George Cukor and Katharine Hepburn chose Vivien Leigh’s rented home and staff in 1964, when she returned to Hollywood to film Ship of Fools. Upon her arrival, Cukor and Hepburn prepared to already have a cooked dinner waiting for her. “After that first meal Vivien asked who did this and who did that. She tucked it all off and thanked everyone who had done anything for her. I have never known anyone so appreciative if anything was done for her. She was fundamentally kind. To be constantly kind and have constant good manners, that is a very educated soul.”


“The last time was only about a month before she died. I had not seen her for over ten years when I met her at a cocktail party at the Leferve Galleries in London. We talked for a while. She was looking very lovely, and that clear childlike voice one can never forget. But there was a sadness, an almost wistfulness about her that haunted me for days after.” -Lady Lambert, one of the first schoolmates Vivien met when she entered the convent at age seven.


In 1960, during her divorce to Sir Laurence Olivier- her partner for the past two decades and also the man who she left her baby daughter and first husband for- Vivien Leigh declared, “If I were really and truly given the chance to live my life all over again, I would be certain of only two things. One is that at an early age I would become an actress. The other is that at not a much later age I should marry Laurence Olivier- and do the proposing myself if necessary. I would want to do everything again, except the last few months.”

kallura is long road trips and little diners late at night and parking the car on a lookout point where they can see the city lights in the distance glittering like stars, enjoying the simple pleasure of being alone together and making even the simplest sights seem breathtaking.

hallura is cuddling up on the couch and binging movies in their pajamas and walking hand-in-hand through a shopping center together, peering through the windows and sipping starbucks drinks, always feeling warm and natural and comfortable when they’re together.

allurance is walks on the beach in the morning and little cafes by the water in the afternoon, sharing jokes and soaking in the sunlight and each other’s company, being appreciative of the beautiful things in life together.