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Beginner’s Guide to HunHan

Yo ~ Thomas here :P

JUST SO YOU KNOW, this is a very brief look into the wonderful world of HunHan. I only spent a few hours on this, so I haven’t covered a lot…but I hope it’s aaigh :P

The contents of this BGTHH shall consist of the following:

0. A Brief introduction to Hunhan

1. The bubble Tea Propaganda

2. The Jelly Sehunnie Speculation

3. The post-EXO era

4. The POST-POST EXO ERA Late 2015-present (aka, the FML era/the return of Hunhan ?)

- A Brief Introduction to Hunhan

Now, a lot of people ask me:

“So like…why do you ship Hunhan so much. Isn’t it…kinda weird? LOL”

And trust me, I am no longer friends with these people. Joking.

WELL, Mister Ship-sinker, I’ll tell you why I love hunhan so much.

Ever since debut, Hunhan has always been like…

Sehunnnieee, LuHannie’s happy to see youuuuu ;w; <3 

And I KNOW what you’re thinking:

“But Thomas, that’s just fan-service. All boy bands do that.”

IS IT THOUGH. IS IT REALLY…okay maybe I don’t actually know, but I know for a FACT that the following are PROBABLY NOT…PROBABLY.

 ^^ Look at how happy they are around each other!!! They didn’t even know they were on camera, and yet they’re still so close, just enjoying each other’s company and oh shit it’s just beautiful.

I really love this one though ^^ because they don’t even look like they’re aware of their surroundings. They’re just too busy being cute together ;w;

^^I’m putting this in the Hunhan intro for two reasons. Firstly, during this interview, Sehun was asked to say something good about each person standing next to him (Tao and Jongdae), but instead he kind of just went “I would actually like to talk about LuHan” and then just went on to say all this adorable fluffiness and I died. (If you want to know what he actually said, you can find the interview here

Secondly, the way he instantaneously can speak so fondly of him not only showcases his genuine adoration towards LuHan, but also shows that he has a strong personal connection and ermagerd the Hunhan feels ;w;

^^^I don’t really have much of an explanation/analysis for this, it just kind of turns me on so I thought I’d leave it in here *teehee*

Hunhan inflicted boners…gotta love ‘em

-The Bubble Tea Propaganda 

So, how did Hunhan come to be, you might ask? Well it’s simple.

Bubble Tea.

Yes. Bubble Tea.

During their first year of Debut, it was revealed that Sehun and LuHan often went to have bubble tea together (both of them having turned out to be bubble tea addicts apparently.) It was from this that our bubble-baby ship “HunHan” was born.

PS it’s now just general EXO knowledge to know that Sehun’s favourite is Choco and LuHan’s is Taro (Yam…I think)

 (yep, welcome to EXO-L. #Priorities right there)

LuHan talking about Sehun is just too cute though…because UNLIKE SEHUN who is generally just all up in yer face, like “XIAO LU?? HE’S GREAT!! I LOVE HIM!!” LuHan was always a little less forward/more reserved I guess, but it was little fond moments like these that showed his true feelings of affection towards Sehun. Platonic or not, no one can deny…they have a hella strong bond.

(Even Kyungsoo knows it)

Awww, that expression ;w; Sehunnie <3 bless him

I’m smiling so much right now TEEHEEE I really need to chill bro XD

- Jelly Sehunnie Speculation 

Now, it’s not exactly a secret amongst the EXO-Ls that Sehun can tend to be a liiiiittle childish at times. But, can you blame him? He is the youngest of the group anyhow…

And he had an adorable tendency to get a little possessive, especially with his LuHannie.

^^ The “Oh-my-god-Jongin-don’t-you-touch-my-XiaoLu-you-lil–” face

^^Sehun: *Notices Jongdae’s hand on LuHan’s wrist* The fuck is this shit?

^^Sehun: Lol, nope-ity nope, I don’t think so.

LuHan: La-la-la-la-laaaa *innocent innocent*

^^Sehun: *Turns 180 degrees and blocks Jongdae from LuHan*

^^Sehun: I promise I won’t break your face as long as you don’t touch LuHan :D

Apparently Sehun can’t keep is hands to himself ;)

-Post EXO-era

This is the part I wasn’t too keen on disguising…purely because, I remember back when this actually happened, and it was a genuinely heartbreaking time for me, along with a shitload of EXO-Ls and longterm HunHan supporters.

Yep, you guessed it. LuHan’s departure from EXO (noooooooooo)

I’m not sure if you guys can see it in this image clearly, but in the video Sehun is seen walking past one of LuHan’s advertisement posters in Beijing Airport. His reaction is unadulterably heartbreaking. He becomes so emotional that he has to sit down and take a breather. Just thinking about it now makes my heart swell. Poor guy…

And as it’s been said before on many other occasions, Sehun’s general mood and persona significantly dropped after LuHan’s sudden departure from EXO. You could see how visibly downhearted he was to no longer have LuHan around. I feel as though he almost lost that peppy playfulness, maybe even matured a little, after he left. You can interpret Sehun’s behaviour however you want…

BUT…and it’s a huge but (lol) you and I both know that Sehun and LuHan were undoubtably close. Even if you don’t ship HunHan, you can’t deny that fact. Seeing Sehun so heartbroken and lonely after someone so close to him ran straight out of his life is just… *crawls under bedsheets* *sobs*

-Late 2015-Present (FML)

Lol, no big deal right? I mean, LuHan can cyber stalk Sehun if he wants. TBH he probably cyberstalks all of the EXO members…Buuuut he only liked the ones of Sehun? HUH okai *trollolololollolololllollolol*

But that’s not why I’m FMLing right now.

