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First time‘s miracle

“No, this can’t be”, Peter’s mind just screamed incoherently as he realized what was happening. What was Yondu doing. Maybe he spoke out loud, because Yondu tried to smile at him reassuringly, and Peter was not able to think, to smile back, he couldn’t do anything else than staring as the man who had raised him was dieing slowly, like Peter did with Gamora once…

Gamora. He saved her that time.

His helmet.

Peter grabbed his helmet. He had to open up his spacesuit for a moment - it felt so much longer than that, the freezing cold and the unbearable pressure nearly paralized him, but he managed to close back his suit. The clicking sound as he attached the helmet to someone, the familiar humming of the forming metal couldn’t calm down Quil this time. He prayed. He has no idea, who would listen to him - especially after he killed his biological father, a literal god, okay, celestial, whatever, just a few seconds ago - but he didn’t care. He wanted Yondu to live and if someone would appear here to bargain with for his life, he would have done it.

No one came. But Yondu was still breathing under the helmet, pained little panting. The equipment was not desinged to sustain life in open space, and as the remainings of Ego’s planet slowly disappeared from beneath them it started to failing him, it won’t be enough for long now…

“GAMORA!!!” Peter screamed and hoped and prayed for help. Where were his friends? He trusted them. They couldn’t betray him, not now, not when Yondu’s life was depending on them…

A ship appeared, like an answer for his prayer. The last bits of Ego’s planet fell apart.

The load opened up, and Peter cried as he felt the floor under himself. He slowly lowered Yondu’s body to it. Was he dead? He waited until he felt the pressure normalizing and temperature rising, and only after then he opened up the helmet.

Yondu was breathing, slowly and not steadily, but he was breathing. Peter collapsed on him.

“Dad”, he panted, first time ever in his life saying out loud this word and meaning it.

Analyzing Sheith, with a dash of discourse.


replied to your post

“Cordially inviting any and all anti’s to come at me bro Whether it be…”

Can I just add, that many antis throw around the word “pedophilia” and first of all, that’s a disgusting accusation to make of someone imagining FICTIONAL characters in a relationship. And second, it does not apply. Like the literal definition does not apply. Would a 25 year old with a 17 year old be cool IRL? Probably not but it’s not pedophilia and it’s also FUCKING FICTION JFC. God I wish I had the time to worry about what fictional characters people shipped.

Sorry for that brick I just have been wanting to say that for so long, hope you have a spectacular, wonderful, idiot free day <3

You may definitely add that. I certainly forgot to. 

It really depends heavily on context for that 17-25 thing. It depends on the relationship and maturity levels of the two people in question. I know there are 25 year olds that are still running around this site screaming about “problematic ships” like its the fucking plague. And then there are people in my life who grew up in drug houses, who struggle because their families entire line of poor credit, bad choices, substance abuse and felonies makes it nearly impossible for them to get jobs and basic debit/credit cards, who dug around in dumpsters for food during their childhood– and you can bet they grew up incredibly fast, and incredibly hard. 

Biology plays a part in it to a degree too-Female brains tend to fully develop ages 16-25? (dont cite me on this, im just going off of memory) and for male brains I think they finish developing around like, 18/22-30??? I’d have to look it up again, but you get my point.

Theres a lot of factors that go into play- The maturity levels of the individuals themselves, and the actually Nature of the relationship itself, I think.

Lets take Sheith, for example. 

We have seen maturity and selflessness exhibited in both individuals; Both of them have had to go through very hard experiences; Keith being an orphan with abandonment issues, yet still carries some incredibly strong morals and a fierce love for people and a desire to protect others.; Shiro has been enslaved, amputated and experimented upon, and forced to perform in bloody, gruesome, arena’s. He’s been through Hell, and still he has retained a sense of calm, patience, and compassion. 

So we know from this that they’re both plenty mature enough– But what about the nature of their relationship?

Honestly I think this one of the most healthy ships out there for the sheer amount of love and compassion and respect between the two, even without picking apart just how well they compliment each other. 

