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  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> (sitting in a group of friends aka Person C, D, and E)<p/><b>Person A:</b> Yeah, so we go on the ferris wheel<p/><b>Person A:</b> (eyes lock on Person B)<p/><b>Person A:</b> and we're just sitting there, right? And then... He. Says...<p/><b>Group:</b> (follows Person A's gaze)<p/><b>Person C:</b> What are you staring at?<p/><b>Person D:</b> (not so subtle whispering) Person B.<p/><b>Person A:</b> (blinks hard pulling glance away) What?! No, I just... The shirt is just really distracting.<p/><b>Person C:</b> Right... Sure.<p/><b>Bonus:</b> Person B is wearing a plain white T or something<p/></p>

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so can we talk about logan??!! what did you think of it? is it one of your fave xmen movies? thoughts on old chalres?

Yes, LET’S!

I freakin’ loved it. I really didn’t go in with high expectations (I’ve seen all of the solo Wolverine movies… they didn’t exactly inspire confidence…) but I was totally blown away. I saw a review for the film that said something like “It’s not a superhero movie, it’s a movie that happens to have superheroes in it” and I thought that stated it REALLY well. I also liked that it was R-rated, which really allowed for the grittiness and violence that is the truth of how Logan would actually fight. It’s a very messy, personal way to kill people.

Okay so, obvious highlight of the movie – CHARLES. CHARLES CHARLES CHARLES. I already know that Sir Patrick is a genius, but I was so blown away by him in this movie. He’s half insufferable old coot, half caring father-figure, and a whole lot of tragedy. I guess the question of how Charles’ extremely powerful brain would age has always been a fascinating one to me and I loved how they dealt with it. One of my main criticisms about X-Men movies in the past is the sheer lack of BADASS Charles. Well, we finally got him, but just not in the way I was expecting. I love how dangerous Charles finally came across as. I love that he’s classified as a weapon of mass destruction. I love that they finally took his powers SERIOUSLY. The fact that it had to come with such tragedy is just heart-wrenching. All the hints of Charles hurting/killing his own students and his spotty memories about all of this just HURTS SO MUCH. His constant shift in mood, his guilt and his feelings of powerlessness were just so painful to watch. And through it all, there was still that glimmer of the stately, god-like man he used to be. I loved seeing the untouchable older Professor X finally made human. He reminded me a lot of DOFP Charles, which is of course perfect because isn’t that who Charles really is? Not just a perfect symbol of peace and mutant wisdom, but a real, flawed person who can be a total dick.

His relationship with Logan was also everything to me. Still snarky at each other, but with such obvious affection. Charles is the closest thing to a father that Logan has ever had and seeing Charles in the state he was in must have been killing Logan – but I can see his reluctance to let him go. It was so sad to see that Logan had built his whole life around hiding and protecting Charles. And omg, the tears that flowed when he had to bury Charles, knowing that their last exchange was less than ideal. Logan’s voice breaking when he’s talking about the lake nearby. AHHHH ahhhhhhh.

I know the movie was an overall downer, but I honestly was so impressed that I have very few complaints. I loved how Logan was portrayed as dying, fading away slowly due to the adamantium, but sick in soul just as much in body. Hugh Jackman rarely gets credit for being a fantastic actor but his performance was so good in this. I sobbed at the end. Jesus, what an ending for such a man. What an ending for two of the most iconic superheroes of all time – I loved that they died as people and not symbols. I loved the hope of the new mutants. I hope that brought Charles a bit of comfort in his death, knowing that mutants could make a comeback.

As an aside, my immediate headcanon after the movie was that one of Charles’ uncontrollable attacks caused Erik’s death, but Charles has trouble remembering this and will often ask Logan where Erik is or when he’s coming back. I can just see Logan telling Charles that Erik’s coming back soon and Charles being so happy to hear that before he forgets again that he’s asked it. I’m not a fan of unhappy endings, but this has stuck in my head so deeply since I left the movie that I can’t imagine any other way that Cherik ended now. 

Wooow sorry for the rant but this movie was so damn good. Superhero movies done right. An X-Men film with all the complexity, social commentary, and amazing human relationships that I wanted. If only the same care had been given to XMA.

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Erik, 13

In answer to this character headcanon ask meme.

@turtletotem This is SUCH a cop out. I’m so sorry!

But my mind immediately jumped to this little Erik drabble I wrote awhile ago. And, it’s really not my headcanon, it’s @cherikyassss headcanon, but as she’s my brain twin I suppose one could argue that we share headcanon?

Here it is:

Originally posted by pinkoptics

“You’ve never looked more beautiful, darling.”

The words ran through Erik like an electric current. His body stilled unnaturally and his breath hitched. Charles’ tone had been warm and clearly teasing, but something in Erik did not seem to care that Charles wasn’t serious.

Charles had said he was beautiful.

Charles had called him darling.

As the words replayed in his mind, something twisted in his chest. An emotion he hardly recognized, but was fierce and hot, seared through him. He missed whatever conversation passed between Charles and the winged mutant whose name seemed suddenly irrelevant. His focus narrowed to the ache, because that’s what it was, burning in a spot where he’d felt virtually nothing but rage for so long.

He did not even recognize that she’d gone until he felt a warm hand pressed over his own, drawing him back into the here and now.


The warmth seeped from Charles to Erik, curling into the ache and making it blaze.


Basically, Charles complimenting him in any manner absolutely flusters Erik - his appearance, his personality, his character, his mind - it all flusters Erik (at least internally- perhaps he’s as stoic as ever externally), who has never been complimented, who has never had someone care, someone notice, someone think him beautiful, intelligent, fierce, loyal, etc.

  • Person A: *composes a very poetic, very lovely speech about all the things they love about person b and how they will love and support b till their dying breath*
  • Person B: lol nah why would A be interested in me? That'll never happen, so I'm just going to quietly suffer.
  • Person C: Bitch tf