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Y’all got me thinking about the Winchesters coming to Mystic Falls. How Dean would drive through town and see Bonnie walking and he’d tell Sam he’s stopping the car and Sam starts to question him but at seeing Bonnie walking he’d know exactly why Dean is stopping and he’d be totally exasperated:

and then Dean thinks about his approach for a second:

and then he would make an excuse to bump into her and Bonnie is intrigued and suspicious about him:

and Bonnie can read his “aura” and she asks him what he’s doing in town and he says I’m not really supposed to tell civilians this, but I’m here undercover, working a case

and Bonnie says, “Well thank you for your services but we don’t need hunters here, you guys are too messy. I’ve got it under control” and Dean tries and fails to come up with a comeback so he just leaves:

and Sam laughs and doesn’t express surprise at him striking out with a woman like Bonnie but Dean tells him she knew exactly who he was:

and Sam is like “Is she a demon?” “No, she’s too hot to be a demon.” “Ruby was hot.” “Really, Sam?” “I’m just saying you can’t rule out someone being a demon because of how hot she is, Dean!” “Maybe she’s a psychic.” “Or a witch.” Dean groans, “No!”

So Sam says they have to do research.

Bonnie finds Caroline and talks about the exchange and Caroline laughs because she says, wow you like him!

“I barely even spoke to him, Caroline. He made some lame excuse about working undercover, who needs to work undercover in Mystic Falls? It’s not like he could blend in as a local. And the way he was just staring at me.” “You seem to be talking about him a lot for someone who isn’t interested.” “He annoys me and I just don’t want him to get in the way.” “Do you know why he’s here? I hope he isn’t another vampire hunter.” “No it’s not that kind of hunter, he’s human. Mystic Falls has a lot of energy and so many supernatural occurrences have happened here, it was bound to attract some attention. He could be here for pretty much anything. He could even be here to kill me, they don’t like anything supernatural. Another reason why I couldn’t possibly be into him.” “Yeah OK.” “Shut up.”

Dean and Sam find out Bonnie’s family history. “She’s a witch,” says Sam. Dean groans. “Friggin witches, man.” “Do you want me to see her then?” “No. No. I’ll go. I made first contact, it only makes sense that I see this through.” “Riiight.”

So Dean goes to call on Bonnie unsure of what it is that he’s intrigued by but knows he feels a mixture of attraction, respect and fear so he’s nervous when he gets to the house:

but when she opens the door, his charm comes back:

and he tries to be macho by inviting himself in the house and Bonnie is irritated but despite herself a little charmed and let’s him in:

Dean starts pacing. “See, earlier today you had me at a disadvantage, you know who I was right away but I had to do some digging on you. Turns out you’re a—”

Bonnie cuts him off and tells him who she is much to his confusion:

“Why are you so forthcoming about what you are?” “Because there is more than one kind of witch and you need to learn to broaden you horizons. I help people, Dean.” “Bang up job you’re doing, do you know the amount of supernatural crap that happens in this town?” “Of course I do, I live here and as long as I live here, this town will stay standing.” “Sorry to break it you but maybe Mystic Falls needs another protector, I mean it’s been attacked by tomb vampires and travelers in tenure as town witch, seriously, how much do you suck at keeping it safe?” “I’m sorry, didn’t you open the door to hell and didn’t you set Lucifer free and aren’t those only two of the many screw ups you and your brother have committed over the years? Not to mention the whole fiasco with Castiel and the angels? Yeah, you’re not the only one who did some digging, Dean.”

“OK so maybe we should start again”

“What are you doing here, Dean?” “I’m here to see Cade. I need to talk to him.”

That’s it for now, let me know if you want more!

Kim Wall (30) was a respected swedish journalist whose life ended in still unknown circumstances. However, enough has come out to make this a bizarre case that’s shaken Scandinavia.

On August 10, 2017, Kim met danish inventor Peter Madsen (46) to write an article about him. At around 7 pm that day, she boarded his self-built submarine in Copenhaguen, which departed soon after. In the early hours of August 11, Kim’s boyfriend reported her missing. At some point after midnight, Madsen’s submarine sank and he had to be rescued. He claimed there had been a problem with a ballast tank, and that he’d dropped Kim on the shore at around 10:30 pm of the previous day.

