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Steve is the one who first started calling Diana “Diana Prince” as we just learned from that TV spot.

Years later, she’s still going by that name, as we heard in BvS when the flight attendant called her “Ms. Prince.” Diana is still going by the name Steve called her, all these years later, long after he’s gone.

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I don't know why you you can't just enjoy your own ships and let others enjoy theirs in peace. I guess *most* ewruris just love being shit stirrers :).

Tea time for anon. Prompt: salty mother fucker

“Can you believe this?” Levi says. His feet are propped up on Erwin’s legs, a magazine opened in his lap.

Erwin does nothing else but hum. Levi tends to find a lot of things unbelievable, like houses with more than three bedrooms, life on other planets, and kale. Levi kicks his legs, demands him to answer him, and that’s when Erwin groans out, dropping his e-reader to rest on Levi’s knee. “What’s so unbelievable, darling?”

“This article is asking when I’ll be paired up with Eren in ‘Advancing Titans’.” Levi stares at him, face blank, dead eyes and quite, well, unbelieving.

“What?” Erwin offers him a side glance, and he’ll admit, he can’t believe it either.

“Yeah, listen to this,” he clears his throat, “'The relationship between Levi and Eren is so believable on screen, the fans have been waiting all season to see if the writers will be brave enough to take things a step further.’” His hand tightens around the magazine, glares up at Erwin, then continues reading. “'We ourselves enjoyed the scene where Levi gave Eren a bit of “tough love” in front of everybody in court.’“

“Oh my god.” Erwin mutters. He can’t feign the eye roll on his voice.

“Do these guys understand characterization at all?”

“I suppose not.”

“Oh my god… No! It goes on!”


“'And we are looking forward to the scene next season when Levi offers Eren a handkerchief when he has a bloody–’”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It’s gross…”

“It’s part of being a celebrity, darling.”

“Yeah but…”

Erwin smiles at him, squeezes Levi’s knee and leans over and places a soft kiss on Levi’s lips. “Everything is all right, because at least we’re canon.”

Levi presses his forehead to Erwin’s, nods shallowly as he returns a minute smile. “Yeah.”

My favorite vehicle from Wander Over Yonder is the Skull Ship!

It always amazes me that it just seems like a simple scary skull outside, but it has so much room in its inferior, even including a whole food court!

This reminds me of Hater, who is also simply a scary skeleton man outside, but he’s actually very sensitive and full of emotions XD

I always love that the skull ship in this scene is smiling, Hater must be smiling too.

 Really wanna see this skull ship again some day, so please help with this petition!


Ships that were suggested in the stream! TB and Rascal (werewolf big dog boyfriend), Tomo and Sky (OH NO THEY’RE PRECIOUS), and Sunrise Symphony and Pelagosa (Pel is SO READY TO SHOW YOU THE WILD SIDE)!


So I’ve been doing comic dubs with the memelords at @overwatchdubs for a few months now, and we’re almost to 2,000 subscribers!

We’re planning something special for 2k, but in the meantime have this dub! Comic by @disteal and Soldier voiced by me ^^