ship it for life


Tiny stitches that you placed into my skin
Won’t let me go
And they’re ruining the mood
So I’ll toast every beat of my heart like a miracle
And I don’t think you’ll ever want to love me
You’d better listen to your doctor
Doctors lie,lie,lie…

Laurens: Wanna bang?

Laurens: I mean hang! Damn autocorrect.

Alexander: Laurens this is a verbal conversation.

Meta time: About Griffith and romantic interests

{{ I always thought Guts had a really huge importance in Griffith’s life and while I do believe he loved him, I personally believe his feelings weren’t as clearly defined as being in love. I mean when you fall for someone, you KNOW it, you literally can’t stop thinking of them, you obsess over them, etc. I don’t think that was the case for Griffith, it was more like having a soft spot for Guts, which eventually grew into admiring and loving him (because loving and being in love are two completely different things - actually loving a person lasts, love isn’t as conditional as being in love and love has many many forms.).

But the point I was trying to make wasn’t this, I’m swaying. The point is, even if Griffith had been madly in love with him (depends on your interpretation) I still could never see him giving up on himself for Guts. When Guts left, Griffith was desperate and fell, he destroyed himself, but I don’t think this necessarily means Griffith’s feelings were selfless. I believe every single word he said about only seeing equals as friends and while I believe Guts became the very definition of a friend to him, I don’t believe Griffith actually wanted to see him as a friend - he wanted to own him. It’s the story of a man, who grew too attached to someone he believed to be beneath him and eventually came to realize he had allowed this person to become too important and have too much influence on him. I think while he was hurt and heartbroken in his prison cell, he was also ashamed to have fallen this low for the sake of someone, who used to fight for him, he looked down on people who succumbed to their desires and feelings and saw them as weak.

I personally don’t think his feelings for Guts are what defines Griffith, but the way he handles them. While I love the ship to hell and back, Griffith could have as well broken because of someone else. He could have - reluctantly - grown to love someone else, anyone else and he wouldn’t have handled it better. Had this person stayed by his side forever, he would have never seen them as equal, he would have probably feared to lose them, but he wouldn’t have changed for their sake if they didn’t accept the person he was. He would have taken over them, ruled over their lives. They would have lost themselves in him.

Had they left, he would have felt abandoned, rejected, heartbroken and hated them for hurting him and for being able to hurt him at all.

What I believe is, even if he gets lost, even if he questions his actions and feelings and even if he falls, he would always get back up and find back to his true self. I can’t see Griffith ultimately giving up on himself for anyone, be it a friend or a lover. His enormous pride, his cunning, his self-denial of feelings, his ambition. I think those things do define him after all. Even if Guts was the reason for his fall, I think Griffith would have always been Griffith - even if he hadn’t met Guts - Griffith would exist as himself out of the Guts-context. }}

All I want is a main character to be gay.

I don’t want one of the ‘main’ side characters within the show, I want the actual main character in which the entire show revolves around.

I don’t want the entire show to be about them being gay, I want the show to be about something entirely different. And maybe in season 2 they meet this cute other character and they fall in love, and it’s just a little side-on thing which isn’t really important to the story other than they’re happy.

I don’t want them to be gay entirely for the shock factor, or some cheap sex scene. I want cute PG gay couple who are healthy and happy.

I don’t want it suggested that they’re together in some cryptic frendship/relationship way. I want 100% undenialable gayness. I don’t want queer baiting either.

And I want them both to stay alive.

Is that too much to ask for?

When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.
Actual conversation I just had:
  • Mom: wait so if you "ship" Ginny Weasley with Luna, who's Harry supposed to be with?.. *scoff* Malfoy?
  • Me: Y E S
  • Mom: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Mom: okay you might be onto something here