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Wild Concept

Everyone ships whatever the fuck they want without shitting all over each other and the hard working writers. Maybe focus your energy on your love for something, because running a hate focused blog is just sad. For a community of people so supportive of kindness, individuality, and love in the real world, I sure do see a lot of hate around fandoms on here.

So you’re trying to tell me that

they don’t have history?

...their eyes don’t light up when they see each other?

they have no chemistry?

they don’t find comfort in one another?

they don’t lowkey like each other?

…they aren’t highkey meant to be?

they don’t make each other happy?

they never loved each other?

they don’t attract despite being opposites?

they, despite all odds, do not make a pretty good pair?

Oh. Well, I guess you just don’t see what I see.

How shipping gets to me
  • Me: *spotting two characters looking at each other *
  • Me : Aww
  • Me : *trying so hard not to ship it because they will ruin my life*
  • Me : Oh don't do it
  • Me : * ships it *
  • Me : Oh my god

Elijah Mikaelson Imagine

Requested: Hey I came across this blog and I was wondering if you could do an Elijah imagine where you want to be turned because you want to be with him forever fluff pls

Word Count: 465 words (2,484 characters)

Originally posted by scarin-q

You poured your self some bourbon and added three perfectly cubed ice to your glass as you stood overlooking the French Quarter. You sighed as the streets of New Orleans filled your ears with jazz music and the wonderful sound of people laughing. You couldn’t think, your mind was clouded. Between the hustle and bustle of the streets and your thoughts it caused you to slowly become frustrated. “Damn it,” you whispered, not noticing Elijah swiftly enter the room. “Y/N. Are you alright?” he asked you as you slumped down onto the closest seat to you. “I’ve just been thinking. I love you, Elijah. I will always love you, and it hurts knowing that I’m going to grow old and you’re just going to move on without me.” I explained your voice cracked, your eyes burning trying not to let out tears. “Where is this all coming from? I will always love you” he replied, confused.

You walked towards him and held his hand, “If you love me… turn me.”, his eyes widened as he realised what you asked. “Y/N, I can’t do that to you. I know I make it look easy but I assure you it is everything but that. Are you sure you could endure the blood lust and the heightened emotions?” he asked, you smiled at him “I can survive it. I know I will be alright because I have you. You can help me through it and that is the only reason why I even contemplated becoming a vampire.” He smiled at you and pulled you close and kissed your forehead. “If you’re sure you really want this because I don’t want to hurt you.”, “I do, Elijah. This means we can truly be together forever.”

Elijah was hesitant but finally the veins in his eyes grew more prominent by the second, as his eyes became bloodshot and filled with anticipation. He sunk his fangs into his wrist and quickly pulled away. His crimson blood dripping as you slowly took his wrist and placed it by your mouth. You felt extremely weird drinking his blood. His blood tasted metallic and somewhat unappealing, but this would all change as soon as you died with vampire blood in your system. You released his wrist and wiped your face with your sleeve, his blood smeared across the side of your mouth. “Ready?” he asked with pain in his eyes, “as ready as I’ll ever be.” you whispered. Elijah placed his hands by either side of your neck, he closed his fear filled eyes.


You fell into his arms and he held you. As much as it hurt him to snap your neck, you would be there with him for the rest of his life, and that on its own made him strong.

  • Me : Oh my god i ship them
  • Me : I want them to kiss so bad
  • Me : I want these two to make out
  • Me : * thinks a minute about how fucked up my life is for shipping two fictional characters *
  • Me : What the fuck is wrong with me
  • Me : Anyway