself to the idea that she wasn’t going to get to have marriage and children and so on. Is she having the child because she thinks she may never get another chance? She can’t possibly be expecting Dan to step up - in fact I think it’s clear she doesn’t - so is she grabbing at some happiness while she can?

12. I want to rewatch the episode to try and work out when Amy discovered the pregnancy. It would explain the sudden urgency in needing to clarify her role at least.

13. And we’re back to ludicrously matchy costumes. I don’t think they’ve had outfits that coordinated since Storms and Pancakes.

14. I can’t believe Selina threw Amy under the bus AGAIN. And it’s implied she was going to fire her! (I suspect Ben squashed that pretty quick). I really hate what they’ve done with that relationship this year. The fact that Ben, Kent and Dan ALL know it’s basically abusive at this point did make me laugh though. I wonder which of them was pushing for her to join - it could easily have been all of them. (Look how happy and glowy Amy is in the scene where they tell her how great she is - she’s not seemed that happy in a long while).

15. Something happening with Dan does explain why she wasn’t at that second drinks thing last episode (which I wondered about). I suspect she ran like hell the moment she woke up…but…hmm, but I think this time Dan didn’t let radio silence set in (the way he apparently did after they left the White House - possibly he’s learned something). She’s too comfortable with him in all their meetings we see onscreen for any of them to be their first post-sex encounter - but it’s also clear they hadn’t talked about the sex itself (look at the way Amy circumlocutes her way around referencing it directly - that night we had a lot of drinks - and Dan reflects her terminology).

16. And Leon West is the new press secretary. Poor Amy - like she doesn’t have enough men in her working life flinging weird sexual tension at her. Not to mention that she and Mike always seemed to have a kind of ‘in the trenches’ camaraderie that was nice to watch.

I’m sure I’ll have thoughts on the rest of the episode soon… still a wee bit in shock.


I’m not gonna lie, this season has been painfully boring, but the season finale was the best episode and not just because my favorite Dan x Amy fic is in motion (Hand in unlovable hand), but I’m a sucker for flashbacks and backstories and this episode had it all. And the band is back together. AT LAST.

All the ingredients are there to make me excited for the next season, I hope that we’ll get a season 1 to 4 vibe again, and Sue. 

I sure won’t be watching any episode of this season beyond the finale, just like I only ever rewatch ‘Mother’ from the previous season, too. 

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I KNOW I am so bitter that we have to wait a year but at the same time I’m so grateful because hopefully this means we’re getting more of our trash children together next season so blessed so moved so grateful.

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lmao i'm fucking shook remember when you tagged that dan and amy gifset of them with kids with "imagine them as parents" or something like that and now they're actually going to be parents??omg??

LOL I KNOOOOOWWW IM SO SHOOK BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!! Seriously that finale totally saved season 6, and not just with Dan/Amy but with everyone. THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER!!!! I am SOOO excited for season 7 but I will admit I’m a little nervous the writers might fuck it up but I’m trying to remain hopeful. I so badly wanna see Dan/Amy be parents. It’ll be hilarious. Their child’s first word will no doubt be ‘’shit’’ or ‘’fuck’’ lmao. And this better mean they’re CANON!!!!!