When they investgated the sunken ship, police found dried blood inside that matched Kim’s DNA. So Madsen changed his story, and said there had been an “accident” on board that had caused Kim’s death and he’d buried her in the sea. This was very suspicious to investigators. If it was an accident, why not report it and why leave her body behind? They suspect he deliberately sunk his ship to hide evidence.

On August 21, Kim’s headless torso was found by a cyclist on a beach in Copenhaguen. Her arms and legs had also been cut off deliberately, and she had a piece of metal attached to make the body sink. There’s still no information about what exactly happened between Madsen and Kim or how she died, but prosecution is now looking to charging him with manslaughter (the equivalent to murder in Denmark).

Sugar, Spices and Money: The Thedas Cuisine Project

For the purposes of this project, using medieval money as a base, the following currency values will be applied:

Medieval Money vs Modern Day Money:

  • 1 pound (20 Shillings) = $650 / £530 / €620
  • 1 shilling (12 pence) = $32 / £26 / €31
  • 1 pence (4 farthings) = $2.60 / £2 / €2.50
  • 1 farthing = $0.65 / £0.50 / €0.60

Thedas Money Vs. Medieval Money:

  • 1 gold = 1 pound, 9 pence, 4 farthings
  • 1 silver = 2.5 pence (10 farthings)
  • 1 copper = 0.1 farthing

Thedas Money Vs. Modern Day Money:

  • 1 gold = $676 / £550 / €645
  • 1 silver = $6.5 / £5 / €6.25
  • 1 copper = $0.06 / £0.05 / €0.06


Sugar would be very rare outside of the nobility, due to its extreme cost. One pound of sugar would cost nearly 15 silver. In terms of real world money, you’re looking at an equivalent of about $98. The average lay-person would most likely make anywhere between 50 copper and 3 silver per day. Paying the equivalent of between 5 and 15 days wages on a pound of sugar was just not possible for most people. It should also be noted that a small two-person peasant home probably only cost about 3 or 4 gold.

To put that in perspective, that’s kind of like paying $98 for a pound of sugar when you only make $19.50 a day, and the cost of a house is $2000. Of course, most people would most likely rent their houses. The cost of renting that same house would probably be 1 gold per year, which would probably be payable per month like our own real-world rent. So most people would be paying the equivalent of $56 per month to rent their house. 

To put that in perspective, given current-era real world money, that’s like making $300 a week and renting a two bedroom house for $174 a month (you could also buy the house for $6200). In this same scenario, sugar costs $300 per pound. To put in perspective how HIGH that would be, a brand new BMW S-series would cost $1300.

Because of these reasons, liberal use of sugar (even among the nobility) would be very rare, and would be a sign of extreme luxury.

Because of these prices, the vast majority of the common peoples within Thedas would use honey and local fruit for their sweeteners. Contrasted with today, where honey is now much more expensive than sugar, it was the other way around in the middle ages. Whereas sugar would cost around 15 silver per pound in Thedas, honey would cost closer to 2 silver per pound. Bee husbandry was far cheaper than sourcing sugar or growing sugar, and therefore the end product was much cheaper as well. Many families would also keep their own bee-hives, and so most communities had at least one steady supply of fresh honey. Most communities would still use it sparingly, however, as it would mostly be sold to nobles, with the excess being used by the community, or farmers themselves.


Spices would be exceedingly expensive in Thedas, especially if you wanted to get spices that weren’t native to the kingdom you lived in. While these spices were cheaper in their native lands, cheaper did not always equate to affordable. The majority of people who used these spices were either in the small group of those who could afford them - or they knew how to forage or grow them.

Cinnamon, for example, would have been native to The Anderfels, parts of Nevarra, and Tevinter. Inside of these kingdoms, cinnamon would still sell for around 15 silver per pound. Outside of these kingdoms, however, the price would vary depending on how far they would be shipped. The end price for spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves would be anywhere between 50 silver to 2 gold per pound. While the end price could still be manageable, given that spices were sold by the ounce, it would still be a considerable expense.

