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She can’t act, she can’t sing, she can’t dance. A triple threat. 

Singin’ in the Rain au: Blaine Anderson and Sugar Motta are a wildly famous silent movie star couple, but their off-screen romance is just a publicity stunt (with the handy side effect of distracting from how suspiciously close Blaine is to his “best friend” Sam Evans).  With the arrival of both talking pictures and aspiring actress Rachel Berry, Blaine and Sam see a way to finally restart Blaine’s career and ditch the woefully untalented Sugar for good.

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Chasing the Sun Sara Bareilles

Lately it feels like her world has been coated in dust. The long winter months have drained the colour from her eyes, left a grey haze behind that dulls her appreciation for the beauty of a city that had filled up her dreams when she was younger; big and bold and alive. (Cold and dead and dark.)

Winter was a time for mourning; for bandaging up the wounds with layers upon layers like scarves and hats and sweaters and coats could keep it all inside, could keep her together. 

They are her Springtime boys; spilling into her life like sunshine, creeping in through the gaps in her dark little loft, with laughter and smiles and jokes that she doesn’t understand. Their warmth spreads through an overcrowded little loft, taking over every inch of her grey Winter, colour blooming in their smiles until she unravels before them.

She could use a little sunshine in her life.