ship: carol x daryl


How does one of the greatest shows go to the worst show ever? By completely disregarding its audience. You cannot disregard your audience when it comes to a television show. God knows why AMC and the show runners keep Scott Gimple (easy to control maybe), but they fire Frank Darabont (who wrote and directed The Shawshank Redemption, IMDb’s top rated film) and fire Glen Mazzara. Do you think the show runners are listening to their fans right now (or ever)? Hell no. SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE.


                           do they realize how much this fucking kills me?

                                   because this really fucking kills meee

  she loves him so much that she couldn’t bear to see anything happen to him

                he loves her so much that he couldn’t can’t be without her

           remember a time when you didn’t want to die while watching this show? oh wait