Again, starting with Keith; This is a highly individualized person that does not like authority. He’s not going to want to feel like he has to explain himself to anyone or meet anyones arbitrary standards; Does not like, and possibly feels threatened by rules and restrictions as that threatens his ability to do his own thing. He makes his own rules for himself and his own personal values to which he will adhere strictly. He’s intelligent, but it’s shown and seen through his actions– Not explained through word of mouth, and most likely never will be. Trust and abandonment issues, as well as his orphaning, may lead him to difficulties communicating with others, being vulnerable, and expressing emotions or showing weakness, making him a very secretive, private person, that most likely finds both comfort and fear in Isolation. Comfort, because no one can hurt you, and you can sort everything out yourself and have complete control when you’re alone; Fear, because it’s very easy to keep isolating yourself and never stop, even though you want, like, and need people in your life, but may be hesitant to go to them for fear of getting hurt or abandoned, especially if you reveal your softer, more unprotected sides. Keith, as a character, may even be scared of his feelings. 

One of these belongs to every paladin okay, thats all I’m sayin’. 

In conclusion, Keith is a very private, lonely person with a history of trust issues stemming from abandonment and a dislike for authority, making him not the easiest person to get along with.  He needs someone who will have the patience and respect that will allow Keith to open himself up to them on his own highly secretive terms, someone who is open minded, patient, and understanding, in order to understand someone as rare and unconventional as Keith (He’s not exactly going to come with an owners manual or introductory pamphlet y’know?). He needs to feel safe, comfortable, and not judged by a person in order to place so much trust, value, safety and security with them. If someone tries inauthentic, underhanded, or forceful means of manipulating someone like Keith into anything, you know Keith won’t be having it. 

Shiro is kind of the epitome of all of these traits, and we don’t just see him using them to understand Keith, but we see him using them to understand other members of his team as well (like Pidge or Allura). Once Shiro has a good understanding of someone, he waits until an appropriate, non-threatening time arises in order to build his team members up, give them advice, solace, or whatever he thinks they may need that he can give them. He uses a very open, friendly, safe, respectful and non-threatening communication style in order to build up people around him; This is an incredibly rare and beautiful kind of person, imo, at least in Shiro’s case, because we can see how very dedicated he is to doing this, and that he makes it one of his biggest priorities. 

This makes him pretty great for Keith, but there are plenty of reasons why Keith is great for Shiro too.

From episode one, from Keiths very introductory sequence, we see him caring, for and sacrificing for Shiro– Going out of his way to make sure Shiro is safe at all times, or backing him up; Whether it be in or out of Voltron, Keith is literally Shiro’s right hand man. Keiths love for Shiro is very similar for Shiros’ love for Keith;  It is a respectful, kind, and appreciative, thankful kind of love. It is built on and never runs out of trust, and only seeks to lift the other up, and make sure the other is okay, without breaching any boundaries. 

Shiro, from his iron devotion and love for others, strikes me as the type of person that forgets to take care of himself, in lieu of others and their importance, valuing it over his own. Keith, being a very confident, straight forward, and protective person, is perfect for Shiro in that he can and will make sure Shiro does get the self-care he needs, but without threatening or stomping upon Shiros virtues, or his mission. Shiro, for all his dad-jokes and stereotypes, honestly might need the child harness more than Keith does for his sheer scary-levels of willingness to sacrifice himself, like he means nothing- Or at the very least, nothing in comparison to others. Shiro, just like Keith, doesn’t know when to stop and take a break if others don’t make him/tell him too. And even then, Shiro might not understand or believe it, simply because war and soldier-trauma is like this. 

Shiro needs someone who is confident, straight forward, and strong enough to take care of Shiro as Shiro takes care of others. He needs someone who will be considerate and kind to him when no one thinks to be, or knows to be. He needs someone who will keep a close eye on him and watch and listen for when he’s breaking, when he needs help, whether he knows it or not– He needs someone who will be aware of just how much Shiro himself may not know it too. And he needs someone who will do this genuinely, authentically, respectfully, and patiently. Issues like these are incredibly painful for both parties to go through, and they may never heal. A spouse who deals with this may have to come to accept this as never-changing, and to do that… Takes so much genuine love and self-sacrifice? It’s both heart-wrenching and beautiful, as it is a gruesome reality. It’s not sexy, cute, or fun– It’ cold and it’s harsh and to persevere in your attentive care of someone in spite of such hard issues, especially when coupled with things like PTSD, is about as Real as you can get.

