ship from every show!! i don't care!

pixelbit5  asked:

Do you ever just think 'I ship two magical horses from a kids' TV show what am I doing', but then you're like 'I don't care I will ship magical horses all I damn want because it's awesome!' I have those moments sometimes... I'm not weird.

Every day. Was working on wedding jazz during my stream on Wednesday and literally texted @rarijack-countrycouture “what am i fucking doing with my life”

  • dean: everytime you are near me i just want to grab you and kiss you
  • spencer: ........
  • dean: and the fact that you have a boyfriend isn't the problem..the problem is i don't care
  • spencer: .........
  • me: kiss him. kISs hIm. KISS HIM!

No but you guys, David and Violet tho…they were like, established as a canon couple, ex-lovers, whatever….but….David used an EXACT line that Dean said to Cas in season 6. Also, when she told him she should go he said “that’s what you do best” which reminds me of Dean telling Sam “sounds like him” when they found out Cas wasn’t at the bunker in Clip Show….an episode also written by Dabb btw (it also reminded me of “I thought I was doing the right thing”, “Yeah…you always do” from the same episode). And David’s relationship WITH HIS BROTHER was the thing keeping them apart.

Even if you don’t ship deancas, seeing those things used in the context of a canon het pairing, you can not deny they are written in a romantic manner, jfc…