ship my bed

look ok I haven’t read the cursed child yet but I DO know it is relevant to my interests


On a small craft somewhere out in the arctic ocean, Stan breaks down in his brother’s arms. Shaking and sobbing with everything in him while Ford holds him steady against the tide. 

Here it is!! After 3 days, I am done with this comic! Phew! Long hours, frustration, and minor scares later, it is complete. Based on @thesnadger‘s ficlet. I would have added a bit more detail, but I really wanted to finish and post it. @thesnadger I hope you like it!! There are some mistakes and things look off, I know, but I don’t really care at the moment. XD Now enjoy the feels!

In the mornings when he’d witness her awakening, with the sun’s rays shining down upon her face, he felt like this must be heaven and he was looking at an angel.❤️

all I know is
when we’re sleeping
our friends, they creep in
and all the rest

alternatively titled, i can’t believe i’ve made three vriskanroserezi fanmixes

femmes, brooke waggoner // actor out of work, st vincent // all i want is to be your girl, holly miranda // rose, 1956, waxahatchee // sleep tonight, stars // gravity (amy’s response to pauline), the blow // hollow bedroom, waxahatchee // you’re the best, wet

listen here

236. We are not allowed to disregard the rule ‘No students out of bed at night’.

We weren’t out of bed, though. - PP

No we were not. Another example of how these professors clearly have it out for us. - SB

You were levitating your bed around Hogwart’s halls. I think that violated the rule. - RL

But we never left our beds. - JP

If the professors didn’t want us levitating our beds around Hogwarts, they should have specified it. - SB

I don’t think the professors took into consideration that we would find a loophole in this rule. - RL

Credit to @my-ships-will-never-be-sank for sending this prank idea my way! 


I just have too many feelings about these two, so there.