ship song shuffle


under the lights tonight
you turned around, and you stole my heart
with just one look, when i saw your face
i fell in love
it took a minute, oh, to steal my heart tonight


and we can stay here tonight
cause there’s so much that i wanna say, i wanna say

 i’m clearly not yet over vegas2k14 nope

Commission info just in case?

Everybody’s gonna get shipped tonight, in a couple hours we’ll be like...

What you gotta do:

  • Like/reblog this
  • Ask me a question/mlt/wyr/tell me about your day/anything exciting happening 
  • Have a face/about page or describe yourself
  • If you want a short blurb written request one with a prompt/idea (so I can actually write one…I can never think of stuff to write haha)

What you get:

-Ship: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

-Childhood best-friend: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

-Gaming buddy: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

-Gives you music lessons: Calum | Ashton | Luke | Michael

-Ship song (shuffle):

-Gif of ship (not mine):

-Short blurb of ship (only if you request one with a prompt/idea):

no notes and this didn’t didn’t see ANYTHING! heehe

Cheers To The Ships

Saturday night, nothing to do, deprived from derpcon so ships are the way to go :-)

what chu gotta do

  • follow me (goals)
  • reblog this post (likes are for weenies)
  • ask me a question or ship me
  • have a face page 

what chu get 

  • ship
  • best bud
  • song (on shuffle)
  • blog rate
  • outfit 


ship: // hemmo // ash // clum // mikey //

buddy: // hemmo // ash // clum // mikey //

blog rate: 10/10

song: born for this by paramore


if this gets no notes i’m out


So I’m home alone and what better to do than ship everyone!

Here’s what to do:

  • reblog this
  • don’t have to follow
  • Have a face/about page or tell me about yourself
  • send me a question/wyr/fmk/anything idk

And I’ll answer you and give you:

  • Ship
  • A song on shuffle that I’ll play in the background of your ship :)
  • Blog Advice, if you need it?
  • Compliment proly cuz you’re all cooler than me

Please do this I’m so lame,


hello it’s 2am and I can’t sleep so why not do ships?? ((proper ships okay bec I kinda did drunk ships a few days ago))

da rulez:

  • like or reblog this okay
  • send me any question rlly
  • or a fmk/wyr
  • MUST have an about me or describe yourself
  • dont have to follow but it would be hella rad bec close to my goal

da perks:

  • a ship
  • blurb
  • bestfriend
  • song on shuffle
  • something like this: //tell me which boy or smth//

  • a new friend
  • my love

okay that’s basically it 

no notes this would be so awk