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AHS 30 Day Challenge

Day 7: Favorite ship?

Tate and Violet

There’s too many Tate and Violet quotes to choose from…

“Something has changed in you. Towards me. You’re distant, cold. I don’t know what I’ve done, but I’ll leave you alone from now on if that’s what you want. Is that what you want? You know why I’d leave you alone? Because I care about your feelings more than mine. I love you. There I said it, not just on some chalkboard. I would never let anybody or anything hurt you. I’ve never felt that way about anyone”

“You’re all I want! You’re all I have!”

“Close your eyes and remember everything is gonna be okay. I love you.”

“You took so many, Violet. You died crying. I held you. You were safe. You died… loved.“


Some people didn’t fall for each other because of ‘love at first sight’; it was the little things he/she did and the adventures they’d been through together touched their hearts and made them realize that, maybe, he/she was THE ONE.