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don’t tell me newt scamander isn’t the jalph lovechild and credence barebone isn’t the rogermon one

Cute 100% canon things from the wreck-it ralph wii game

-Ralph, Calhoun, and Felix watch the Sugar Rush roster race regularly!

-Felix sings when he’s sad!

-Felix had a Nana that would give him advice!

-Felix literally thinks about Calhoun 24/7!

-Calhoun tips Felix’s hat over his eyes as a greeting!  


Just a lazy doodle from Reading and Writing class uwu (looks disapprovingly at body proportions and jack’s spear, and the freakin conch *facepalm*). I need more lotf art in my life.

Jalph: After School Auditoriums

•Jack is the star of the choir, thanks to his C sharp
•Choir is perhaps one of the only things in school that Jack actually takes seriously (Jack is a smart kid, but he doesn’t exactly “apply” himself unless it’s something he’s passionate about)
•The reason why Jack loves music and choir so much is because it’s the one thing that wipes away every expectation and every image placed upon him; it’s the one thing that allows him to be himself
•But he won’t admit that to anyone
•Jack does so many extra activities with the choir that he has to stay after school with them a lot
•On these days, Ralph likes to go into the auditorium to watch him and the choir practice
•He sits in the back of the auditorium, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, but Jack always notices when he walks in
•They make eye contact for a second before Jack has to look away and go back to his work, but Ralph always notices the slight blush that appears on Jack’s cheeks
•Ralph absolutely loves to hear Jack sing; it lets him see a whole different side of Jack, a softer side, that is reserved only for very few people/occasions
•Jack also loves it whenever Ralph watches him sing; it makes him feel validated in his passion for music, and it makes him feel like someone truly supports him
•Jack has asked Ralph SO many times to join the choir
•Ralph always responds by saying that it’s not really his thing, that he would much rather see Jack perform instead of perform himself
•Ralph also claims he can’t sing
•But that is a filthy lie
•Not only can Ralph sing, but Ralph can actually play the piano too (Sort of. He’s self taught, so he can’t actually read music. He plays things by ear)
•One day when the choir doesn’t have practice after school, Ralph goes into the auditorium to mess around on the piano for a bit
•He starts humming a tune along with the melody he’s just made up on the keys
•Before he knows it the tune has words, and Ralph has accidentally written an entire song
•And it’s about Jack
•Whenever he gets the chance, Ralph goes into the auditorium when the choir’s not there so he can practice his song for Jack
•He constantly fights with himself over if he’ll ever show Jack the song or not
•This ends up being decided for him though, when one day he hears someone clapping after he finishes playing/singing through the song
•He turns around to see Jack standing there, leaning against the wall with a huge grin on his face
•Ralph looks away, embarrassed. He didn’t want Jack to see his armature musical attempts, not when Jack himself is so good at music
•But Jack just comes over to sit next to Ralph on the piano bench, going on and on about how he knew Ralph could sing all along
•Ralph explains this by saying that sure, maybe he can sing, but he can’t sing well
•Jack doesn’t believe this for a second; Ralph’s voice is beautiful to him
•But Jack promises he won’t bother Ralph about joining the choir anymore if (and only if) he can help Ralph write his next song
•They spend a lot more time in the auditorium after that

Lotf Characters and Ships as Bastille Lyrics

Ralph: “Your hands protect the flames from the wild winds around you.” (Icarus)

Jack: “There are two ways to skin tonight, let’s see whose road gets there faster. This is a game, no wrongs, no rights, only a winner and a loser.” (Two Evils)

Simon: “Felled in the night by the ones you think you love, they will come for you.” (Daniel In The Den)

Roger: “We are the last people standing at the end of the night. We are the greatest pretenders in the cold morning light.” (Get Home)

Piggy: “There was a time when a moment like this would’ve never crossed my mind.” (The Driver)

Maurice: “How am I gonna be an optimist about this?” (Pompeii)

Jalph: “I was the match and you were the rock, maybe we started this fire. We sat apart and watched all we had burned on the pyre.” (Things We Lost In The Fire)

Rogermon: “When you fall asleep with your head upon my shoulder…when you’re in my arms, but you’ve gone somewhere deeper…” (Oblivion)