Ha ha I am all about a secret cat Brian right now so have some thoughts about it! 

Brian is NOT the kind of cat that lets just anyone pet him or pick him up. He is quite picky about it. A big surprise to everyone is that he really likes to sleep on Ross’s lap, especially if Ross is animating or doing something at his desk because Ross gets so focused and Brian can just curl there and nap for a bit. 

He also really likes Dan’s lap, but Dan is usually busy or on the move so it is very rare for Brian to be able to sprawl out and sleep there without Dan having to constantly move him. 

Barry really wants cat!Brian to sleep on his lap but Brian won’t do it and Barry is sad, and Ross is like “He can sense you want it too much.”  and Barry is like “Shut up, Ross.” and all grumbly. 

But then like one day Barry is working on a video and Brian hops on his desk and sits directly in front of the computer screen and blocks Barry’s view, and Barry is like “Hey, man,” and Brian like nuzzles against Barry’s hand and Barry tentatively gives him skritches, and then Brian slips into Barry’s lap to sleep there. Barry is calm on the outside but on the inside he is like “BE COOL MAN, DON’T SCARE HIM AWAY.” and when Brian goes to sleep on him Barry looks down at his lapful of fluffy gray cat and is like “I have been blessed.” 

Also there are times when Arin is sleeping or lying in the sumo bean bag chair and Brian will curl against him because Arin loves cats and Brian can sense it. Arin is always really respectful too where he’ll ask before he touches Brian, like “Bro, can I rub your tummy?” and Brian starts to purr which Arin takes as a yes, so he rubs Brian’s fluffy tummy and Brian is all purrs and rolling on his back, little paws kneading at the air. 

AND Holly would hands down take the best care of Brian in cat form. Brian’s got a really low meow and she’ll hear it and she’ll get him a can of tuna and put it on the floor for him, because she feels really bad giving him cat food since he is still also a person at some points. And Holly will sit on the floor and Brian will rub his head against her knees or the pad of her foot and Holly is the only one he trusts to let her brush him because he’s got long fur that tangles easy, and Holly is very gentle and she coos at him while she brushes him and calls him handsome. 

Also sometimes Brian can half-transform and he’ll be a mostly human Brian with a fluffy cat tail, and occasionally he’ll have the ears and he lets NO ONE touch them except for Suzy because she is gentle too, and sometimes Barry if they are recording because Barry is staring at him with big moon eyes, all in awe, and Brian leans in, forehead against Barry’s shoulder and lets Barry pet his ears. 

Also when Brian goes from full cat back to full human he is always a little embarrassed and kinda needs to unwind alone, but sometimes he’ll seek out Ross or Dan and ask, face down and cheeks pink with embarrassment, if they’ll come and lie down with him for a bit. 

ALSO Vernon would fucking adore a cat Brian. He’d take selfies with him and like, bring toys to the office and like watch Brian while he naps. Vernon is overbearing cat dad to Brian. 

Just Because: 5SOS Kids Imagine

If you want to know more about the characters of Beau Irwin, Thea Hood, and Cat Clifford, check out their bios under my Masterlist here!

As Beau Irwin walked along the streets of Sydney on his way to work in the early morning he waved to the ladies opening at Posie’s, a small local flower shop that his dad claimed had been there forever. He knew all of the local shop owners, as they were most likely the only other ones awake in Sydney at this hour everyday and because Beau liked to walk to work even earlier than required, which many would label him as absolutely psychotic for, occasionally he would walk in and talk to the shop owners and get to know them. And as he pulled his cell phone from the pocket of his board shorts to discover that he still had another 25 minutes to get to work, he decided one of those occasions would be today. As he moved closer to the shop, he noticed a display of captivating rose-like flowers that reminded him of Thea and grinned.

Beau walked through the opened door at Posie’s, catching the eye of a young girl sweeping the floor as he crossed the threshold.

“Hi.” He greeted her simply with a bright smile.

