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Day 1 when I started shipping them

why is my girlfriend the most adorable person ever

thickness1988  asked:

How did Fenix and granger hook up. I try going back in your tag to very beginning but I couldn't find it.

shhhh.. there’s no need to go back. but askjhasd hook up how though cause they met when she was about 16 and their relationship matured overtime from their friendship. Granger had taken to Fenix because of his fondness towards Dupree and Fenix’s infatuation lead her to cling to him everywhere.


“You know Aristotle? ‘He who is to be a good ruler must first have been ruled.’”
I ignored him.
“So that’s a no? By ‘everything’ you really just mean twisted love stories.“
I gritted my teeth. “Yes, I’ve read some Aristotle. I can see that you’ve read philosophy to give yourself an excuse for pretentious name-dropping.”
“Works better on girls than you might think,” he said with a wink.
“Ugh.” I rested my forehead on the window.
“And I don’t only read philosophy.” He nudged my hip with his boot. “I enjoyed Lolita for the lollipops.”

ALEX HAS HER HEADCANONS and also her heart still

i just had this late night headcanon for fusionfall a few nights ago, when buttercups found after going missing and gets her memory back
butch welcomes her back, he missed her a lot (like everyone but sTILL)
“haha miss me that much??”
“im punching my dad for you-”
“no thats MY job”
“still gonna hit him”

i know fusionfall legacy wont have butch or brick even kinda worry about the ppg
but that wont stop the headcanons for the original game


Claire, what do you– what do you expect from me, all right? I’m flailing here.


happy girls!!

Team ‘Miranda Gardiner and Lou Ellen are Hella Gay™ for each other’