The reason Keith fits this bill perfectly? Is because we already see him doing this for Shiro in canon. 

We see it in anytime Keith flings himself into action in order to save shiro, whether it’s well-thought out or not. We see it in his respect, adherence, and boundaries. We see it in how he trusts Shiro to keep throwing himself into battle and come back to him, amidst a respectful but attentive observance of his person, his space, his wishes and his safety. In Keith we see he’s developed his own very deep and respectful understanding of Shiro and how he works, just as Shiro has developed an understanding of Keith– they both know each others strengths and weaknesses, and give each other trust and patience. 

Like, I really can’t think of a more healthy relationship yo. Fuck ages man, these two are good for each other, these two honestly keep each other sane and safe, and uplift the other, they have a rock solid understanding of the other, and their wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses, and they communicate in succinct, blunt, non-threatening ways build on trust. Even if they disagree or say harsh things to each other (Like Shiro reprimanding Keith for reprimanding Pidge, “That’s not how a team works.”, or giving him criticism. Or Keith pleading with Shiro in his BOM-nightmares.), they do not stay mad or hold grudges, which tells me that they never assume bad intent of the other either, even though it would be very easy to. 

My god like theres so much healthy shit in this ship it’s actually hard to cover everything, they both exhibit so much. 

Overall I really think like the last thing I’m worried about with these two is fucking AGE y’know? Clearly theyre mature enough to take care of each other; Does anyone really think either of these people would abuse the other? Because I certainly don’t. It wouldn’t just be wrong, it’d be completely out of character. Keith and Shiro simply care, value, and love each other too much for that. 

Feel free to add to this, if you’d like.


hey nyall it’s been,,, a while D: but I’m Back! It me, mod dino!

so uh basically I am in a lil bit of a pinch here concerning money??? stuff to repay and all that jazz :-0 I know my art might not be the Best but if u could help me out it would be hella Cool B)

Pics above are examples of stickers Feat my OCs Nao and Tayo! [which btw bottom pic, pink hair is for sale and comes w extra penguin :> ]

so I’m doin lil sticker commissions! each is about 1.5/2 inches long (might differ since I don’t draw based on the measurements) [might add some mini watercolor print but idk :3 tell me if that would interest you!]

Each sticker is hand drawn (bc I can’t do digital for my Life) and bust up.

Black n white w no color - $1USD per sticker
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The price will be the price marked + (international) shipping!
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If you mix and match to have 5 stickers, I can cut a discount depending on ur order! No limit to how many u can ask for :>

I can draw characters, OCS, idols, etc. I will NOT draw furries, nudity, or extreme gore.

If you are interested, please email me at so we can discuss!

Thank you for your time! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

ahhhh so I hit 1.2k followers this morning and I’m super happy and shocked tbh! It honestly means the world to me and I want to thank every single one of you, you’re amazing, literally I love every single one of you soo much it’s unbelievable. As a celebration for not only reaching 1.2k but also as it is the 20th anniversary of the philosophers stone aka the beginning of a magical journey, I’m going to be doing blogrates, hogwarts lifes, giving advice and taking requests for edits :)


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//On the side note… not sure why Anon asked me specifically but thank you for sending the question, I appreciate it! I will put my thoughts under the cut :)

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Lol y is every touken shipper so sad bout the new chap? As a non touken shipper it is clear as daylight that touken's gonna happen. Sensei ships it like his life depends on it. I don't actually ship anyone from this manga probably bc my first priority is all of them being alive. But don't worry guys it's gonna happen. Give them time to develop a lil bit. Ishida sensei just ships it too much lol

looks like the spoilers about kaneki rejecting touka were false, as nothing of the sort happened in the actual chapter. i mean, i would have been very understanding had it happened, but it looks like sensei has different plans. 

and yes, i agree! it’ll happen. if there’s one thing i’m confident in, it’s touken eventually becoming official. :’D

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I really ship Teddy and Victoire like my life depends upon it, like to the point where i actually get upset when he's shipped with other people haha. I was wondering if you could give me some of your headcanons about them? Who liked who first? How they got together? More assertive one in relationship? Their future careers? How he proposes? Or anything else

Sure thing!