She was familiar to him. Beau knew that he had met her a few times before. She was a friend of his sister’s. Although Lark generally enjoyed spending her time alone, he had seen her spend a few afternoons following school with the brunette, enough to call them definite friends.

“Hi Beau.” She replied, her voice smooth like melted butter as her steely blue eyes drank him in.

Beau also seemed to remember in that moment that this particular friend of his sister’s happened to have an enormous crush on him.

“Hey, um…” Beau stammered.

He wondered why he had even bothered to reply.

The girl’s face immediately fell.

“You don’t remember my name.” She stated.

“No, no! Sure I do! You’re a friend of Lark’s! It’s, uh…” Beau racked his brain desperately, never feeling more anxious for inexplicable reasons than with the fourteen year old’s eyes glued to him.

“Rebecca!” He shouted.

Her peach lips upturned instantly into a smile.

“Yeah, Rebecca. What can I get you?” She asked, tying her dark hair up into a ponytail.

Beau internally sighed of relief as she moved to stand behind the counter. He briefly wondered where the other, older employees were, before remembering hearing something about her family owning the business.

“Uh, well, actually as I was walking I saw these flowers in your window and I just thought, you know, my girl would really love those.” He said, turning slightly to gesture towards the plant he spoke of.

Rebecca rose to the tips of her toes in order to glance over Beau’s shoulder.

“Oh, you mean the Black Dragon Roses. We just got them.” She clarified, walking to the window and picking a few of the flowers.

“Yes, those!” Beau exclaimed, already envisioning the smile on his girlfriend’s face.

Rebecca grinned back politely.

“How many? A dozen?” She asked as she pulled more of the flowers from a labeled bin behind her.

“Yeah, that sounds good. But hey, could you hold onto them for me and I’ll swing by after work to pick them up on my way home?” He asked.

She nodded curtly.

“Yeah, of course. That’s no problem.” She replied, wrapping the dozen stems with care.

“Great. Thanks, Bec.” Beau said, flashing the girl a wink and a smile before turning to leave.

Rebecca was left weak in the knees as she set her elbows on the counter and her chin in her hands.

“Thea Hood, you lucky bitch.” She sighed, staring at the flowers beside her.


Thea blew the whistle around her neck lightly.

“Timmy, that’s good bud, but get your knees up just a bit more!” She called from the sidelines.

“Like this?” He questioned, as he lifted his knees higher with each step over the obstacles.

“Perfect! Great job! Just give me two more laps!”

Coach! That’s what you said last time!” The little boy whined in response.

“It’s only two, Tim, come on! I believe in you!” Thea chuckled as she playfully blew her whistle at him once more.

She smiled as she looked to the other little ones beside her, including her little brother, that had completed their individual obstacles and were now resting on the bench with popsicles Thea had bought especially for the occasion.

She also brought along her dogs from home as she did to most practices after very carefully checking with each child’s parent. Auggie and Moo turned out to be an absolute hit every time among the kids. And when needed, the well-trained dogs would remain at Thea’s heels on the sidelines at her command. For now, Auggie was resting between the legs of Ryker and his best friend Dylan, hoping to catch a dropped popsicle or two. Moo was sitting in the lap of a sweet little girl named Opal who had taken quite a shine to the shih tzu since the day Thea first brought her with her to practice. And Moo absolutely adored the attention.

“Alright! Good job Timmy! Come get a popsicle!” Thea encouraged, holding the box out for the eager little boy.

“Thanks Coach!” He said in passing as he swiftly snatched up a frosted treat and took a seat on the turf beside Auggie, who in turn licked his sweaty face.

Thea smiled as she watched the kids enjoy themselves and realized how much she really did love her job, even if it was only temporary. The evening only continued to pass by in a blissful blur as Thea and Ryker started singing along to an old 5SOS song they found playing on the radio in the car as they were giving Dylan a ride home, with the dogs barking and howling in the back, causing the little boys to erupt into giggles and then Thea arriving home to find a stunning bouquet of unusual roses placed on her dresser.

