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tbh I kind of (absolutely) hate those posts that are like “why ship y/x or y/z when you can ship x/y/z”

like, idk buddy, maybe because i ship y/x for a reason and don’t give a fuck about y/z or the three characters together would be a nightmare or i’m uncomfortable with breaking out of the ship that i like. like, poly ships are a+ if you’re into them and there’s a good dynamic between all three but you can’t just pretend that a poly ship is the ultimate solution to two conflicting ships, okay? 

Can someone please confirm if this tweet is true or not? Did someone get a screencap or something before it got taken down? I cannot wrap my mind around any fans, Lucaya or Rucas or Rilaya or any of them that would stoop this low. This is a DISNEY SHOW. A Disney show, folks. 

It is not that important. Yeah I am disappointed in the shitty writing and the complete 180 on some of the characters but it is not that important if your ship happens or not. If you don’t like what’s happening, then leave the show or stick to fanfiction or whatever. 

This fandom is steadily becoming as toxic as the Walking Dead fandom. There is so much hate and it is disgusting. This needs to stop NOW. 

I have come to the conclusion that the reason why none of my ships sail is because authors like to go for the cliché ones that i hate

@the straights: sorry but no one wants to hear your hot new take on how this popular non-het ship is Actually Abusive Because Reasons. go back to eating wood chips or whatever it is you people do for fun

The intensity of Johns emotions at Sherlock’s grave two years after Sherlock’s death is romantically significant. Lestrade’s prominence in TEH is specifically intended to provide an example of how a person grieves the loss of a platonic friend. John doesn’t grieve Sherlock like a friend would. He grieves like he lost his spouse. 

My point wasn’t that Mary is a horrible person. It’s that Mary didn’t actually “turn [his] life around.” She didn’t. John was still lost in his grief in TEH. And FURTHERMORE, John only mentions his feelings for Mary as a segue into talking about his feelings for Sherlock. 

Really random midnight rant here but.

I keep seeing posts about why people should still be allowed to ship Sheith from voltron because Shiro is supposed to be a teenager so there’s no pedophilia going on and I just… Since when is shipping an adult with a post-puberty teenage individual considered pedophilia in the first place???

And besides that, while I know it can be dangerous in real life for a teenager to date someone who’s in their twenties, people from those age categories have been forming healthy romantic (and sexual) relationships for centuries. And this isn’t even real life. It’s a tv show. About animated characters. Who fly robot lions. In space.

Why in hell are people being condemned for shipping two physically mature fictional characters??? Could we just not, tumblr. Just this once.


I literally come here for five seconds because “oh shit that new episode sure was cute, I wonder if anyone ships it? Oh I bet the art is just adorable!” And what do I get instead of cute art? I bunch of whiney, self-entitled brats that just can’t handle even the mere POSSIBILITY that Gregpearl may be viable. Get the fuck over yourselves: this is a fictional show, and you’re acting like neckbearded keyboard warriors over it. 

This is a ship. We like it because it’s cute and for no other reason. No, just because we like it doesn’t make us ‘lesbophobic:’ the fact that you throw around that word so casually shows just how little you care about actual lesbians. Some of us are not straight, just so you know, and not all of us are white. This is just something to enjoy.

Honesty, have you nothing better to do than infect a tag with your vile bigotry? You’re not the moral police: stop acting like it. 

Y’all, this remains and will always remain a Sophie Turner Appreciation Blog, because I literally could not give less of a fuck what characters she likes, what characters she ships, or any of it. She is a delight, I find her utterly charming and adorable, I love her. She is entitled to any and all personal opinions, whether they align with mine or not. It has zero impact on my shipping Jon/Sansa, or Sansa/Anyone, because I do not need or want authorial “permission” from anyone related to the show or books and my fannish life is separate from all of it. I do and will always ship whatever the hell I want to ship for no other reason than because it pleases me to, and I extend the courtesy of being allowed to do the same without needing to justify it to everyone else, no matter how I feel about their ships. 

I refuse to entertain anyone’s concern troll bullshit about her being drunk, I’m not about to indulge any shrieking about her hating Jon or Kit, I completely reject any anger towards her just because she UNDERSTANDABLY isn’t down with Jon/Sansa (and seriously, if you DON’T understand why she wouldn’t be down with it when she considers them BROTHER AND SISTER, turn off your computer and take a fucking walk) or because she says positive things about Littlefinger or whatever else, and I’m certainly not going to stay quiet if I see people dragging her because she has a goddamned opinion, so be fucking warned. Fandom is part of OUR lives. It is NOT part of hers. Leave her the fuck out of it and let the girl live, for fuck’s sake.

if you want bi representation then look at rose, she’s super bi, but i guess y’all just want to change pearl into something she’s not because??? shipping?? 

there are no good reasons to ignore her sexuality (and as a reminder, nonbinary lesbians exist so saying that she’s just a genderless rock and therefore cannot be a lesbian, will not cut it)

They said conversation is the most important thing in a relationship. Maya could not have conversation with Lucas. But when it came to josh, you can see josh makes maya happy. And if you love maya, don’t you want her to be happy. She can talk to josh and he makes her happy and you can see she makes him happy too. Just a reminder that just because your ship didn’t happen is no reason to stop watching this story because this episode proved the great things the writers are capable of for girl meets world.

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okay but can we just have a moment of reflection on the fact that of the seven main characters in star trek two are now canonically lgbtq like beam me up scotty cause i'm in need of serious medical assistance

I know I just can’t believe it!! I must have died and gone to heaven!! 

And I read the rest of the what Simon Pegg wrote and he implied that Uhura and Spock’s relationship could have been non exclusive so now I’m just picturing KirkxSpockxUhura in a poly relationship.

Also the implication of Scotty x Keenser also made my day. (Do I have a new ship? Yes I do)

Could the real reason Bones got divorced is because he prefers men more than woman?? Well now I’m thinking that. 

But canonically gay Hikaru Sulu and pansexual Jim Kirk has made me soo happy. It’s slowly killing me and I really need to watch this movie. 

Simon Pegg is a gift.

Yoruichi: *leaves Soul Society*
Certain Parts of Fandom: “Claiming Yoruichi left for love is such a shallow reading; she is a Strong Female Character™ who left to help her FRIENDS.” 
Yoruichi: *was specifically shown to have a choice in the matter, chose to leave anyway*
Yoruichi: *never returns to live in Soul Society even after her ban is lifted and even though we learn she is now succeeded by her brother and wouldn’t have to assume her old responsibilities*
CPoF: "That doesn’t mean she doesn’t wish she never left!!!” 

((if you’re gonna come at me for this post, check the tags first))

Does anyone else not really like Farkle and Smackle together?

it’s not because I lowkey ship riarkle, it’s because it seems so forced. It seems like the only reason why he is dating her is because she liked him for so long.

Does anyone one else feel like this?

I can’t stand the way that some Bellarkers (or what ever they are called) talk about how much they love Bellarke, Bob & Eliza. Then turn around and talk shit about Eliza and say how she is not thinking right or that she was drunk whenever she mentions Clexa or whenever she doesn’t mention Bellarke, it is disgusting!

You say that you like this woman and you like her work but you wont even let her have her own opinion without saying she is wrong/drunk/high/brain washed/stupid for even voicing it, all because she didn’t mention your little ship. 

Yeah that sounds reasonable.  

About the Pokemon Go teams

I had this thing that I thought about earlier today by looking at the teams’ interaction with each other

Valor and Mystic are like the two tsunderes that you ship together who keeps fighting each other all the time. Then you have Instinct. Instinct is like the third wheel fujoshi who ships the other two together and wants everyone to just be happy.

So I must ask