  • When Teddy was four years old, and Victoire was two, he thought she the most perfect creature ever, and decided he was going to marry her.
  • Fast forward 20 years to when he is 24 and she is 22, and they are actually getting married, and Teddy thinks that she is still the most perfect creature he has ever seen.
  • Since Teddy and Victoire are the oldest of the Weasley-Potter clan, they were each other’s first friends, and know each other better than anyone.
  • When Teddy left for Hogwarts, Victoire cried for three days. Teddy claims he didn’t cry at all (although his Hufflepuff roommates say they heard some sniffling the first couple nights).
  • When Victoire finally got to Hogwarts, they remained best friends.
  • They each dated a couple other people during their Hogwarts time, although it was nothing serious. I think they both knew that they were meant to end up together, but were just biding their time.
  • They get together the summer after Teddy graduates Hogwarts, before Victoire starts her sixth year. They are goofing around in a little waterfall that’s near Shell Cottage, and had been flirting and playing around the whole time. Before they know it, they are pressed up against each other and are kissing, and suddenly everything is right with the world.
  • Teddy and Victoire keep their relationship secret for about a year, because they are worried about what all the Auntie’s and Uncle’s would say. 
  • Once they are discovered, they find out that the adults had been taking bets on when they would end up together. Victoire is not pleased. (Teddy is secretly overjoyed that they had been rooting for him all along.)
  • When Teddy officially meets Bill as Victoire’s boyfriend, he is so nervous that he almost pees himself. However, Bill just claps him on the back and tells him that there is no other boy that he would trust with his daughter with.
  • Several years later, Teddy asks Bill for his permission to ask his daughter to marry him. Bill just says that it’s ‘about time.’
  • They take a trip to Paris for Victoire’s 21st birthday, and come back engaged. Teddy asks her at favorite cafe, and she immediately says yes.
  • They get married on the beach at Shell Cottage, and it’s a small affair. Dominique is Victoire’s maid of honor, and Rose is her bridesmaid. James is Teddy’s best man, and Louis is his groomsman. The only guests are family members and close friends, and although it wasn’t the huge wedding that all the tabloids had been hoping for, everyone agrees that it was absolutely perfect.
  • For their honeymoon, they go to France (where else?), but they also spend a few days in Disney World, per request of Teddy.
  • Teddy works as an auror for a few years, and ends up teaching DADA at Hogwarts. Unlike the other teachers, he doesn’t live at Hogwarts because he couldn’t stand to be away from Victoire for that long.
  • Victoire works as a fashion designer, and opens her own boutique. Teddy models some of her designs for her, so that way she can see how they look on an actual human being. While she is in work mode, she bosses him around (Victoire has always been the more assertive one). Teddy doesn’t mind. (he secretly enjoys being bossed around by Victoire)
  • They have three children - Adelaide Nymphadora, Emilie Margeurite, and Remus Daniel. Teddy claims that the girls take after their mother, and therefore are the most perfect girls alive. Victoire says that Remus takes after his father, and therefore is the handsomest boy she has ever seen.

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do you/would you draw klance?

HELLO YES I ship klance like my life depends on it. I’ve only actually drawn two pieces of klance fanart so far but somehow one of them has ended up being my second most popular post on tumblr ever. Not entirely sure how that happened but there we go! 

