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This whole thing about people saying that ERs = Swen makes me angry. That's not the case at all. Those are two different things. Don't confuse FANS of an actress with Shippers. They are not mutually exclusive. I, for one, am an ER, and I am not Swen. I ship Regina with everyone and everything, but that's because I love her and I'll be happy only watching her breathing in my screen.

Yes.  There is an arrogance to assuming that ERs = Swen.  I ship SQ but I’m here for the Queen first.

Every Fandom Ever
  • first off, screaming. why do we scream so much? no one will truly know
  • headcanon where everything’s the same except everyone’s gay
  • crying and sobbing to an intense level (we have no chill, i swear)
  • oh the references… so many references. and MEMES. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY MEMES
  • fanfiction… we’ve all been there
  • having a tumblr obviously
  • your husband/wife not being real (why are fictional people so hot??) also i’ve adopted multiple sons?? *sees a smol bean* “I’m adopting it”
  • super protective about your fandom
  • i want merch. but it’s so damn expensive??
  • “lolol im trash”
  • knowing all of the words
  • wanting to go to conventions and concerts but CAN’T
  • scaring our non-fandom friends…
  • being broke.
  • desperately wanting to be with them (as in fictional characters, celebs,and etc.)
  • having pride. just being really proud of this weird ass community
  • giving yourself weird titles (Examples: a Trekkie, phan)
  • having this huge loving family on the internet. honestly, i think it’s the sweetest thing, that we’re able to bond over this thing that we find meaningful. 

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Note: i’m not trying to be rude, just poking at my own fandoms. i also understand different fandoms have their own quirks. Hope you found this amusing~ admin daria

SINF is just full of pairings, all of which are just adorable in their own way :)

But I am bothered with the fact that Jeanne married a man that is a master of fire… not sure if anyone’s noticed or if you catch my drift >__>;;;

I’ll probably try to draw any other pairings I’ve forgotten, for now, have some of my atrocious cursive hand writing lol

Words of Advice

It makes me really sad that parts of this fandom (I’m primarily referring to the Fairy Tail fandom for this post, but this also applies to other fandoms as well) are so fucking TOXIC that someone is hesitant or even afraid to express a certain ship they like for fear of getting attacked in return. Like can you please get over yourself? If there’s a ship you don’t like, that’s totally cool my friend, but it doesn’t give you the right to shit on someone who doesn’t ship it, or ships the characters in other ships as well. Crack shipping, rare pair, f/f, m/m, mainstream shipping, bro-shipping, multi-shipping, what have you, the more the merrier!! Have fun, enjoy the characters! Share ideas, art, and fics! Enjoy loving a show with others who share that same love. And most of all, BE NICE AND RESPECTFUL. I PROMISE IT’S NOT THAT HARD, ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE DEALING WITH A FICTIONAL UNIVERSE. (Fun fact: did you know that it is 100% possible to have a conversation with someone about a ship they don’t like or you don’t like, and still be nice and respectful? Wild concept, I know)

If you see a ship you don’t like, you have different options:

1) Keep scrolling and move on with your life.

2) Blacklist tags

3) Block someone all together

Whatever you choose to do, those three options are a hell of a lot easier than sending hate and being a dick.

all orders have been shipped, thank u everyone for buying u_u <3 i hope everything arrives safely!

i wanted to keep some for myself but having 6 individual keychains this big was such a hassle for me so they would be arranged like this! sadly i had to give away that mc (but then i broke it so that was a waste sjdnfdsjkf) but have this picture of what couldve been


so it begins

Why I like Scifell -rant (sort of, I’m not mad or anything but whatev.) - LONG POST WARNING!!!!

I’m actually kinda confused on why Scifell is called a crackship. I mean, yeah, they’re the same person. But looking at the AU/ Roleplaying parts of the fandom, Sanscest is becoming more and more of a common thing. and it’s been getting more and more popular, so Scifell being called a crackship by that regard alone doesn’t really make sense to me, when other Sanscest ships aren’t called crackships at all. ( I’m saying I haven’t seen afterdeath, and most of the other popular Sanscest ships be called a crackship. if people call it that and I’m just missing it than please correct me, but I’ve only ever seen Scifell be called a crackship.)

