imagine your f/o having a really draining day so you turn the lights down low and keep things quiet and you sit cross legged on your bed or on the couch and you have them lay back with their head in your lap and you play with their hair and softly trace the features of their face and you rub their neck and shoulders until they fall asleep under your touch, feeling completely relaxed and safe with you

blackdragonknights  asked:

I ship ships with ships because fuck you guys who fight over ships, ships belongs to ships for their own ship to ship

Honestly biggest dick energy right here.

I ship Yusuke with Ryuji and Haru who are coincidentally also shipped with Kotone and Shinji, who also happen to be shipped with Akihiko, Mitsuru and Aegis. 

Let’s not forget this here household preaches Minakeshu.

~ Undying Love within the Blossoms ~

Reference from @nightymarearts * can be found here *

It’s best if you listen to this while reading this passage: Hope

Even though Yuyuko was a ghost, she was still loved by many. Not just by Youmu and Yukari, but Plucky too.

Her power to manipulate death was what made many fear her. But not those three.

Plucky never cared whether Yuyuko was dead or alive. Even in death, Yuyuko never stopped being the charming woman she was. 

Either way.

Plucky would always stay by Yuyuko’s side, even if she’s a ghost.


So, we’ve taken the last Voltron podcast (#115) and NYCC17 interview for a blessing.

And after sadistic and obsessive Lotor of GoLion, tender, gentle, and caring VLD Lotor would be great!

Our Voltron art is here.

Also, we might do few Sketchy Requests. Our hearts are with:

Galra, Blade of Marmora;
ships: Sheith, Lotura, Zonerva.

But if you can come up with something interesting i.e witty / funny / emotional / intimate / etc., pairing doesn’t really matter. And whether it even has pairing doesn’t really matter.

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Here, have this wip for your Widowtracer thirst (¬‿¬)👌

Thanks to our officlal Widowmaker @denebrigel for providing us the most tamarre french lines <3


Well, Throk will be Throk in any reality xD xD

@clockworkspider​, your request not so sketchy as we thought is ready! Enjoy💛💜💛️~

According to this AU [X], we came up with following:

If Empress Allura were to stop war, it’d be through

True Galra do not take the throne by stirring up insurrection in darkened chambers. They rise through honorable rite of combat.

Basically, before marrying Empress Allura, Lotor would have to call her out for a combat, and lose to her in front of whole Galra Empire. Only this way Galra would accept her and Lotor’s submission to her without riots…

And then there is Throk.

Sketchy Requests (1/?) Done!

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