I should really draw more klance soon <3

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kaminari denki is best boi!! I love the way you draw him! he deserves all the love!!!! thank you for giving him love

Thank you!!!!!!! aND ISN’T HE!!!!!!!! I adore him and he’s so much fun to draw and all I want is for him to be showered in love did I mention I love him I’m in love with him



Anon said:  OK. Okay, now you’ve done it. I’m starting bnh today. I’m blaming u when I fall into a new Fandom hell orz

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 let me know how that goes anon I hope you’ll love it as much as I do ahhhh

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So, I’ve been working on this all week, and I finished editing it yesterday, but I reached post limit for the very first time ever RIGHT as I was about to put it up. So. A couple things:

  • Nothing in this fic is suppose to be taken romantically, unless you count the (rather heavily implied) Anakin/Padme
  • I have a great and obsessive love for any variation of this au
  • Parentheses are my new favorite thing and I apologize for their excessive use  
  • Hopefully this all makes sense

((Shoutout to several lovely people whose ideas fuel my thoughts regarding these nerds in space: psimina, and above all, julia, whose undying love for “skywalkers actually have a happily ever after au” is awe-inspiring. I love you all, you nerd buckets <3))

She is nine years old and her father is a beacon of light in a world that is surrounded by dust and sand and heat and desolation.

She sits on the edge of the table as he shows her how to repair the broken controls of their old speeder, marvelling at how fast his hands maneuver around the wires and little crevices, his set of mechanical fingers hidden under their leather wrapping.

“Tell me about Mom again,” she says, and Dad’s face lights up with that wistful, slightly-goofy grin just like it has every other time, his eyes a little sad and his mouth a little crooked.

“She was an angel,” he starts, but she interrupts.

“You’ve told me that a thousand times, Daddy.”

“Well, she was.”

She does not ask further.

(She wants to).


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Hey, I was just wondering (if you've answered this question before, I apologize) - what do you think makes karabita such a good ship? Like what makes Karamatsu and Chibita so good for each other?

Haha well I don’t think I’ve ever been asked so directly before? I think I answer this question a little bit more with every fic. lol

My favorite ships can usually be split into two separate groups: ones where I think the characters have the potential to mesh really well, and ones where the characters are already really close in canon and a ship seems like a logical conclusion. Karabita is one that’s both! I think that it’s a great ship because of both circumstances and personalities.

From a circumstance POV, both of them just really need someone, you know? Chibita grew up with very few relationships that he could actually depend on (when Iyami is the best you’ve got, your life is kind of shitty) and he’s pretty clearly been shaped by those experiences. In that episode with the flower fairies, his first reaction to someone telling him they liked him was straight up wariness, and that’s kind of heartbreaking. He’s this incredibly hard worker because he’s always had to be, because he had no one to depend on to help him. He very clearly needs a person to draw him out of his self-imposed solitude. The flower fairy started that journey, but really only managed to do enough to let him know that he has the problem in the first place. Karamatsu is sort of picking up that slack, becoming his friend, watching after him, indulging his, uh, weirdnesses, going to live with him. And Karamatsu, god, he definitely needs someone who loves him. His family is the actual worst?? And it really hurts him. He needs someone who believes in him and genuinely likes him, and even if Chibita kind of thinks he’s an ass (and…he is) he definitely believes in his potential to be a good person. I think they both have the capacity to be the loving support that the other needs. Chibita kidnapping Karamatsu out of all the others was probably chance, but I think it gave them both a chance to see each other for what they really were, and now they can recognize their own desperation to be seen and appreciated when they look at each other.

Personality-wise, I think they actually complement each other really well. They’ve got similarities and differences, but in ways that go together well. Both of them are remarkably passionate, sometimes too much so, and have this deep seated desire to help people. Karamatsu has a lot of self-esteem issues which leads to his weird play acting personality; he’s not secure in his own personality, so he adopts other personas that he thinks other people will like more. He’s uh. Flighty. Sweet, but kind of cowardly. Chibita, on the other hand, is a very solid, straightforward kind of guy. He may be lonely and feel some emptiness, but instead of wavering like Karamatsu does, he responds by just going EVEN HARDER. (TOO HARD, CHIBITA, SLOW DOWN.) I think Karamatsu might help soften Chibita a little and Chibita might help bolster Karamatsu. The thing is, Chibita’s always had to be strong because he’s no one to help him, and Karamatsu’s kind of brittle because there’s no one who’s believed in him. But they both have this nurturing streak to them; they both like to take care of people, they both try to fix others’ problems. They’ve just had no one that wants them to. I think having each other, having a person that wants to take care of them and be taken care of in turn, will be really good for them.

