ship: charlie x olivia


FRINGE 101|2 . ‘The Same Old Story’

#okay so walter is officaly a severed hand collector #and that accelerated pregnancy is one of my fav o2 parallels ever #and look at her on that gif with charlie #that is liv

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Charlie/Olivia - Gloves

It’s ice-cold outside, a clear sign that winter has finally arrived, but Olivia must have missed the memo because when she arrives at the crime scene, she is without her gloves and wiggles her fingers at him to show him she’s fine but soon it becomes obvious that she is not and after a few moments of watching her desperately to heat up her freezing fingers, Charlie can’t take it anymore and he removes his own gloves, gently takes her chilled hands in his warm ones to carefully slip his gloves on her stiff and numb fingers, ignoring her surprised intake of breath and the deepening of the blush on her cheeks.

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CHARLIE LOVES OLIVIA. Okay, this is my headcanon for any coloured universe, seriously. Ugh.

“What’s up, Charlie?”

He should’ve known she’d track him down. Charlie stands, slowly, straightening and turning, his hand on the counter for support. Olivia is just inside the diner door, arms folded across her chest. She’s dressed in her usual action girl outfit but her hair is scraped back off her face into a ponytail.

It’s different, but he likes it; she looks good. Better than good. He feels that familiar lurch in his chest and the sickening feeling of cowardice twists in his stomach.

“Well, if it isn’t Very Special Agent Olivia Dunham,” he says and the easiness in his voice sounds like a lie.