I’m FMLing because of THIS.


Firstly, it’s been literally a year since LuHan’s been in Korea and now he’s just suddenly popped right out of the blue, literally the same week that SM puts Tao, Kris and LuHan back on the official EXO-M profile list.

There is a chance that the website was hacked and some troll decided to break 10000 of people’s hearts with one click…BUT I do find it a little coincidental that LuHan JUST SO HAPPENED to be in Korea about maybe three or so days before.

Like…for real?

“But Thomas, what does that have to do with Hunhan?”

Well I’m glad you asked.

I literally wrote a whole post about this BLOODY photo, but basically, I’m 97% sure that this photo (the photo Sehun recently posted on his IG account) is LuHan. I’m not going to say it actually IS him because I have no solid evidence (if you want to read more into that doe, the post is here)

The fact is that, if Hunhan ever do have a solid reunion, it’ll be the continuation of something beautiful that was long forgotten by many. I know a lot of people abandoned Hunhan for Sekai (which by the way, I’m totally okay with. Ship whatever the fuck you want, it’s all good bro) and the reason I make posts like these are to keep Hunhan alive. Regardless to if they ever do actually meet again, or if all of this is just my wishful thinking...FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!! I’m not letting this ship sink!!! It’s too beautiful to drown!! I REFUSE!!!

But yeah, that’s a small introduction to the wonderful world of Hunhan :D

You’re in my domain now biatch 

So I’m going to call the Togruta I ship with Sinker, Tala.

According to Wiki: “Tala is a Male and Female name, mostly female in today’s culture. It’s of Sioux Native American origins meaning “Stalking Wolf” However, it is only linked directly to one tribe so far. Most likely from Arapaho.“ Because we all know how accurate Wikipedia is…

I still think it’s a pretty Togruta name.

anonymous asked:

people are constantly canonizing davekat, so what are the odds that hussie'll sink this giant ship?

I’ve seen a surprising amount of hate for this ship and I’m not sure why. I didn’t ship them pre-retcon, but I understood why people did. Out of the whole John/Dave/Karkat triangle, I always liked that the best. And when it started to seem like it was going to happen post-retcon, I re-evaluated and said “Y’know what, this is more than just ‘acceptable’, I like this.”

Hussie certainly has been basically confirming the ship, both in and out of comic. The only way I could see it being sunk is if, like. It never actually comes to fruition. Because we don’t know if they’re dating or not, the signs could just as easily be interpreted as two ridiculous awkward goofs who don’t know how to say “I like you too”.

Anyway, I don’t think it’ll happen. I don’t think they’ll fail to get together, and if they already are, I think there’s no way in hell they’ll break up. I have good reasons for saying this. People like to think Hussie is “le master troll, sinker of ships and princer of hearts” but like. Every relationship I’ve seen in the comic has worked realistically for the characters’ personalities.

Jake and Dirk broke up because Dirk is overbearing and Jake can’t handle it, especially being a person in particular who’s uncomfortable with excessive affection and probably aromantic. And since he was too uneasy initiating the breakup himself, Dirk did it, because he didn’t want to waste time on someone who didn’t feel the same. Or maybe it’s Jake’s time he didn’t want to waste. John and Vriska were separated by circumstances, and when he found her again… he’d grown more, and he rightfully saw her as dangerous. Meenah broke up with (Vriska) because… well, because of reasons stated. She was different from the person Meenah fell for. Rose and Kanaya are still together because they communicate and support each other through bouts of addiction and other issues. They’re committed, and that makes sense for the Teen Therapist and her Literal Mother Mary girlfriend, to be good at supporting and listening if not talking about their own issues.

My point is…. there isn’t a good reason for it. There could be stressors, sure, but a) this is endgame and b) I can’t think of anything. Remarkably, that isn’t a breakup trigger I see a lot. Mostly I see people thinking that Karkat Vantas, with all his fierce loyalty and low tolerance for sugary bullshit, will ditch Dave at the drop of a hat for Davepeta. I can’t even begin to describe what an awfully written plot development that would be. Not to mention, what sort of end note is that to tack on to insecure as fuck Dave Strider’s whole journey of self-discovery and openness about his sexuality, for his boyfriend to ditch him for a half clone of himself?

I just really don’t see it happening. Hussie develops relationships naturally for the characters involved, there’s no agenda to piss people off for the hell of it.

My mum is officially a professional ship sinker. A few months ago we were watching The Walking Dead 3.10 (Home) together and as always I kept making comments about how much I ship Caryl but she couldn’t really see it. Later on, at the part Carol was seen standing with Axel talking she commented that she was starting to see them together. And I was about to protest just as Axel was shot through the head. Essentially sinking the ship.

Again tonight me and my mum were watching Supernatural 8.17 (Goodbye Stranger) in two different cities and throughout the episode I text her trying to explain why I ship Destiel as much as I do, cause I really do, but again she couldn’t see it and doesn’t understand. Instead she text me and says that she is really loving Meg and Castiel together. Just as I receive this text Meg is stabbed by Crowley and a second later I receive a follow-up text complaining that Meg just died.  

anonymous asked:

Can we please talk about how Ichabod didn't even try to deny that Abbie was "that special someone in [his] life" in the bank scene? I mean, I guess it could've been an attempted ship-sinker because, usually, with people you KNOW will end up together, they always deny vehemently that they are together, thus spurring it on. But with these two it's shippy looking.

Of course he didn’t. And if that was their attempt to sink the ship they’re going to have to try harder :P