I personally see a crackship as two people who have no interactions at all, and they have no dynamic. I am NOT one of those people where two characters look at each other and I’m like “ I SHIP IT!!”     I don’t do that. If I don’t see how something would be romantic (or even platonic, really) between them, Then I won’t ship it. (like, the character having no positive feelings for the other character.if its all negative than It’s hard for me to get into it) (the only real exception being afterdeath, and I only like it because I am thoroughly convinced that Geno’s just a tsundere. and that they would actually have a nice relationship if he opened up and saw deaths nice side, but that’s why you don’t see me draw them a lot.)  

but if you’re some one who’s like “ BUT EMME, SCI AND EDGE DON’T HAVE CHEMISTRY!” WELL YOU ARE WRONG SIR/MA’AM. I ship scifell because I love the dynamic between the two, I love how they interact with each other. If that wasn’t there, than I wouldn’t ship it. 

If you don’t see what I’m talking about than here:

  • Science is snarky and Edge is kinda an asshole. Sarcasm is a key part in their dynamic ( Example being their nicknames of “nerd” and “Edgy mc my chemical romance.”) they like joking around with one another and just being sarcastic with one another.
  • Edge genuinely doesn’t know how to talk to people. Science is awkward and anxious, but at least he socializes and tries to make friends with the others. ( even becoming buds with blueberry, even if it was short-lived.) Science helps Edge break out of his shell. ( examples: where Sci teaches Edge to turn off his eye, wants to help him and gets him to talk about his problems, and gets him to join the rebellion against blueberry. things I doubt he would do if he didn’t meet Sci.)

-that blush.

- Sci and Edge are both sinister in a sense. while not having evil intentions like swap, Sci is a minister of war, and believes in controlling the flow of information. while Edge, again, is kinda an asshole and likes to mess with people and be a jerk. even though its -mostly- towards people who deserve it. (they’re basically the perfect partners (or lovers) in crime.) 

- Edge is protective of his nerd.

- they are both awkward.

- you get on their bad side and they would both probably plot your murder.

- Sci is more reserved and polite while Edge is loud and rude.  ( I find it super interesting that these two can be super similar in some ways, while be very different in others.)

- Fell’s eyes go back to being white when he sees/ is around Sci. Meaning he finds Sci relaxing in a sense. like he can just chill and have a good time while he’s around him and not always having to be alert and ready for a fight all the time. 


-Sci is gay for Edge. 

-Edge shows some amount of gay for Sci. ( even though I think it will grow the longer CPAU goes on.)


- Nothing is better than two dorks who can be dorks together. 

That’s why I don’t think it should be called a crackship. I love their chemistry and how they act. if you wanna call it a crackship, than thats perfectly fine, you call it what you want to call it. I just don’t really understand why, when they have such an interesting dynamic and it makes perfect sense to me, why it’s referred to as a ship that (BY DEFINITION OF THE TERM “CRACKSHIP”) doesn’t make sense.

I think It makes perfect sense. it’s adorable. it makes me happy. and no one can change that.

(all pictures used belong to the crayon queen.)

I know I’ve said this before but ill say this again: I am so fucking glad that this fandom isnt completely and utterly centralized around one ship thank you and good night

Happy valentine’s day for all sinja shippers out there! Thanks for all your fics, hcs, edits, art and support!!! ♥♥♥♥ I know a lot of you and I really appreciate you are part of this fandom!
This doodle is the only thing I could do with the time I have, I hope you like it.

♥ Let’s all keep adoring our glorious ship despite everything!!! ♥
Also thanks to everyone who joined the art telephone game. I hope we all enjoy ourselves!

  • Me: I like McHanzo sure, but IDK man, I'm just not that into it like everybody else...
  • Me: [sees anything McHanzo related that contains Bottom!McCree]
  • Me: [kicks down the McHanzo fandom's door while holding up my Bottom!McCree cup]