ship: ben x hannah

Ben: “Life is messy, Han. What’s your alternative? You hide away in your perfect house all alone?”
Hannah: “I’m just scared.”
Ben: “I know, Hannah.”
Hannah: “You don’t - you know, you have - you have other people, you have friends and family who know you; they know everything about you, and I just have you.”
Ben: “And you’ll still have me.”
Hannah: “Not if I fuck it up, I won’t. And I always do - you know, with my job -”
Ben: “Your job is just your job, Hannah. It’s not you. I can handle it.”
Hannah: “… If I lose you Ben, I’ll have nobody.”
Ben: “You will not lose me.”
Hannah: “But I might.”
Ben: “Hannah, there are thousands of reasons why we shouldn’t try… there are thousands more why we should." 

“Some choices we make for ourselves in life. And some we make for other people. Not because we don’t love them, but because we do. The only way we know it’s right is if it lets us stay true to ourselves. But we can’t regret our choices. The past is behind us. All we have is the present. And the future. Whatever that may bring.”

Secret Diary of a Call Girl, 4x08


So I spent my 3 days weekend watching this show just because a few friends had seen it and were like “You must watch it! Belle looks just like you!”

It started out kinda weird because for years people have been calling me Billie and I only ever saw her when she was a pop star back in the 90’s (I’m yet to join the Doctor Who bandwagon and I will get started soon promise) so I have always brushed them off because I couldn’t see the resemblance.

But now I totally do and it’s so weird watching her -_______-

And then there’s Ben. Ben Ben Ben Ben…..what can I say about Ben? Aafdfjasodffodsfodsfjaodgaeoghaohfodhfoagh!

And the motherfucking sex god Harry!

Then the show left me in a big messy puddle of emotions! Why must it end that way? Why Hannah why? WHY WHY WHY?

sometimes i wish sdoacg was a documentary because if it was i would take episode one of series 4 and show it to ben in the final episode because he’s such a fucking donkey i swear.

‘lol i know you’re super worried about losing me as a friend and stuff but i swear i can handle this and i won’t make you feel like shit i love you’

'fucking hell, can’t handle it…made you feel guilty about it for a while… it’s either me or your job…which is what i told you i’d never do…but whatevs.’