I do think it’ll be a rocky road for them in some ways, but they’ll come through. Karamatsu trusts too fast, and Chibita trusts a lot more slowly. Karamatsu’s too effusive and Chibita - well, he has a lot less practice with that, lol. Neither of them are all that great at reading people, honestly. But they’re both very loyal in their own ways, and surprisingly patient. They both respect each other’s passion and good heart. They’ll be okay. 💜


Anyone who’s been following me for a while may know that for six plus months now I’ve been preparing to start a new story about a group of writers living in an exclusive artist’s retreat near the small town of Serendipity (my renovated version of Moonlight Falls), and with the exception of one lot that I still need to finish I’m just about ready to begin that challenge. However, now that I’m so close to actually playing it, I’ve realized that I don’t have any residents for my world, and I thought that this might be a good opportunity to see if anyone wants to collab with me. I would build or download and redecorate a house for our sims to live in together, play them for a week or two, and post some cutesy pictures of their life in Serendipity. Furthermore, your sim will appear in my new story, although to what extent really depends on how the game unfolds. In return, I would be more than happy to share my sim with you, their “partner” sim, but only if you want (i.e. I do not expect you to use my sim in your game unless you honestly want to). I’m not only interested in romantic ships for this, although I’d love to do some of those too, but I would also like some pairs of platonic friends and other sorts of relationships (siblings, roommates, etc.).

The one major caveat is that I want minimal extraneous CC. Sliders, non-default skins, hair, and makeup are absolutely fine. A couple of pieces of CC clothes are okay too. However, I would very much like to keep my townies’ wardrobes as streamlined as possible. I have every expansion pack and stuff pack and most of the store (not decrapped) so you can use as much of that content as you wish, but for accessories, shoes, and clothing I’d prefer mostly EA stuff. If that’s a problem for you, I can dress your sim myself, or we can talk about collaborating on something else.

If I haven’t scared you off yet and you’re still potentially interested in working with me, please send me a message so we can talk! :) The sims pictured above are some of the ones I am considering using for this, but I can also make some townies as well if you don’t like any of them. Anyway, thank you for reading my wall of text, lol, and I hope you all have a nice weekend! <3

This person’s theme was unrebloggable so I decided to screenshot it instead.

1. Kishimoto admitted already a year ago that Minato/Kushina are a NS red herring. The man himself admitted it has nothing to do with Hinata. Minato/Kushina is a red herring.

2. Kishimoto also told in a recent interview that he never originally intended NH. He thought he should give Naruto to Hinata because Hinata liked him first, not because of development or any other sensible reason. In an earlier interview (months ago) he had said Hinata would be kind of a “pitiful existence” if she at least wouldn’t get Naruto. Basically, there is no Chi-Chi or whatever parallels because NH wasn’t originally intended, but an afterthought that came much later.

3. I think it’s pretty obvious that the colour spread is the writer’s attempt to make the ship have more depth, or trigger the nostalgia in readers. Because like I just explained, the parallels and development does not exist.

I’m not NS, as one can tell from my blog, I’m just stating the facts and I can definitely say your parallels are unfounded. Also, I think it’s funny how you NH used to say parallels aren’t development when NS had them, but now you are clinging onto MK as if your life depended on it, maybe you finally realised how lack in actual material your ship is. To be honest NS shouldn’t even care what Kishi says when he had the nerve to bs like this.

