This chapter is such a tearjerker. Almost at all pages I cried and shouted “WHY?! NO!”. I can’t believe what I just read, it’s so much heartbreaking.

This DRAGNEEL BROTHERS story is making me tear up because I can see how much Zeref values Natsu as his younger brother. He loves him so much that his love for him causes harm not only to his brother but to the whole humanity.

And of course this main chapter story. The GRAY and JUVIA story. This shows how much the two value one another. Juvia just showed once again how she loves Gray so much. She showed her selfless side just to protect the man she loves. Juvia may have started as a stalker to Gray but now, we can say that her feelings are not just some petty feelings but true love.

From the start, we knew that Juvia would be willing to kill herself just to protect Gray. But who would have thought that Gray would do the same thing for Juvia. This tells us that Gray is willing to sacrific his life so that Juvia could live. He said it himself that he couldn’t hurt Juvia, not just because she is his comrade but because Juvia is someone dear to him.

Sacrificing one’s life shows the depth of one’s love for the other. It’s very heartbreaking to see the person you have learned to love give up their life so that you could continue living. Gray wasn’t even given a chance yet to express the same feelings for Juvia, when technically, he was looking forward to do so right when the war ends.


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Okay…I decide to put the forth episode earlier for an apology because tons of people replied that the bear’s gun-holding position can’t be weird anymore.

I’m sorry about that.QwQ It was the first time I draw scenes like this…

So the new episode is here~Also, since my summer vacation is going to end the day after tomorrow, so I’ll decrease the frequency I post Nick&Judy comics. New works are going to be shown only on Saturday. I’m sorry about this too…

But I’m not gonna stop drawing new comics~^U^