ship they so much ;w ;

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what would you change about steven universe?

1) stop focusing so much on pearl,,,like we get it she misses rose we dont need that explained every time shes on screen

2) get rid of lapis or make her actually interesting again instead of being reduced to a character that exists only for shipping

3) develop the rest of the crystal gems beyond “garnet is a fusion and hides emotions” “amethyst hates herself” and “peridot”

4) stop w the beach city episodes abt steven being a pacifist and doing boring shit with the human characters that havent been developed enough for me to care abt

5) bring back bismuth and/or sugilite,,,what the Fuck,,,i know they arent coming back bc of guest voice actors but dont push them off to the side like this,, use a cop out like their regeneration made them have a new voice or smth


send me a video game/series/movie and ill tell u 5 things id change

i’m serious tho

draw self ship

you got a character you have a major crush on???

draw them smoochin u. draw them hitting on you. draw them leaning in a doorway trying to be all seductive and falling. draw them being protective of you. DRAW YOU AND THEM DANCING LIKE HUGE NERDS!!

if u don’t think anyone will care cuz it’s self indulgent stuff. tag me. i’ll reblog that shit and tag it w how much i ship you two.

the negative connotations behind it are so dumb and i can"t believe i was ever ashamed of this stuff man self ship is fantastic

now go

draw you and ur fave mackin. do it for me


yoiweek2017 || Day 5: Stay Close to Me

Option A: Favorite Ship
Option D: Colorful vs. black and white

You brought colors to my life

guysssss yurio is 15…… that’s so fucking young that’s only like freshman/sophomore year high school in america and him dating someone like jj or otabek is like dating a high school senior / freshman in college and i know the age difference is just 3-4 but the life experiences/maturity levels are so drastic and different. plus, yurio is obvs a minor while everyone else except minami and guang-hong are adults

let him grow up before exploring any possibility of romance w/ anyone. let him cultivate friendships bc as ep 10 suggests… no one has ever asked to be his friend. i know he has a strong and assertive personality and he can get what he wants but he is still growing up he is still a 15 year old teenage boy and his brain is still developing let him mature a bit

reasons to watch firebringer

-its on youtube and its free
-its a musical about the stoneage
-the songs are sooo good
- they remind me of disney in some places
-end game w/w ship
-multiple w/w ships in fact
-cannon non-binary char (Chorn uses it/its pronouns and its gender is never discussed)
-cannon bi/pan characters
-female dominated cast
-fucking destroys both the bechdel and mako mori tests
-just??? please do???

can you believe leigh gave us wesper… an interracial gay ship that is currently (and hopefully always!!) very very happy together and they’re so pure and wonderful and amazing and they weren’t used for their sexuality like they a) weren’t fetishized!!!!! and b) had an agency of their own and their own arcs and heartbreaks/hardships that had nothing to do w/ them as a couple but they still supported each other as one even before they got together (officially anyway) and they were SUCH a power couple tbh like wylan’s literally the wealthiest boy in ketterdam and jesper’s a badass grisha sharpshooter but they still MELT around each other and they’re just!! brilliant showstopping spectacular never the same

mermaid/pirate!AU because i love sea themes so much

Adrien Agreste is a well known, very dangerous and unearthly handsome pirate called Chat Noir. Marinette is a mystic, beautiful and innocent mermaid, who becomes a woman at night.

Kind of a “Little Mermaid” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” mix.

Oh, and Adrien’s ship’s named “La Coccinelle” ;w;

Plus: Chat’s got a cat on his ship, he’s called Plagg ofc and Marinette is friends with this adorable fish Tikki. Hehehehe~

It’s Marichat AU, even though Adrien looks more like Adrien than like Chat. But he behaves like a slightly worse version of Chat Noir (meaning, he’s the bad boy of the seven seas or sth, idk, Sindbad-like).


@paperlemonpaper asked me for fic recs a long time ago whoops sO HERE’S SOME OF MY ALL-TIME FAVES IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
(ps take note that like,, several of these have the secks in them)

  1. Cake Or Break by Crollalanza
    (DaiSuga w/ background IwaOi)
    It had been an accident - an actual accident - that had brought Sawamura Daichi to a pleasant, sunny side street in Tokyo on his way to work. But then he’d caught sight of an angel with quicksilver hair setting out the tables at a cafe, and he’d stopped, dumbstruck. And when the waiter-cum-owner-cum-angel-in-human-form had turned around and smiled, all the breath had left his body. A story about chance meetings, the importance of cake and how a sack of icing sugar can change your life. 
  2. National Hot Dad Alliance Is Now Calling… by dicaeopolis and OwlinAMinor 
    (Focus on friendship between Daichi, Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa and Ushijima, w/ DaiSuga, KuroKen, BokuAka, IwaOi and UshiTen)

    Sawamura Daichi: What the fuck.
    (Or, the captains’ squad interactions that definitely happen outside of canon, presented in Skype chat form.)
  3. Wingman Watari by SatyrSyd37
    (MatsuHana, KyouHaba, KinKuni, IwaOi and Best Wingman Watari)