She gasped as she dropped her keys.

“Oh. My. Goodness.” She breathed, as she took in the beauty of the flowers.

Her eyes soon spotted the folded piece of paper sitting beside the vase and her entire face glowed with joy as she read the note written in her boyfriend’s chicken scratch.


Saw these in the window at Posie’s on my way to work this morning and couldn’t help but think of you. I love you so much.


Thea held the opened note close to her beating heart as she located her phone and called her boyfriend.

“Hi beautiful.” He answered easily.

Thea felt as infatuated with Beau at the moment as she did when they were fifteen years old and making out in the treehouse every night after curfew.

“Why are you so good to me?” She asked, still staring at his gift.

Beau smiled.

“I’m not. I just…I saw them and wanted to get them for you. Just because.” He explained.

In his mind, it really was that simple. There were no extra strings attached.

“Yeah? Well maybe I want to ride you for hours on end just because.” Thea boldly flirted back, causing Beau to struggle to swallow the lump in his throat.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah…” She moaned her response into the phone.

“Thea!” Calum called from downstairs.

Thea nearly jumped from her skin at the sound of her father’s voice in the moment. She then promptly laughed at herself.

“Baby, I have to go, I’m sorry. I know, bad timing. I’ll come over tomorrow after work, I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you! Mwah!” Thea smacked her lips into the phone, giving her boyfriend no time to protest as she hung up and sighed before calling back in response, “Yes, Dad?”


It had been an amazing week for Thea, but definitely a below average one for Cat. So in an effort to cheer her up, Thea offered that the two of them have a girls night out and go out for some drinks and have fun. Cat seemed less than enthused by the idea, but went along with it when she saw just how much the thought of it seemed to mean to Thea.

Thea opened the front door wide open for her best friend as she only took her first few steps onto their welcome mat. Normally, Cat would simply let herself into the house and either walk upstairs into Thea’s room or sometimes just congregate with the Hood family; they were just as much her family as Thea’s at this point. But Thea stood there with her straightened locks pulled away from her clear and bright, makeupless face smiling ear to ear as if someone had just dropped a tab of ecstasy in the water bottle she kept constantly at her side.

Cat eyed her best friend strangely before putting the pieces together.

“Wow. Looks like someone got laid!” Cat exclaimed.

Upon entering she instantly noticed her Uncle Calum’s shocked and horrified face as he stood behind his daughter.

“Oh…hi Uncle Cal!” Cat said, trying her best to erase all tension in the air, but she was sure the damage she’d caused was permanent.

Thea closed the door before bringing her palm to her face, feeling utterly mortified.

“Thea? There was that thing about the place you wanted to show me, upstairs right?” Cat stammered, practically dragging her best friend up the steps and away from the unbearable awkwardness she had caused.

The girls sprinted into Thea’s bedroom and slammed their backs against the door beside one another. It was silent until they dared to glance sideways at each other and then they completely lost it and started laughing uncontrollably.

“Okay, okay! Stop! Stop! Thea! You’re gonna make my mascara run!” Cat cried, which of course only made Thea laugh harder.

Cat moved to Thea’s dresser to address her eye makeup situation when she noticed the Black Dragon Roses.

“Ooh. What did he do?” Cat asked as she leaned over to smell the flower’s aroma.

“Nothing.” Thea answered pleasantly, as she flicked through her closet in a black bralette and shorts.

“What do you mean nothing?” Cat replied, moving to sit on the edge of Thea’s bed.

“He got them for me just because.” Thea replied proudly, unable to stop the goofy smile from forming on her face as she selected a plum colored dress to wear for the evening.

Cat raised her brows.

“Just because, huh?”

Thea pulled the dress over her head and checked to see how it looked in the mirror, slipping her shorts off beneath it. She pulled her long and flawlessly straightened hair from its ponytail, letting it fall around her.