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!! Can you do Kuroken for the ship thingy cause that's literally my entire life!! Have a great day!

who’s the cuddler: Kenma loves cuddles because he’s seriously a cat. But he likes to play video games while cuddling

who makes the bed: probably neither because they both view it as a waste of energy

who wakes up first: this is a tough question because I feel like both of them go to bed extremely late so it kind of just depends on the day

who has the weird taste in music: they both do tbh

who is more protective: Kuroo is hardcore protective of his cinnamon roll

who sings in the shower: Kuroo does but Kenma hums video game soundtracks in the shower

who cries during movies: Kenma only cries if an animal dies in the movie and Kuroo just isn’t really affected by movies emotionally

who spends the most while out shopping: Kenma of course because he buys a ton of video games 

who kisses more roughly: Kuroo does but it’s nothing Kenma can’t handle ;)

who is more dominant: Kuroo is most of the time but never in a forceful way

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 7

My take on the “Remilie” thing

First of all (to precede any attack, which I’m sure I’ll get nevertheless) I’d like to state that this is my very personal opinion on the matter. This is how I see this – I so hate to say it – ship. It is based on my knowledge (which can easily be deficient), experience, and feelings towards the real life people as much as their characters on the screen.

What prompted me to write this is the increased amount of remilie occurrence on my dash. I see it in tags of posts and comments and gifsets, and though I’ve never ventured to the tag itself (because of my obvious distaste), I encounter with it on a regular basis. Now you may ask why the hell I haven’t blocked it then. If you don’t like something, you block it, that’s the non-masochist and sane approach to blogging. The problem is that with this move I’d block loads of otherwise amazing photos, gifs and even interviews. Of the people I love. Of the people to whom I mostly dedicate my blog. Consequently, I’m pretty reluctant to do that. The other reason is that I’ve talked about it with people from both sides who were (and are) absolutely lovely and understanding and never tried to persuade me to accept their truth. And these people (mind you, from both sides) told me that they’d encountered others who were aggressive about it. I’ll try very hard to avoid that.  

I don’t expect to convince anyone, firstly because I don’t think I could, secondly because you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t have any purpose with this other than getting it out, since it has bugged me for a long time.

So here it goes, under read more due to the touchy topic and length, my concerns and views on remilie and RLS in general.


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So, i'm taehyung biased and i know you're vkook biased, but as passionate I see you, im sure you'll understand me. I hate the idea of taehyung being in a drama. you see, everyone was enjoying the april fool's day beside him; all members were making jokes, changing the profiles and i'm like where's taehyung. i'm vkook shipper too, and i feel that drama appearance will make so hard for me. i don't like dramas, so when i will see my taehyung and vkook? omg, i'm so stressed.

this drama will help his act skills but is not good for his idol life. he’s so distant from the others. even yoongi joined the april fools day and i’m so sad. is not just because the vkook is because of him being apart from the others. what do you think. i hope you answer this, i’ve tried not to mention others things would stress you.(2) 

What i think is that..for start, his role in the group was always meant to be in more places than one. They started with V being the 4D member,then the social apearance became more focused on,like… videos/pics with others, during shows he was interacting with various idols too,got MC part which included stuff like that too,then a short show with another idol..etc ….V was and is a wide social role but with Bangtan being ‘home’ always. Is not something that i specifically like since i’m not multifandom but i’m sure ppl that are multifandom,do appreciate such stuff going on plus it’s a way to “share” attention through different fandoms ..something that many idols do from what i’ve seen here and there.

Now that we have this clear…separate in your mind the idol life with life cause even if he isn’t so active with the others like Jimin is with others for example, that doesn’t mean he is actual distant from Bangtan. By getting a good role in a hopefully successful drama,is actually a good thing for his group and especially for himself! For his idol life it’s a good thing entering the acting world cause he will gain attention,show different sides of him and perhaps a second long term career option which is good for his life too plus it’s something he loves to do and he is good at it! You mentioned that you don’t like dramas but we shouldn’t forget that Taehyung is from Korea,and the idol life there doesn’t last for a lifetime. You will see all the members trying different paths on the side of their life as idols!

The filming started since yesterday…and i don’t know how big his role is,how much filming will do but acting is something Taehyung always loved to do and he is good at it! I’m confident that he can pull off different vibes to different roles..I’m sure of it!! And seeing him taking such a challenge for a first time but with great actors plus idols who can help him too,i’m very very very happy for him and you should be too cause even if he might get some hard comments from ppl that side eyes idols turning to actors,Taehyung will prove those ppl wrong!!He is good in acting!!Have zero doubt about that!!Taehyung is expressive too and he was after all practising with Jungkook for years different skits and romance stuff too plus the MV’s experiences etc!!What is left is if he will get used to fast the way to use his voice to express different feelings and during different moments but he’ll get it through i’m sure!Believe in him <3

But where does that leave us that got used to the BTSxBTS life?! Where does that leave us as VKook stans or/and shippers?!

