ship thanksgiving

I'm thankful for...

All the many ships I’m in. Even if being a multi shipper will bring me to an early death due to fandom crossfire.

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Ships: Cannon ships (sorta?) philLIP IS ALIVE AND EVERYONE IS ALIVE NO DEATH.

Alexander and Eliza host thanksgiving.
(This probably isn’t going to end well)
who’s invited!
Eliza and Alexander (obviously)
Phillip (it’s to hard to write all the kids)
Jefferson and Madison (they just showed up)
Angelica and Peggy!
Maria came because they’re all friends
Laurens, Hercules and Lafayette.
Martha and George.
Eliza cooks with Phillip and then Lafayette GOES ALL FRENCH ON THE TURKEY AND MAKES IT SUPER FRENCH
Alexander Is in his office with the Hamilsquad + Burr and Alexander is writing and showing it off
Maria is with the sisters in Elizas room talking about crushes bc they’re like that
Once food is ready they all go sit and deaR LORD
Phillip and John become friends and they start throwing things at each other and Eliza yells at both of them.
Peggy is sitting next to Hurc lowkey flirting with him.
“Boy what the fuck happened to you” - Alexander as Phillip is blushing because Maria is bEING A FUCKING TEASE
Lafayette drank to much wine and now he’s all drunk on Peggy.
Peggy has Hercules and Lafayette wrapped around her finger and she’s gonna have fun with that.
Hercules accidentally breaks some of Eliza’s wedding China and he cries because he feels bad
Lafayette gets super drunk and he passes out and they just leave him on the floor.
When Phillip swears Eliza throws rolls at him because he’s still a child
Alexander goes on this rant about his son.
Alexander: YOU SEE THIS *points to Phillip who is sitting next to him* THIS IS MY *tries to pick Phillip up but he can’t because he’s 20" FUCKING SON!!!!!
Eliza: *throws roll* ALEXANDER SIT
Alexander: THIS IS MY SONNNNNN *drops phillip* MY PRIZED POSSESSION!! MY EVERYTHING!!!! *picks him up again* DO YOU SEE THIS B U R R???? *puts Phillips arms up* HES BETTER THEN THEODOSIA WILL EVER BE!!!!
Burr: *stands up* ILL FIGHT YOU.
Eliza *stands up and pats her dress down* *screams* ENOUGGG G GG G HHHHH H
Maria is like “what the fuck just happened I love Phillip too but damn”

For many of us, the world is a dark and scary place right now. 

This Thursday, November 24th, is when the USA celebrates Thanksgiving–which is kind of weird, to be honest, considering we’re essentially celebrating the genocide and subjugation of native peoples. What we tell our schoolchildren instead is that we’re commemorating the Native Americans taking pity on the dumb white colonists who didn’t know how to farm and were thus starving. Actually, no, we tell them they just had a big feast together, because history is written by the victors.

But I digress.

I don’t know about private schools, but in public school–especially in the earlier grades–we always made Thanksgiving crafts and read Thanksgiving books and, inevitably, got together as a class and made lists of what we were thankful for. When you’re in kindergarten, you’re mostly thankful for recess and snack time. As you get older…well, some things never change. Once we’ve graduated and moved on, when we’ve become adults, we often forget to be thankful for what we have. Friends and families meet to share a meal and pray and give thanks, but we don’t make lists anymore. There’s no physical reminder for us to hold onto until the next November.

So let’s make a list together.

From now until November 27th, send me an anonymous ask telling me what you’re thankful for. It can be anything–a show, a fandom, a person, your imaginary pet chicken, whatever. I’ll publish them under the tag #AnonsAreThankfulFor. Whenever you need to remember that the world doesn’t completely suck and life isn’t entirely hopeless, you’ll have a whole list of asks to turn to.

It’s important to remember that we’re all people, and we’re all in this together. I’m not saying we should reach across the political aisle or compromise our values; what I am saying is that we need to keep seeing each other as fellow human beings. This Thursday, families divided by the election will meet together. It’s going to be a difficult holiday for many Americans.

Please share this post. The more the merrier! (I can hear my inbox screaming now.) No matter where in the world we live, we are affected by the political climates of other countries. Even so, we can make a safe space for ourselves. We can remind each other that, even now, especially now, there are things to be thankful for.

<3 Ship