ship that broke my heart

just broke my own heart ︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵

I surely have a problem. (also if you don't understand whats going on, so basically lance love Keith but Keith loves our little shiro.)
sorry if this is bad my first ever comic… if you can call it comic 

Kevin x Joaquin Headcanon-

•Kevin x Joaquin shared one last kiss.

•Joaquin rode the bus to San Junipero.

•Joaquin wrote a letter and sent it to Jughead to give to Kevin. Jughead did as told.

•Joaquin wrote the letter so he could stay off the map just in case. No phone and a phony direction just in case.

•Jughead became the middle man for their letters because he understood he couldn’t sent letter to the sheriffs home.

•After 3 months of Back and forth letters between each other Kevin stopped.

•Joaquin thought maybe Kevin got caught with the letters, because he couldn’t have just stopped.

•In just the last letter he hoped Kevin had read Joaquin proclaimed his love.

•His worry grew stronger that now he directed his last letter to Jughead to see what happened.

•Jughead surprised the letter was for him he thought that must be a mistake. Every letter was directed to Kevin.

•Although he wasn’t too surprised because Kevin had stopped going for the letters, so he opened his letter.

•Joaquin was confused as to why Kevin stopped, did the sheriff know?

•Jughead knew why Kevin had stopped. No the sheriff didn’t know, but it would be heartbreaking to hear what happened through a letter.

•Jughead had his way with words as being one of Riverdale’s finest writers.

•He wrote his response, in the best way possible he could, but how could anyone tell them that the person they loved moved on.

•Joaquin couldn’t believe his eyes as he scanned the the writers delicate words.

•Tears streamed down his face. He didn’t get much sleep that night.

•Why had Kevin moved on? He was sure he loved him back so what happened?

•Joaquin HAD to do something.

•He got his stuff ready, his anxious impulsive attitude took over. He didn’t care if he got caught, he HAD to see Kevin.

•He arrived to Riverdale, his hands jittery. Feeling out of place without his Serpent jacket, but those days were behind him no matter how great of a family they were to him.

•His eyes designed by the lack of sleep and endless sobbing and yet he managed to make that look beautiful.

•He walked to the only place he thought maybe just maybe he would find him without going noticed. What he found on his walk was breathtaking and not in a good way.

•The air in his lungs no longer knowing how to accept the oxygen all around him.

•There was the man he loved, the rumors were true, his lips touching someone else’s.

•Kevin sat across Moose lips in sync in back of his pick up truck. Parked in Sweetwater River.

•It couldn’t be his eyes must be deceiving him.

•"K- K- Kevin?“ He called in a low croaked voice as the couple broke apart. The other two shocked.

•Kevin walked away with Joaquin leaving Moose in the truck waiting.

•"I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come.” Joaquin broke the silence.

•"I didn’t know how to tell you. I- I just couldn’t, you left, I couldn’t do the long distance and Moose-“ Kevin smiled.

•Joaquin caught the smile and he swore his heart finally gave out.

•"He better be good to you Preppy” was all that escaped his lips as he walked away leaving once again.

•Sometimes you really have to let them go if you love them.

Thanks @rectoressrita for giving me the idea! I really like it :)


Ma come? Prima dici che sono un violento, che ti faccio schifo. E poi ti lasceresti pure baciare?
(How is it that first you say I’m violent and repulsive, and then you’d let me kiss you?)

                           — 3 Metri Sopra Il Cielo (3 Steps Over Heaven)

both reply 1988 ships have happened and we truly do not deserve this i’m so sjedjJEKKFIDIEJDJD I LOVE IT.



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Why do you ship Mareven?

Fghjkiugd okay
This is gonna be longer than it probably should
(And let me apologize for my English before I start)
So basically bc their relationship is so interesting?
I started loving Maven in the first book when he was a cutie, but also poor and quiet boy who was a shadow of his brother’s flame (I have a thing for that kind of characters, another example: Azriel from ACOTAR) I loved how helpful Maven was (trainings, Scarlet Guard, organising Mare’s trip to Stilts) and you know… being supportive in general. But I also saw a big potential in the scenes when they were left alone 👀 (Mare’s room in palace, on the ship, in theather (!!))
I’ve never liked Cal anyway, bc to me he was another typical YA boy who isn’t very original (needless to say: I found (and I still do 👀) him boring and not worth my time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Then betrayal happened and it broke my heart, but? Nothing changed. I still shipped Mareven and hoped for better days.
And haha. Glass Sword.
If I can be honest, only scenes with Maven were interesting to me. I was… feeling them. During Marecal scenes I was just rolling my eyes. And, ugh, yes, Maven has done a lot of bad things then, but I’m not justifying or condoning them. Altough I think I even started shipping Mareven harder? Bc they had such an amazing dynamics?? And their scenes were really interesting. I looove heroine x villain relationships and morally grey characters. I was hoping for Mare to become evil or Maven to be redeemed. (and i got none asdgjkk)
And yeah, their relationship in GS looked very unhealthy, but I wasn’t shipping it this way. I wanted them to be happy together, not being forced to be together. There is this stereotype that mareven shippers support abuse. Sfhkoofds it’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard. Bc?? We don’t???? We want them truly love each other, we want them choose each other and agree to be together bc they want to be together.
After GS I had huge hopes for Mareven in KC. They will finally spend more time together, right? Well, I ended up being disappointed. I still need to reread this book, but - ugh. In GS she was still thinking about “the boy who doesn’t exist” about his icy blue eyes etc etc we all know this speach. But in KC she was mostly thinking about killing him?? Ofc there were moments when she wasn’t but… Ummm I started rambling, sorry
Yeah, so anyway, all in all, I think I’m to stubborn to leave this ship. And to leave Maven, bc I love him soooo much. I have a theory that you don’t choose your otp, but your otp chooses you. Their relationship is amazing and so interesting. They both were shadows that hardly anybody cared for. They could have made such a powerful couple, bring peace, stop war and make Reds Silvers’s equals (to me Maven seems more capable of doing it than Cal - there was this scene in KC when he was talking to Reds and other stuff during his tour)
Also, remember when they were so snarky towards each other during breakfast in KC? Goals

I don’t know if this answer is satysfying or clear, so feel free to ask for claryfication if it’s not :’)

It seemed very important to find a picture of the Mimi under sail and it was surprising hard to find so, now that I’ve found it, I thought I’d share.

Also, for the record, Voyage of the Mimi is still the only thing I have ever seen Ben Affleck in.



Oh Jeremy...

*sigh* what Jeremy Jordan just did at SDCC was so disheartening. I felt a little crushed when I watched it for myself and saw how much he shouted “they’re only friends!” Like, how dare you? The show has been receiving ratings and love by people who ship two characters. Who are you sir, to invalidate that? My heart broke a little when Melissa cracked up too though. Very disappointing. God only knows what he/they have said about ships in private.

Head up Supercorp fandom, keep doing what you do and spread love.

Don’t go on the attack with hate, you are better than that.

You guys have created a massive ship, and that is something special x

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what do you think about yulma?

um, I think that it’s one of the sweetest and purest dgm pairings? 

I don’t ship them in a romantic way (well, except past!yulma, they broke my heart), for me their relationships is more platonic, like soulmates or bromance, but I have nothing against yulma as a ship, it’s awesome thing. Honestly, seeing people who ship yullen & yulma arguing with eath other always makes me sad, because I always though that these two ships are bonded -  they both are pretty similiar and they both have a lot of parallels in canon and Kanda’s heart has been broken twice