As an army,i believe Bangtan have proven their point as 7 and have a long way to go even if members will do individual activities time to time. I will wish them luck to what they’ll do and in time will get used to the new scedules that will apear and hopefully everything will go well and will return as 7 even stronger and more knowledgeable than before! 

As a VKook stan,i want to slap bighit for years now..nothing new there!;p If my shipping heart is thirsty like a river flowing,my VKook stan heart is like an ocean on another planet that keeps on raining!!! What did i/we ask ppl?!!Just a duet!!Was it too much?! What did i ask?!A proper photoshoot after 2857 other photoshoots since the last time..Was it too much?! What did i ask?! Stop cutting the videos on the best parts!Was it too much again?!!!!UGH But yeah bring it on!!! Been there..done that!! I ain’t going to change my top bias list no matter what you’ll do,bighitttttt!!! So yeah…times like ->this<- i extra appreciate them and thankful that at least Bangtan themselves give some spotlight to my humble young precious boys!!

As shippers,we shouldn’t forget that VKook were never part of the ‘idol life’..VKook were part of the ‘life’ so it’s given to wonder,how we’ll see them when they won’t be doing the same thing in the same place and can’t depend on their posts or bighit sources?! ..How i deal with such times is by “putting” my bias heart above my shipping heart while taking glances from previous times when i miss them as in together. I can’t settle with other pairs to kill some time while waiting for them, so the “ball” is either thrown between VKook or is to them! But each person is i deal with it doesn’t mean it would work for you but i just want to say to you to always listen to your heart. We also have our lifes to deal with after all.. If it becomes too much,get a glass of wine (red;p) ,send them an angst song and tell them that you hope the next time you’ll have a drink in their name,it will be cause you’re not thirsty but full!!♥xD 


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like i just,,, i gotta make an Official post about this because it’s so fucked up and the blarkes are gonna come at me for this but it’s true and it’s a real problem not only in this show but in hollywood in general but especially this show because this is not the first racial issue

alright so bob is half-filipino and nobody is disputing that. i think it’s absolutely fantastic that there’s a half-filipino main moc on the show,,, except oh wait they’ve completely erased his ethnicity at every turn

how to whitewash a character 101 by jrot and his team of whiteys:

  • cast his sister as white
  • cast his mom as white

“but they’re half siblings!!! they had a different dad!!!” hmm ….  really?? bc it was never mentioned on the show. sorrrry but the majority of ppl who watch TV don’t follow the writers/showrunner on twitter, so how tf are they supposed to know this??? they don’t. so unless they follow bob as an actor they would probably assume he’s white,,, “but ppl shouldn’t assume other ppls ethnicities!!!” they shouldnt but they do, and unless we actually start ADDRESSING THESE ISSUES IN THE MEDIA nothing is going to change… but jrot would rather cash out on diversity points while still being an ignorant white asstulip

still not convinced tho? still hanging onto that half-brother thing like ur baloney shipping life depends on it? that’s ok because my previous list has another bullet point:

  • cast his previous self as white

yep u read that right,,, in the flashback episode where bellamy is a smol child holding his sister, he is white. look it up on imdb i’m not shittin u,, they literally couldn’t even fucking be bothered to cast a half-filipino kid

so i ask u: are u SURE the writers ALWAYS intended bellamy to be a moc? or are they only doing damage control by suddenly recognizing his ethnicity on social media after ppl called them out for whitewashing???

HHMMM HM HMM… it’s almost like the writers have a history of being racist… anyways,,,, something to ponder for all of ya bellamy stans who call us racist for not shipping bellamy/clarke as a ~groundbreaking interracial couple~ even tho they whitewash the shit out of bellamy but stayed real quiet when the black man was taken out back to be shot in front of his girlfriend