Confession: I find it kind of hard to be a part of the LIS fandom. I feel like amidst all the ships and arguing, I feel like we’re forgetting why we’re all here. We all loved the game, and for some it even helped them mentally or emotionally. To see it be turned into a shipping chaos where people hate each other just because they don’t like a ship, makes me really sad. At this point, I don’t care who the characters end up with, whether it’s Grahamfield or Pricefield or whatever. I just want them to be happy and the game to feel whole as a result.

[All right, I feel I should point this out in a very respectable way..] It’s upsetting there’s the whole argument happening with the Ozbert all over again. [I thought we went over this topic more than once in the community. The bashing, the guilt-tripping, insults galore. What’s worse is people tag their hate & insults in the Ozbert tag. What happened to ship your own stuff & don’t be rude about it? Can we not do that? Treat people equally. Tagging your hate in ship tags is pretty rude. Not only that, but it’s also very unnecessary. Yes,] I ship Ozbert. [Happily do. But I don’t beat anyone down if they don’t ship it, either. You have your opinions, that’s great. But it’s not so great if you’re going to be a jerk about it & hurt others for liking a ship you don’t approve of. Drop the hate, everyone. It’s just a ship. Let people ship whatever they wanna ship. They’re not hurting anyone.]
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This is just a tip but a lovelive confession blog has tags for character hate and ship hate which I think could be really usefully considering this is the dr fandom we're talking about. E.g. a confession complains about Nozomi? tagged as 'anti nozomi'. A confession against shipping rinmaki? tagged as 'anti rinmaki'. They also use a tag for headcanons too. This is just something I thought you may find useful. [You don't have to publish this.]

(Apologies for not responding sooner! Also, as I said earlier, I will be posting most suggestions publicly for all mods to see. Sorry!!)

That would work as well as adding hyphens between the ship names, I think. Thanks for suggesting!!

Phew, a lot of tag suggestions. I hope we’ll be able to get used to this all!

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I hate when people say they can’t ship Nalu (or any ship) because of the it’s fandom. First there only a few Nalu shippers who are rude, second why should you let them decided on what you like. It’s like saying you don’t want like chocolate anymore cause the people who like chocolate are rude. If you think a couple is cute, then don’t let some rude shippers stop you.
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“As an ace who ships MayaXKrieg, I’m offended by Anthony Burch’s statement regarding Maya not reciprocating Krieg’s feelings because of her asexuality, and truly feel Burch doesn’t understand the scope of what he claims. Asexual people are able to be in healthy and happy relationships and merely don’t have the need for a sexual intimacy.

Now that Burch has left the company, I’d be interested to see where the new writers take Maya as a NPC if she returns for a new installment.”

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Have you ever wondered if Igneel talked about ‘the birds and the bees’ with Natsu since he’s a human? Idk, Natsu is just so innocent yet tough and manly at the same time and on top of that hot when he’s angry. If not, Igneel should have cause there’s a fight (canon fight) between Lisanna and Lucy and we all know that the shippers have a pervy side, especially us female shippers.
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BTS Member Profile: Suga

Please send any facts you’d like me to add to this post–or corrections to what’s already stated–to my ask box, with sources.  Enjoy! – Lo

Member Profiles: Jin, J-Hope

Photo taken from the official BTS Twitter page (@ BTS_twt)

Suga: Min Yoongi

Birthday: 9 March 1993 (Pisces)

Nickname(s): Motionless Min (because, on his free days, he doesn’t do anything), Mr. Appendix (because of his appendicitis surgery in December 2013), Dad (“I’m a typical Gyeongsangdo dad at the dorm.”)

Nationality: South Korean

Hometown: Buk District, Daegu

Position(s): Rapper

Height: 176 cm

Favorite Color(s): White

Ideal Type: “Someone similar to me, someone composed and wise who likes music.”

Hobbies: Doing nothing, Avoiding work, Taking photos