ship: adam and kono

things are going pretty good right now but i still feel numb, unsatisfied, and sad sometimes

depression is a bitch! also anxiety even though i didn’t mention it because that doesn’t leave me alone!

i just feel pretty conflicted w/ my entire self and how i am feeling. because it’s confusing as fuck!

and then you think……is this all valid? i am not terrible right now, i’m moving along (lets ignore the fact i’ve been watching hawaii five-o the past three days ignoring my responsibilities) but still i’m not happy. so.

(more about watching hawaii five-o: i get really into shipping and i am in love with adam and kono and since adam isn’t a main character it’s not like i have watched 100 episodes or anything lmao, or even full episodes…..just their scenes…. i get invested okay. also i have been doing assignments and readings of course but i could be doing a lot more. 😅😅😅😅) ((but since i have watched all of their scenes now i am forcing myself to focus even more on school…like starting my brochure that’s due in 11 days)) (((trying not to procrastinate!!!!!)))

this was supposed to be a serious post but i kind of botched the end oh whatever. you guys now see why my time on tumblr has been sparse. and why i try to stay away from watching tv and finding new ships