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I’m sad. Not that the show itself is going, because lets face facts, its been shit for a couple of seasons now. But Olitz is my one and only ship and the thought of not seeing them on my screen any more hurts. Remembering the first time i saw Tony and Kerry’s chemistry bring Olitz to life will always be with me. Although the show is ending, this blog will never change.

You Know...

There’s this annoying tendency in fandoms to regulate ships who communicate to friends as opposed to lovers and I mean that in, every time I would get into a debate with a DE shipper about why I loved SE and I’d describe how Stefan and Elena had emotional chemistry and vulnerability, how they could talk about their dreams, their fears, their goals, how Stefan provided Elena a safe space in which she could come apart at the seams because she felt overwhelmed by all the death in her life and could be honest about what she was feelings, I’d be told yeah, they would make for great friends. Same thing with Dan and Blair, if I would talk about how Dair was a partnership, how Dan and Blair would actually have debates about film and literature, they would go to museums, they would experience New York together, they would be about equality, Chair stans would scream about how that sounds very platonic. Jake and Olivia in Scandal, I talk about how Olivia can be honest about her wants and her doubts with Jake, she can tell him that her life is falling apart, that she’s falling apart, he would give her advice, he would also put her in her lane when needed, and I’m told “yeah, Jake makes for a good platonic friend.” Michael and Jane in Jane The Virgin, same thing. Michael knows Jane implicitly, he can tell when she’s sad, when she’s excited, he can calm her down or encourage her, they can stay up all night talking on the phone or texting and I’m told that’s platonic. And I’m just sitting here like … there is a serious problem if the ability to communicate with someone feels inherently platonic to you. I would want to share my life with my partner not be afraid of speaking my mind or being truthful about my emotions in case it disrupts the relationship, relying on other people for emotional security and comfort. Communication is not antithetical to passion. Talking is not antithetical to sex. Like I NEED PEOPLE TO GET THIS.


Reasons why I ship Olitz and Terry:

Probably two of my favorite moments from the whole show. Their acting together is just so natural like it’s really easy to just get caught in them. They have amazing chemistry and they always seem so in sync and in tune with each other’s body and it’s just….magical to watch omf. It’s obvious that they really care about each other both on and off screen.

Scandal re-watching :102

OMG! how did I survive this episode ??!

the scene between Olivia and ‘Stacy’:

“I loved that man. I just can’t tell him that his whole life was built on a lie.

*Olivia looking at Fitz* 

“you have to tell him because if he finds out from who isn’t you, it’s going to break his heart. ”

2sec laters 

“You think they’ll get past this ? 

- I don’t know how they can

- I think that those two people want to be together. I think that love at the end of the day is stronger than some mistake somebody made, something they did that they regret; I think that love allows for forgiveness, don’t you ?”  

*fingers touching and heavy breathing* 

3secs later 

“Olivia is the love of my life ans she won’t even talk to me.” 

COME ONNNNN! how could I survive this ??? this episode was too freaking much !!!! 

Scandal review

Hello everybody!! So I am here to share with you my thoughts on last night episode.
First of all let me explain to you what happened. Since I live in Italy I set my alarm at 2:55, I woke up and then I went on ustvnow to see the episode BUT THE WEBSITE WASN’T WORKING ON MY PHONE I WAS SO FUCKING MAD!!
So what I did is I went on Twitter and tried to understand what happened from the tweets every viewer sent.
Lemme tell you that, in the beginning, before I managed to watch the episode, I really thought that Olivia did something terrible to fitz cause (I am not joking) almost every tweet on my tl was like “olitz is over they didn’t even last for one episode”. Two hours later I finally find a link and I watch the episode.
Y'all, this episode wasn’t bad at all!! I mean have you ever seen a bad scandal episode?! Cause I have and trust me, this one was actually pretty good.
But most importantly OLITZ IS NOT OVER!!! I mean after her dad called her a whore she just wanted sometime to herself to think, she didn’t do anything wrong!! The only couple that is actually over (I pray it is) is olivia and Jake (were they even a couple tho?!) SHE CALLED HIM PATHETIC AND WEAK AND JEALOUS AND I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT. I loved how when Joke (yes, he is a freaking joke) told her “fitz is not the solution” she literally didn’t pay attention at his words! YOU GO GIRL, DON’T LET THAT ASSHOLE INSULT YOUR MAN
Favourite scene: THE TORNADO ONE!!! Look at Fitz’s face when he says “just make sure she loves you”. I think he is now in kind of a “comfort zone”: he is 100% sure that no matter what happens, olivia is in love with him.
AND what about that last scene!! I am really confused by it: on one hand I freaking loved it and actually I hoped olivia would have “chaired” her, on the other hand she is really turning into her father and I don’t want that to happen to her cause if it happens, she is never gonna be happy.
Here is what I think!! Did you enjoy the episode? What do you think is gonna happen next?
Love you all olitz gladiators😘

Ps: shoutout to Kerry Washington who tonight showed us she ships Terry and Olitz even more than us lol