“You know, Zachary Pines bought me a big bouquet of roses once just because.” Cat stated.

Thea’s forehead crumpled. From what she recollected, Zachary was not the type for grand romantic gestures. Or really any romantic gestures. Of all of Cat’s ex-boyfriends, he was definitely a low on the list of Thea’s favorites.

Really?” Thea asked out of genuine surprise as she continued to toy with the ends of her locks.

“Mhm. Turns out he did it because he felt guilty about fucking two cheerleaders the night prior.” Cat finished as she stretched out her long limbs on the bed and lied down.

Thea’s eyes locked on her reflection’s as soon as the words left Cat’s lips and she could hear her heart pounding in her chest.

Could Beau really be cheating on her?

Cat glanced sideways at her best friend, noticing her frozen in place.

“Thea?” She asked.

Thea closed her eyes and released a breath, trying to remain calm and collect her thoughts.

Cat jumped from the bed and moved to be at her side.

“Thea, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that Beau would ever cheat on you! I’m sorry. I’m not even sure why I said that. It was really stupid. He’s obviously head over heels for you, the poor bastard bought you flowers just because!” Cat reassured her as she read her mind.

Thea smiled.


Yeah! Come on. You look hot. Are you ready? You’re ready, let’s go.” Cat insisted, grabbing Thea’s purse and shoes for her on her way to the door.


Beau’s hands pushed sand gently in Thea’s direction as she constructed one of her famous Sunday sandcastles. Building sandcastles had always helped Thea relax and sort out whatever issues were going on in her life. She would always state that sandcastles were a nice, practical way to go about dealing with life’s problems because just like in life, things will fall apart when you least expect it or crumble under pressure or just fade away over time; but it only means that there’s room to build a bigger and better sandcastle than the one before.

Thea needed her sandcastle this week. She just couldn’t get Cat’s words out of her head. She didn’t even want to think about the possibility of Beau with another girl; never thought it was a possibility until now.

Thea glanced up at him. He was watching her, squinting his ocean blue eyes in the setting sun just to look at her, and smiling softly as he laid on his side propped up on his elbow in the sand.

Her eyes quickly flicked back to the task at hand as she fashioned a windowsill with one of the many shells she had collected along the shore.

She assumed it wouldn’t be completely outrageous. After all, Beau was tall and handsome and charming and respectful and polite and completely beautiful inside and out. He was everything she had ever wanted, and she was sure there were other girls looking for someone just like him, too. The only question was, what would he do when they found him?

“Baby?” Beau called out softly.

Thea looked up at him, dropping the shell into her palm.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

Thea sighed and shook her head.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

He reached out for her but she pulled away without really meaning to, leaving him utterly confused and slightly hurt.

“Are you seeing someone else?” Thea asked quietly.

What?! No! Of course not!” Beau replied, flabbergasted as to how his girlfriend could have come to that conclusion.

Thea sighed with relief.

“What would ever make you think that?” He asked, reaching out to hold her hand in his and knocking over the top layer of Thea’s sandcastle in the process.

“Cat Clifford.” Thea replied with a laugh.

“God dammit, Cat!” Beau laughed.

“She saw the flowers you got me and said that the last time a boy bought her flowers just because was when Zachary Pines bought her a bouquet of roses to make up for cheating on her and I don’t know I just went a little crazy and I’m sorry.” She pouted, jutting out her bottom lip in the way she knew he couldn’t resist.

Beau shook his head before motioning for her to come closer by curling a single finger.

“Come here, you goof.”

Thea leaned over and gladly destroyed her sandcastle in order to press her lips against his.

Beau gently grasped the sides of her face.

“You don’t ever have to worry about that, ever. Okay? I am entirely yours.” Beau promised.

Thea placed her hand on his chest, over his heart.

“So am I.” She said quietly as she leaned in to kiss him again and again, giggling when he dragged her down into the sand.


Miraculous Ladybug villains: Princess Fragrance, Reflekta, Volpina

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