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I know I give Murphy a lot of shit (and I will keep so, because obvs reasons) but damn that scene in 316 when Emori stutters a crushed and broken “John?” and he flies across the room like jet rocket and sweeps her into his arms and hugs her desperately—

it’s okay my little serial killing road bandit

she’s okay

(you’re okay)

Ship hate=NO

You wanna know what I do when I see a ship I don’t like on tumblr? I silently whisper no at it and move on. I don’t post ship hate and make someone feel bad.

  • [at practice]
  • Hyuga: So, the next practice will be-
  • Hyuga: Oh...ah-
  • Kuroko: Captain?
  • Hyuga: Gotta...ah...AH-CHOOOOOOO!
  • Hyuga: [glasses fly off]
  • Izuki: [dives and catches them before they drop]
  • Izuki: You know Hyuga, I fell for you. You should be more aware of what I do for you.
  • Hyuga: ...Thanks.
  • Koganei: Was that not a confession??

I’m very romantic about the idea that Clarke and Bellamy have essentially been reforged on earth as two people who share the same burdens and responsibilities, the same pain and same regrets and same hope.

One could say remade or reborn but I like reforged, because they were unique people on the Ark already, with their own tragedies already shaping them. They each begin the show with drama affecting their mindset. But landing together on Earth, joining their talent and strength… it reforged them. Adapt or die. Both of them were constantly tempered and shaped and altered by new drama since landing, in ways that often seem like only the other person can truly witness and understand. Bellamy and Clarke are larger than life characters, both starting out as prisoners and victims, then both reforged on Earth into stronger, braver versions of themselves.

After all, what things are forged?

Shields to protect.

Weapons to harm.

Tools to build.

Inner character to grow.

In many ways this applies to the entirety of the delinquents and the Sky People, but Clarke and Bellamy in particular went through it together. The same goals, the same hopes, the same regrets. Circumstances have made them into tragic heroes, and the connection they share is as deep as romance, as deep as friendship, as deep as family. In time it may become all of those things at once, but in 316 we have Clarke and Bellamy as they are now:

Trust and consent. Belief and care. A hand reaching out for a hand…and finding it, holding it, squeezing it tight.

Naruto Fleet

Rule: List your top 10 Naruto ships in order and then tag 10 people you’re curious about. 

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The shipping question is always a hard one for me, because I’m more of a non-particular multi-shipper. I actually like the canon ships (in an alternate universe, because I reject the ending), but I also really like crack ships. The weirder, the better.

I’m just going to list non-canon ships, because I already mentioned them. No real particular order, just the order they come to me. I like a lot more than this, but just geek a little more at these I suppose.

1. Kakashi x Kakashi/Kakashi x Kage Bunshin (If I had an OTP, this would be it, har har har)

2. Madara x Kakashi (Bet no one guessed this!)

3. Kakashi x Yamato

4. Kakashi x Obito (also Kakashi x Yamato x Obito…it’s just so beautiful)

5. Obito x Rin

6. Madara x Sakura

7. Naruto x Sasuke

8. Tobirama x Obito (Thanks Cass)

9. Hidan x Kakashi (The Silver Ship)

10. Ino x Sakura

I’m trying to remember who I’ve seen tagged already. Sorry if you get hit twice. Fill it out if you want to. I’m fine if you don’t. I tend to forget to do these often.

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can we just talk about how strong the ChanBaek is this comeback

Ship Ship Shippity Ship // Bones

Prompt from Wattpad: Reader is new to the Enterprise and works on medical. She’s assigned to the position of Bones’ assistant. Kirk TOTALLY starts to ship them together and does crazy pranks n’ stuff to get them together..


Warnings: There’s swearing somewhere in here.

“So, who’s the new girl?” Kirk asked, smirking. You were walking confidently around the medbay holding PADDs and hypos.

“That’s Y/N L/N,” Bones muttered. “She’s my new assistant.”

“You should invite her to one of the rec rooms sometime,” Kirk muttered, smiling. “I think she’d be a good girlfriend.”

“Eyes off my assistant,” Bones snapped.

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