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day 14: something you wanted to see more of  ✧ dax/kahn

Rarepair Day: CommanTerry

CommanTerry (Peepers/Terry)

Note: Terry is an OC from the (NSFW) fic The Booty Call, created by @aferretlee and @sincerelydeerly

Reasons to ship/Why this ship is interesting:

- Terry is very supportive and patient with Peepers, even when Peepers is really upset.

- He has a very cool and calm personality, which mixes well with Peepers demanding and sometimes exciteable personality.

- Terry talks a lot, and its pretty hilarious to watch Peepers get slowly frustrated with his commentary, even when they’re busy.


- Draw a scene with Terry showing Peepers some other ways he can relax (finger painting, hot tub dipping/swimming, etc).

- Write/Draw about Peepers maybe giving Terry a flower or small gift on his birthday.

Please remember that if you decide to create CommanTerry content to credit aferretlee and sincerelydeerly since Terry is their character.

anonymous asked:

im at the point where I think the only person who doesnt ship abby and terry is you... and that basically means my dreams in legacy canon will always be crushed so i have to turn to legacy aus [sobs quietly]

I can neither confirm nor deny.

For the record, everyone has an open invitation to play in this sandbox.

I’m serious. AU the shit out of this.