ship names are annoying

hunk and lance friendship hcs
  • Hunk and Lance knew each other before the Garrison and have been bffs since childhood
  • Hunk and Lance didn’t meet in the same preschool nor did they ever go to the same school (until the garrison) but met each other in a nearby playground where they continued to meet up for the next 8-11 years of their life, they usually let off steam about the shit that goes down in their schools.
  • “Like, if you’re going to steal something from the mall -” “Don’t wear your uniform?” “EXACTLY. God, that guy was so stupid.” “Agreed.”
  • “Then… then he KICKED the guy’s nose!!! He was bleeding, Lance! He needed to be taken to the hospital!!” “Oh my God, and then what?” “A girl was crying the whole entire time and -” the stories they share go on and on.
  • Lance’s mom and Hunk’s mom are interested in the same things so their sons r bffs and so r they and their moms drag them off sometimes to do grocery shopping but Hunk and Lance are aways ‘can’t we just stay at hoooommmmeeee?’ ‘no you’re going to help me and hunk’s mom buy groceries for our party’ ‘what party????’ ‘a joint family party!!!!’ ‘??????? !!!! A JOINT FAMILY PARTY ????’
  • Hunk’s family and Lance’s family are really close buds now
  • It’s almost surreal how much the two families are alike to interests???
  • Hunk and Lance meet up after graduating middle school and decide to finally enrol in the same school. Both of them couldn’t have been anymore excited and happy.
  • Hunk is Lance’s only tether to Earth because Hunk is childhood and playground days, fighting off bullies and staying up at night under covers and pillow forts, charting stars while laying on muddy grass after rain, stealing cookies when their mothers aren’t looking, and making stupid jokes together as the sun went down – all of their world, quiet and soft and sound.
  • Lance loves Hunk and Hunk loves Lance. They’re best friends, because water breathes life on Earth and what is water without it’s Earth?

Ok so I’m sick and Im really board so does anyone want a ship???

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What you get:

ship name:
who annoys you:
drunk buddy:
“big brother” friend:
Secret admirer:
who makes the first move:
who plans the dates:
who is always up for a cuddle:
who says ‘I love you’ first:
Who keeps the fans updated more on you two:
who makes a bigger mess:
who likes to cuddle the most:
Who’s in charge of the aux:
Who takes embarrassing pics of the other:
a song on my playlist for your ship:

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This is random but Kar*mels ship name is annoying. It doesn't even make sense. Portmanteaus are compilations of two names, and Kara and man-hell would be karamonel. His name is not Mel. Kara/Mel doesn't make sense. The ship name is as shittily conceived as the ship itself. Trying to dress up garbage as something delicious so it sounds like caramel candy. Lollll like the writers trying to make that trash seem like a desirable love interest for Kara. Pass.

i’m honestly so glad that their ship name is awful they did not deserve anything better it should match how shitty the ship itself is too

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Holy shit. Getting all worked up over fictional hetero ships? Complaining about them won’t change the fact that they are indeed very canon. Not only does it overall just make you look utterly and totally absurd, but it ruins the mood of those whom actually like the couples you insist on bashing on. Once we search up the tag, and since most people are arrogant enough to include the ship name as well, your hate has quite an annoying impact on us. Get over yourselves. I sincerely and highly doubt that if roles were reversed, and it was your ship that everyone claimed to hate, you’d just absolutely love it. It’s okay to hate ships, but you don’t have to force your opinion down one another’s throat.   

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Megami x Osoro for the ship headcanon request?

-Megami always calls Osoro her last name which annoys “Shidesu”

-While Megami is talking to people Osoro will sing really inappropriate songs

-Even though Megami is really prim’n’proper, Osoro brings out the rebel in her

-On the first date they went to a fancy Greek restaurant

-And then a strip club (Osoro’s idea)

-Osoro was Meg’s first serious girlfriend (she dated other SCM’s in the past)

-Osoro is attracted to Megami’s appearance (She’s freaking gorgeous) and how strong willed she is. Plus her intelligence is pretty hot.

-Megami is attracted to Osoro’s strength and humour. Also fluffy hair! (She doesn’t want to admit it but thinks that being a delinquent is rly sexy)

 -When they argue Meg actually uses logic and facts while Osoro just swears a lot

-Osoro is pervy one which Megami pretends to to hate it. Keyword “pretends”.

-They both drink a lot (Beer and vodka for Oso, wine and cham for Meg.)

-Osoro is the only one who smokes though

-They play wrestle A LOT

-Osoro tickles Meg a lot but Oso is the ticklish one

-Megami goes clothes shopping a lot even though Oso wishes she wouldn’t wear clothes

-Even though Meg is suppose to be really wholesome and formal, her guilty pleasure is just going to strip clubs/tattoo parlors/ liquor stores/ trashy lingerie stores etc.

-Osoro gives Meg sharpie tattoos since they can’t get tattoos until they’re 20

woo gay

Do you think we'll be a bit more prude now that the spn cast will be joining us ?

Or are we still gonna flaunt our Destiel/Wincest/Samstiel/ Sabriel/ Cockles/ Padackles/ (that ship name for Padalecki and Collins I still don’t know) etc?

I mean they must already know how many ships we got but we’re really hardcore in here

UPDATE: I have been informed that Padalecki and Collins make Mishalecki and I love the name.. Still don’t know how it’ll turn out once the whole spn cast joins tumblr … Briana just joined too btw

About this ship code name I’ve seen that use
ジェノサイ [genosai] for Genos(seme) x Saitama(uke)
サイジェノ [saigeno] for Saitama(seme) x Genos(uke)
I posed this ‘cause many people dont know the ship name and it annoyed me when I found genosai fanfic but Genos appears to be uke…
So yeah, hope it help.

Why antis are so obsess with attacking my ships and posts?

I am okay with you have straight ships or a non-shipper. Even though I would be shocked if you are in the same famdom but have straight ships because they are obviously soulmates/couple. You can have personal attacks on my shipping life, I understand shipping seems meaningless. (But I am much happier after I am on board, I felt like we are all connected in a shipping community and there are a lot of excellent artists, writers, etc, start by creating fanart and fanfic. ) However, you cannot ATTACK MY SHIPS! I didn’t tag your ship name or the show name to force a anti-gay-ship shipper to watch my posts. It is you search the fucking gay ship name to see my post. Stop bitching about me as annoying, you are the one fucking annoying and haunt gay ship shipper. From now on, I would not try to convince or explain my ships or this blog if antis ATTACK MY SHIPS OR BLOG! I WOULD BLOCK YOU IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAVE FUCKING PROBLEMS!

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Having Phan be your otp’s ship name is so annoying because like

Person: “Do you have a fan? it’s hot in here”

Me: “Omg you watch Dan and Phil too?!”

Person: “No it’s hot I was talking about an actual…”

Me: “I know right they’re so hot together”


Me: “They turn me on too it’s ok no need to yell”

Person: “Nevermind! I’m done”

Me: “Ok jeez… It’s kinda hot in here I’m going to put my fan on.”


  • reminder that being shitty to someone who likes bottom!levi is gross as hell 
  • being shitty to someone who says they like ereri but not bottom!levi is also fucking dumb since ereri has become the universal name for the ship 
  • switching is a thing
  • many people refer to levi x eren as ereri since it is the most common name for the pairing. I personally prefer top!levi but I still call it “ereri” since having 50 names for the ship is annoying and useless
  • stop being a dick to people who don’t have the same preferences as you
  • it literally does not matter if someone in a ship is a top or a bottom