ship: chuck and sarah

So please remember this house and the red door and the white picket fence and the family we were going to raise together. And remember me. Because if you remember me, then you’ll remember that a nerdy guy like me who works in a Buy More could make you happy.
—  Chuck Bartowski in Chuck Vs. Sarah aka the most heartbreaking episode ever known to human kind

My top 6 OTPs are all married. 💍😭 My top SIX. I am so blessed. I am so fortunate. AND (with the exception of Desmond and Penny) I had the privilege of witnessing each one of their weddings with my own two eyes. I am so happy. They are so happy. They are so in love. I am crying. The world is a wonderful, beautiful place.

I honestly can’t believe that we are getting any new material for Chuck, a show that ended years ago. The fact that we are getting this soundtrack now is so huge. I found this in the Digital Booklet that comes with the album on ITunes, and couldn’t help but tear up. 

Chuck changed the way shows connect to their fans, and I guess now we can only hope that it being on Netflix will help gain new fans! 

Chuck: Gone, but not forgotten