A/n: From an au @hoshisoras and I came up with. it’s space-fantasy. Just my interpretation of a certain event (:

Eli still remembers the date, the time, right down to the minute - 3:51. It’s strange because no one ever expects an alien abduction at that time in the afternoon, not when the sun is so warm and welcoming outside and you’re on the couch with your sister, finishing off the last episode Space Elves, and your fingers are still covered in chocolate.

That’s exactly what happened, though, and Eli will never forget it.

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did i mention that I need the Jasper redemption arc so this two can go around having stupid competitions over who is the bigger gem or something like this

I need them to be jerk friends

i mostly need more Garnet friendships

And maybe kiss each other , if they want

Jord said, ‘You coward, you left him to—’
The words were abruptly cut off as Nikandros took hold of Jord and slammed him back against the wagon.
‘You will not speak that way to our King.’
—  signed, sealed, delivered, aPPROVED AND SHIPPED

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29 Jan 2016: 2130
Wow it was steaming hot today! I got an intense workout and a dog walk in the bag by 0900. As the mercury climbed to 39°C and humid, the only place to be was in water or air conditioning.

The Husb and I went to see the Treasure Ships - Art of the Spice Age exhibition at the State Art Gallery. The first room was good but then it sort of petered out with somewhat irrelevant exhibits as if they’d run out of material.

In the evening we went for house warming drinks at the new home of one of Rob’s cycling crew. Tiny turnout from the rest of the bunch but it was good to meet some new people. I am glad we went.

anonymous asked:

Merrill tries to bake Carver a birthday cake, it goes terrible and Carver finds her frustrated about the failure.

[just for clarification, when you send me prompts like this, I assume you want shippy things, so shippy things is what u will get. Honestly, I’ll ship anything, I’ll ship your fucking dog (ok, that’s a little too far but you get the point). But anyway, as a note for any prompt giver in the future (note: my inbox is always open, please send me any prompt any fandom any pairing), let me know if you want anything other than friendmancy things. Like qp bffs or rivalmance ship or just plain everyone is friends. But without much further ado, here’s some shippy fluff nonsense, CarverxMerrill “She cries like a princess”]

Merrill finds that she likes baking. It’s a little difficult in her small kitchen and her tiny stove in barely adequate, but she makes it work. 

She’s never made a cake like this before, but she assumes it is exactly like making a delicate potion. All she has to do is put the ingredients together, one at a time, and mix and then wait for it to cook. That’s how it works, right?

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