ship it harder than fedex

After one moment of gripped immobility, the queen bent to kiss the king lightly on one closed eyelid, then on the other. She said, “I love your eyes.” She kissed him on the other cheek, near the small lobe of his ear. “I love your ears, and I love” – she paused as she kissed him gently on the lips – “every single one of your ridiculous lies”

-King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

It’s hard to explain how much I love this book series… “I want to force everybody I know to read these books” much?


Saw the birb fandom trying their hand at this meme and had to try it for myself, with my own little twist for my personal fav OT3

the thing about swanfire is while i obviously beyond a shadow of a doubt ship them harder than fedex and adore their romantic connection, while i wanted kisses and (more) babies and hand holding and those little i’m so fucking in love glance, that’s never been all of their dynamic to me– that’s never been entirely what they were about or why i’m so invested in the connection between the two of them. 

we throw around kindred spirits a lot, but that’s exactly what they are–two people on the same page from the second they met. two people whose paths not only converged because fate and destiny needed them to make a baby with the heart of the truest believer to lead emma home, but whose pasts, whose wants and needs and desires ultimately meshed. they’re interlocking pieces of the same puzzle in ways you can't just describe with romance or friendship or understanding, even though it’s all of those things.

the flashback in There’s No Place Like Home absolutely floored me because it was this perfect summation of everything those two are– and everything I don’t think could ever be replicated for either of them. emma’s got her walls up because what’s the point in letting someone in if nobody’s asking you to. and this neal is so heartbreakingly close to that little boy left alone in neverland– the look on his face when he turns on the carousel lights, how eager he is to show her: that’s the little boy who’s been let down by every parental figure he’s ever had, the kid no one else wanted to play with, the lost boy occupying himself for centuries in a cave. 

emma spent her whole life looking for someone to let in and neal spent his looking for someone to let him in. neal’s been left with this aching for home, and emma’s aching to know what that’s even like. emma’s trying to figure him out in that scene; neal’s giving her all his story that he can because he needs someone to ask. emma needed hope because she’d never had it, neal needed hope because he’d lost it. they’re not just on the same page. they’re filling in each other’s blanks.

those looks they give each other at the end of that scene– that’s the moment they started to fall in love, i think. that’s the moment neal decided he’d show her what home was like, that’s the moment emma hoped she’d someday know. but what absolutely makes me ache about it, is those looks– those are looks of two people who’d never thought they’d find a person like them realizing they have. 

it’s not just that they loved each other, it’s that they fit on such a fundamental level that’s not about kissing faces and holding hands– that’s why i love them so much, because those genuine, raw connections are so fucking rare and beautiful and you can actually fucking feel it between them.

during nycc, misterbae! lennie james says daryl and carol are like the brangelina (before the divorce) of the apocalypse, and y’all don’t even send me a message or a smoke signal about this? i am so disappointed. i have no friends anymore…

also melissa mcbride, ladies and gentlemen! just acting clueless like she doesn’t watch rayon’s bathroom videos religiously: “we could be DAROL.” 


An incomplete list of things I am here for:

  • Carol
  • Carol on my tv screen
  • Carol all by herself
  • Carol in scenes with Ezekiel
  • Carol in scenes with Morgan
  • Carol in scenes with Richard
  • Carol in scenes with Daryl
  • Carol stoking the fire in her house
  • Carol riding into battle wearing Kingdom armor
  • Carol isolating herself if that’s what she needs to do for her mental health
  • Carol fighting if that’s what she decides is a good plan
  • Carol being one of the most amazing characters ever to be created on tv
  • Carol NOT being defined by any man she may or may not happen to be around
  • Carol on my tv screen
  • Carol Fucking Peletier
  • Carol
Haters be like:

*Pentatonix wins Sing-Off, gains internet popularity *

Haters: They aren’t going to get very far, its just A capella after all.

Pentatonix: *Releases three albums and two Christmas albums, plus variations for Europe and Japan. Has platinum selling album*

Haters: well they probably use autotune, they probably sound terrible live.

Pentatonix: *has an hour and a half long concert in which the bass and beat boxing shakes the venue, and the vocals slay non-stop throughout, several YouTube videos to back up this. Has live covers done in one take. Has casual covers which slay*

Haters: But two of the members are gay!! Thats going to lose them points.

Pentatonix: *fans fully support and respect their relationships, keep supporting the band regardless. Portion of fandom ships two said members harder than FedEx*

Haters: WELL, well they’ll never be as popular as other mainstream artistes!!

Pentatonix: *Wins grammy. Has one of the only four platinum selling albums of 2014. Has sold-out North American, European, and Asian tours. Gets nominated for Billboard Awards. Casually plays pool with One Direction members at the after party. Also casually hugs and takes pics with Taylor Swift and other celebs at said afterparty. Opens for Kelly Clarkson. Has over a billion YouTube views and over 8 million subs*

Haters: *stammers* w-well I bet they’re REALLY stuck up and rude to their fans!?

Pentatonix: *interacts with fans on social media everyday. Takes pictures with fans whenever they come up to them,no matter where they are. Scott even acts as the selfie stick. Has chair girl at concert. Each member hugs chairgirl. Has meet and greets. Loves fan gifts. Come outside after concerts to meet fans even though they have meet and greet packages. Has documentary. Does PTXperience and Superfruit and Kirstie’s website. Has spreecast with fans at the end of every month.*

Haters: *sputters* B-But their hand gestures when they’re singing!! Are they necessary?? And Kristy’s mouth, why does she do that?? And I don’t like his hair!!!

Fandom: *drags them*

PTX. Schooling the haters since 2011.


ouat challengeday fourteen
↳ favorite scene: emma + neal in there’s no place like home

That’s how you know you’ve really got a home. When you leave…there’s this feeling you can’t shake. You just miss it.”