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Get to know me meme: [9/12] ships
Jeff & Annie (Community) “You’re becoming dangerous, Annie. It’s those doe eyes. Disappointing you is like choking the Little Mermaid with a bike chain.”

Anyone ever watched a movie with your family and suddenly you see two people? Then you just like “my precious ship” but you wanna keep it hidden from your family so the entire time you’re just smiling really big and giggling when those two get screen time.

Just a few gifs for ya

*Walks into a new fandom*

When your otp talking personally and are interrupted

When something happens and your otp are suddenly mad at each other

When you write your first fanfiction

When your notp is crushed into a thousand pieces 

When they been holding back on the sex and finally do it

When your otp is about to kiss and one of them stops the other

When your otp does something cute/ embarrassing in public and promises the other sex that night

When they do something fucking adorable

When the otp is blindingly pure

When the fanfiction goes above 100,000 words

When the plot has too much angst 

When the fanfiction writer has no soul

When the next chapter is out

When you infect your friends with the your ship

When the otp causes you to sin 

When the otp yandere af

What the SnK fandom doesn’t understand

Eren isn’t only an angry guy
Mikasa isn’t a heartless bitch 
Armin isn’t only a crybaby
Sasha isn’t always hungry
Connie isn’t an idiot
Jean isn’t only a horse face
Historia isn’t only pretty
Annie isn’t only the bad girl
Reiner isn’t only muscles and strength
Bertholdt isn’t only tall
Ymir isn’t only gay
Hanji isn’t only crazy
Erwin isn’t only an armless sexy man
Levi isn’t only a gay sex-machine for fanfics and heartless
Fandom ships are only fandom ships and nobody should feel ashamed of their OTPs and criticize the others’ ships
Canon ships are simply canon ships

Is this too complicated to understand? Do we really need to fight each others? I don’t think so

My biggest concern about SNK Season 2 is that they might completely gloss over Eren’s relationship with Historia just like they did to his relationship with Annie because they can’t bear for Eren to be close to a female character who isn’t Mikasa.

I’m rereading Annie On My Mind by Nancy Garden, one of the best love stories I’ve ever read.
It’s about these two girls, Annie Kenyon and Eliza Winthrop, who fall in love in New York City.
It’s so beautifully and purely written, it feels like a real, happy relationship between two girls, and it’s simply a masterpiece of literature
Nancy Garden(tragically deceased)was a lesbian, so that’s one of the reasons why I think it’s so well written, because it comes from a personal place.
And oh, the language! Where do I even begin to describe the prose!
Anyway, it’s very gay and sweet and beautiful and utter perfection.


Ending a chapter that had been odd and intense and drawn out and messy and painful, so fucking painful and scary and inconvenient.

- to the beginnings of the earth by @openhhearts on AO3