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I feel this connection to her that I can’t explain.

VOLTRON 🚀🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖👽👽❤️💙💚💛🖤 S3 IS HERE ❗❗❗ 😲😲😲⏰⏰⏰ BUCKLE UP ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ GET READY 💪💪💪 💪 TO CRY 😢😢 😢 😢TO LAUGH 😂😂😂😂 TO WONDER WHERE SHIRO 🖤 🐱  IS 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 SEE  LOTOR 😴😴😴 WATCH KEITH 🔥🔥 🐱 ❤️ ❌👎  🐱 🖤✔️👍  LEAD 😟😟😟 HOPE 🙌🙌🙏🙏 FOR BETTER HUNK 😍😁 🐱 💛 TREATMENT  ❗❗😤 😤 WATCH LANCE 💙 🐱 BE THE SHARPSHOOTER 🔫🔫 HE IS ❗❗❗❗❗❗ HOPE 🙌 🙌 🙏 PIDGE 💚 🐱 FINDS🔎 🔎 🔎 HER FAMILY 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SEE CORAN 👴 👽 THE GORGEOUS MAN 😍😩💦 BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY ❗❗❗❗❗ LOVE 💘 💞 ALLURA 😍 💜 👽 WITH ALL YOUR HEART 💕💕💓💗💗💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💘💘💘


Sidlink and Volink are my current most requested ships to make art of, so why not have them swap Links for fun?



Voltron season two is lookin’ great

edit: ya’ll freakin out over this comic so let me make something very clear, this was done entirely in response to one of my friends getting death threats over sh/eith. No I’m not over reacting, you all have been terrible. 
Yes everyone is allowed to dislike ships and have an opinion, that’s not what this is about. This is about you all being cruel and yes quite frankly I’m angry.

edit 2: I’ve realized just taking shiro off the post still gets my point across but makes it way more vague. My points been made regardless so I’m done here. Stop sending death threats to people over ships. (and that goes BOTH WAYS, stop sending hate and threats to people who don’t agree with the ships too)


It starts with a bar of soap.

For God’s sake, Kent thinks to himself in the “personal care” section of the grocery store. Why does Dove think I’m allergic to purple just because I’m a guy?

He picks up the lavender-scented bar soap and inhales. It smells heavenly. Next he tries the sandalwood-scented from the men’s section. It comes in a gray box and costs fifty cents less. It smells good but it reminds him of floor polish.

I’m a grown-ass man, Kent thinks, and buys the lavender soap.

The next time he’s out of body wash, he spends thirty minutes trying to decide on one of the many “manly” smells before caving to “Cocoa Cabana” in the women’s aisle because it smells like Valentines Day in a bottle. 

After that it’s his deodorant body spray, trading in “Bold” (whatever the fuck boldness smells like) for “Fresh Cotton.” 

The first time Jeff catches a whiff of it on him, he asks, “New fabric softener? It smells awesome.”

“Nah, switched deodorants.”

“Huh.” Jeff nods in approval. “Well, you smell like fresh blankets out of the dryer. I have a physical urge to hug you.”

Kent laughs. Jeff hugs him and he laughs more. It’s nice.

After five months, nearly every toiletry Kent owns has been switched over from an endless variety of blacks, grays, and occasional dark greens and blues to white, purple, soft brown, yellow, and pink. Showers have transformed from a perfunctory necessity to something luxurious. Women’s products are so indulgent. They make Kent feel and smell like he’s been at a spa. He does have to learn to juggle the fragrances appropriately or risk smelling like a perfume store vomited on him. But it’s worth it, for how good he feels after. He feels pampered. His skin is softer, his hair shines, and even his pits and crotch look and feel cleaner. He doesn’t know if it’s the products or because he really cares about the maintenance, now, since he’s got all these specialty items to try. It doesn’t matter. He feels great.

Kent now has honest-to-God bubble baths and detox-salt-soaks. He’s got body butters and face masks and a lip balm in almost every flavor. The ladies at the Lush at the mall know him by name.

Kent’s still single. He’s got his cat for company, though, and the guys, who drop by or come over for movie and game nights and get drunk and eat all his food and pretend to chirp him for the specialty lemongrass-scented hand soap in his bathroom. Sometimes, on roadies, Swoops will plop down next to him on a bus or a plane and say loudly, “Damn, who’s got chocolate and isn’t sharing? Oh, it’s just Parser. Fuck you for getting my hopes up,” and then he’ll noogie Kent or grab his fingers and gnaw on them.

(The coaches have had to break them up before and it’s very unbecoming of two adult men.)

More than once, one of the guys has fallen asleep next to Kent and ended up face-first in Kent’s shoulder. They’ll wake up blearily, rubbing their eyes and saying, “Whoops, sorry man, didn’t mean to drool on you.” Kent was confused at first but he’s realizing that it’s because they gravitate towards the scent of him in their sleep. He smells like comforting things: honey and chocolate and cotton and Shea. He smells like warmth and safety. It’s why he likes all the things he buys, so it makes sense the guys would like that, too.

Nobody rags on him for it. They chirp him, but that’s different. Chirping, light-hearted and giggly, means acceptance. Soon his teammates start coming up to him in the locker room or nudging him on a bus and saying, “Parser, can I borrow some of your stuff?” and leaving with key-lime lips or cocoa-butter hands.

But it’s when he catches Sunny—big, burly, greatly-bearded d-man Sunny—pulling a bright orange tube of passion fruit lip balm out of his bag and slicking it on in front of everyone that he knows for sure that it’s okay.

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who is more likely to hurt the other?
who is emotionally stronger?
who is physically stronger?
who is more likely to break a bone? 
who knows best what to say to upset the other? 
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? 
who treats who’s wounds more often? 
who is in constant need of comfort? 
who gets more jealous? 
who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 
who will propose? 
who has the most difficult parents?
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 
who comes up for the other all the time? 
who hogs the blankets? 
who gets more sad? 
who is better at cheering the other up? 
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
who is more streetwise?
who is more wise?
who’s the shyest? 
who boasts about the other more? 
who sits on who’s lap? 


It is nice to think about
How do I want them to be
back in the earliest days
when I join th fandom.

[Posture reference] (Good shit right there)

(edit: Some mistakes was made so I re-post this again.)

Queerbaiting is when two same-sex characters act like they’re in a romantic relationship, get really close to kissing or otherwise put into intimate positions, etc on screen without actually doing anything that would confirm them to be in a relationship. Queerbaiting is not when the creators shoot down a ship you like, between two characters who have neither expressed any romantic interest in one another nor been put into fanservice-y positions with each other in canon. You searched for chemistry that wasn’t there, read too far into every line they said to one another, intentionally misinterpreted their anger and insults toward one another as “romantic”, used fucking colors in the backgrounds to say that the showrunners were going to make this relationship canon. That’s all you.

The showrunners haven’t queerbaited anyone. Go back to watching shojo anime if you want to see queerbaiting.

Vanoss is not even subscri- THAT SON OF A BITCH!
—  Delirious, exposing Evan for not being subbed to him (x)
  • me: *hears a good new song*
  • my brain: associate it with ur otp
  • me: why
  • my brain: you gotta