ship launching

Did ya’ll know that the first mission for Dishonored 2 was originally in Dunwall before the coup? We were also going to get to see and play through the ship launching ceremony (you know the one named after Jesssamine?) And also get a scene at one of the crown killers murder sites? But Harvey said they took it out because the people that played it found it confusing and just wanted to get straight to the coup.
Like wtf I want that bring it back

Let’s be honest. Navy is still pretty low on the evil scale.

Lapis: Stole the Earth’s ocean and tried to drown Steven and Connie.

Peridot: Tried to crush Steven. Tried to kill the Crystal Gems on multiple occasions.

Navy: Stole back her ship from people who launched her into space. Ejected them over water where they can land safely.

I think this might be a problem with the show in general. They have the heroes doing unethical things for the sake of character development, so they need to make the villains way more unethical for us to root for the heroes. Unfortunately they don’t always do this so “evil” characters like Sugilite, Bismuth, and Navy don’t come off as that evil since the heroes have done worse. It also comes off as a huge double standard.