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So, like...

Y’all got me thinking about the Winchesters coming to Mystic Falls. How Dean would drive through town and see Bonnie walking and he’d tell Sam he’s stopping the car and Sam starts to question him but at seeing Bonnie walking he’d know exactly why Dean is stopping and he’d be totally exasperated:

and then Dean thinks about his approach for a second:

and then he would make an excuse to bump into her and Bonnie is intrigued and suspicious about him:

and Bonnie can read his “aura” and she asks him what he’s doing in town and he says I’m not really supposed to tell civilians this, but I’m here undercover, working a case

and Bonnie says, “Well thank you for your services but we don’t need hunters here, you guys are too messy. I’ve got it under control” and Dean tries and fails to come up with a comeback so he just leaves:

and Sam laughs and doesn’t express surprise at him striking out with a woman like Bonnie but Dean tells him she knew exactly who he was:

and Sam is like “Is she a demon?” “No, she’s too hot to be a demon.” “Ruby was hot.” “Really, Sam?” “I’m just saying you can’t rule out someone being a demon because of how hot she is, Dean!” “Maybe she’s a psychic.” “Or a witch.” Dean groans, “No!”

So Sam says they have to do research.

Bonnie finds Caroline and talks about the exchange and Caroline laughs because she says, wow you like him!

“I barely even spoke to him, Caroline. He made some lame excuse about working undercover, who needs to work undercover in Mystic Falls? It’s not like he could blend in as a local. And the way he was just staring at me.” “You seem to be talking about him a lot for someone who isn’t interested.” “He annoys me and I just don’t want him to get in the way.” “Do you know why he’s here? I hope he isn’t another vampire hunter.” “No it’s not that kind of hunter, he’s human. Mystic Falls has a lot of energy and so many supernatural occurrences have happened here, it was bound to attract some attention. He could be here for pretty much anything. He could even be here to kill me, they don’t like anything supernatural. Another reason why I couldn’t possibly be into him.” “Yeah OK.” “Shut up.”

Dean and Sam find out Bonnie’s family history. “She’s a witch,” says Sam. Dean groans. “Friggin witches, man.” “Do you want me to see her then?” “No. No. I’ll go. I made first contact, it only makes sense that I see this through.” “Riiight.”

So Dean goes to call on Bonnie unsure of what it is that he’s intrigued by but knows he feels a mixture of attraction, respect and fear so he’s nervous when he gets to the house:

but when she opens the door, his charm comes back:

and he tries to be macho by inviting himself in the house and Bonnie is irritated but despite herself a little charmed and let’s him in:

Dean starts pacing. “See, earlier today you had me at a disadvantage, you know who I was right away but I had to do some digging on you. Turns out you’re a—”

Bonnie cuts him off and tells him who she is much to his confusion:

“Why are you so forthcoming about what you are?” “Because there is more than one kind of witch and you need to learn to broaden you horizons. I help people, Dean.” “Bang up job you’re doing, do you know the amount of supernatural crap that happens in this town?” “Of course I do, I live here and as long as I live here, this town will stay standing.” “Sorry to break it you but maybe Mystic Falls needs another protector, I mean it’s been attacked by tomb vampires and travelers in tenure as town witch, seriously, how much do you suck at keeping it safe?” “I’m sorry, didn’t you open the door to hell and didn’t you set Lucifer free and aren’t those only two of the many screw ups you and your brother have committed over the years? Not to mention the whole fiasco with Castiel and the angels? Yeah, you’re not the only one who did some digging, Dean.”

“OK so maybe we should start again”

“What are you doing here, Dean?” “I’m here to see Cade. I need to talk to him.”

That’s it for now, let me know if you want more!