    It begins as an accident. Watari never planned on setting up all the members of his volleyball team, but, for some reason, it turns out he’s the perfect matchmaker. (also known as the getting together stories of the ships listed in the tags)
  4. Answers Without Questions by SecretMaker
    Koushi had learned a long time ago to stop wanting things. He learned to stop wishing, letting his eyes linger too long, wondering what it would be like if only. There were no if onlys in Koushi’s life.
  5. Police Dog by surveycorpsjean

    Yahaba takes home a gruff looking, beat up dog. He patches his ear, and wraps his leg, and goes to sleep. The next morning he wakes up to a hot guy rummaging through his kitchen. “I took a pair of your shorts.” He says, standing up and away from the fridge. “Hope that’s a’ight with you.”
  6. Lost With You (Take My Hand) by airblends
    When a missed stop or ten lead to an involuntary day trip to Kyoto for Matsukawa and Hanamaki, they find that maybe the journey really is its own reward sometimes.
  7. Do Unto Others by darkmagicalgirl
    Over time, Kunimi has realized he really likes having Kindaichi look after him.
  8. Plus One by safra

    “Did you know we’re dating?”
    “What? Says who?”
    “Says everyone apparently.”
    “Oh,” Hanamaki frowns for a few seconds before shrugging and turning his attention back to the chocolate fountain. “Nice.”
  9. Close To The Chest by darkmagicalgirl
    It takes Yahaba thirteen years to realize he’s different from the other kids, one to figure out how to hide it, and two more to learn to be happy just the way he is. Yahaba’s journey ft. an extremely annoyed Kyoutani, best friend in the world Watari, and loads and loads of good senpai Oikawa.
  10. The Truth Is Out There by shizuoh
    (IwaOi w/ background KuroKen)
    “I work at NASA,” Hajime said, setting down his coffee. Oikawa immediately jumped up and slammed his palms against the table. “I’ll suck your dick if you tell me about the aliens.”
  11. 30-Day HQ Writing Challenge: Kinkuni by emerald1963
    “"I don’t swim,” said Kunimi flatly, redirecting his gaze to his book.
    Kindaichi gasped. “You can’t swim?! Akira, that’s just wrong!” He grabbed Kunimi by the arm and dragged him out into the sunlight. “Come on, I’ll teach you!”
    “If you insist,” muttered Kunimi."When Seijou goes to the beach, Kindaichi gets more than he bargained for.
  12. Right In Front Of Me by shions_heart
    "I don’t think we should hang out so much anymore outside of practice.”
    Kunimi Akira’s parents have expectations. People assuming he and Kindaichi are together because of their constant proximity is not conducive to these expectations.
  13. Hella Gay by helloyesIamtrash
    Though no one knows how or why, at midnight on a person’s 16th birthday, they get writing on their wrist, almost like a tattoo. This writing, whatever it says, has something to do with your soulmate. It’s usually something like the first thing they say to you after it appears, or an inside joke you two will have, maybe a phrase they say a lot. Simply a push in the right direction, fate’s little nudge-nudge wink-wink about what future you have in store. This is the story of what happened on Matsukawa Issei’s 16th birthday.
  14. One Step Forward by parasolghost
    At the end of their middle school days, Kunimi begins to wonder if what he feels for Kindaichi is a bit different from close friendship.
  15. Creatures Of Logic by ectoBisexual
    When you turn eighteen, your soulmate’s name is supposed to appear somewhere on your body, as if written in their very own handwriting. When Kunimi wakes up on his eighteenth birthday, he doesn’t know whether to be surprised or not.

“I felt bad for Ramona so I came to her rescue. Setting off a dangerous explosion without any regard for my own safety or anyone else’s.”

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The pain of a goshishira shipper is not having enough content about them ;w; there are like 3 fanfics -that are more drabble than fics- and a few fanarts. I though that when the anime finally aired there will be more shippers but I just see a lot of semishira fanarts and even tho they are lovely my heart hurts because they are not my otp, I'm crying ;w;

I feel you so much ;w; They are one of my favourite STZ ships and I already read every fic for them (and bribing my friends into writing some) because I love them so so so much!! (let me drop some sketches I posted to twitter ahhh)

also have some post by other artists on twitter:

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

(I probably retweet every goshishira content I see but there isn’t much haha)

They just have such potential for an exciting ship dynamic! (Also I dig the bowl cut aesthetic fight me) I swear, every scenario I imagine for them could be so effin adorable. I think I will need to write something as well.

So, I just wanna be clear–one of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed supergirl so much is the amount of shipping material

and by that, I mean this show is so focused on women, and the relationships between women. Like there are so many female characters and they all have such good chemistry with each other that in most other shows, there isn’t even the potential for multi-shipping really

so p much what i’m saying is just bc i ship one thing doesn’t mean i don’t care about the other. like just because i’m currently eating pasta doesn’t at all detract that i will inhale a lemon bar, or think about having a lemon bar for dessert. usually i don’t multiship but oh my god there is so much chemistry between all these actresses that i just keep going oh my god *smashes drink* AnOTHER

so yeah, i pretty much ship all things femslash on supergirl ngl

(also i’m just saying why argue over ships when you can make an ot3 and/or “oh my god i’m not at all jealous of you rn (that’s a lie i’m insanely jealous))