The following is a list of example spices. The first price is the price (per pound) in their native habitat, the second is the additional price for shipment (per 10 miles). The third price is the estimated price (per pound) after their shipment from their native habitat to the other side of Thedas (average of 500 miles).

  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves: 15 silver | 3 silver | 1 gold, 65 silver
  • Pepper, white pepper, peppercorns: 20 silver | 4 silver | 2 gold, 20 silver
  • Saffron: 75 silver | 12 silver | 6 gold, 75 silver
  • Sea Salt: 5 silver | 2 silver | 1 gold, 5 silver
  • Mineral Salt: 1 silver | 50 copper | 26 silver
  • Plant salt: 50 copper | 25 copper | 12 silver, 50 copper
  • Grains of Paradise: 40 silver | 10 silver | 5 gold, 40 silver
  • Anise, Juniper Berries: 2 silver | 5 silver | 2 gold, 52 silver
  • Star Anise: 10 silver | 5 silver | 2 gold, 60 silver
  • Allspice, Cardamom, Ginger: 20 silver | 6 silver | 3 gold, 20 silver

For spices not listed, just assume that it would have a similar price as to any spices that are similar on the above list.


Herbs would be much cheaper than spices, but not as widely available. Most herbs that were shipped would be their dried versions, which would of course be inferior to the fresh variants. Dried variants of herbs would, of course, be cheaper than fresh.

With the following list, the first price is the price (per bunch) for fresh, and the second is for dry. For herbs, the shipping cost would most likely be much more uniform when compared to spices. Therefore, assume a simple 50 copper per 10 miles when shipping an herb from its native habitat.

  • Leaf herbs (Basil, bay leaf, mint, lemon balm, etc): 1 silver | 50 copper
  • Root herbs (garlic, burdock, dandelion, etc): 50 copper | 12 copper
  • Flowered Herbs (hyssop, borage, lavender, etc): 2 silver | 50 copper


The following is a list of food basics, and their average prices. This is not an inclusive list of everything. It is merely a guide to give you an idea of what the average person would pay for food in Thedas.


  • Cheap Ale (per gallon): 50 copper
  • Good Ale (per gallon): 1 silver
  • Cheap Wine (per gal): 2 silver
  • Good Wine (per gal): 10 silver
  • Cheap Beer (per gal): 2 silver
  • Good Beer (per gal): 8 silver
  • Milk (per quart): 50 copper


  • Cow, alive: 50 silver
  • Beef, butchered (whole cow): 3 gold
  • Beef, butchered (per pound): 35 copper
  • Pig, alive: 15 silver
  • Pork, butchered (whole pig): 70 silver
  • Pork, butchered (Per pound): 45 copper
  • Sheep, Alive: 5 silver
  • Mutton, butchered (whole sheep): 60 silver
  • Mutton, butchered (Per pound): 40 copper
  • Lamb, Alive: 10 silver
  • Lamb, butchered (whole lamb): 50 silver
  • Lamb, butchered (per pound): 60 copper
  • Fowl, alive: 25 copper
  • Fowl, butchered (whole bird): 75 copper to 3 silver
  • Fowl, butchered (per pound): 15 copper
  • Goose or Duck, alive: 1 silver
  • Goose or duck, butchered (whole bird): 4 silver
  • Goose or duck, butchered (per pound): 22 copper


note: 1 bushel = 60 pounds

  • Wheat: 15 silver per quarter bushel
  • Wheat flour: 4 silver per pound
  • Barley: 12 silver per quarter bushel
  • Barley flour: 3 silver per pound
  • Oats: 5 silver per quarter bushel
  • Oat Flour: 2 silver per pound
  • Peas, Dried: 1 silver per quarter bushel
  • Pea flour: 30 copper per pound
  • Peasant’s Flour (mixture of barley, oat, and pea): 15 copper per pound
  • Local Fresh vegetables: Between 50 copper and 2 silver per pound
  • Local Fresh fruit: Between 1 and 4 silver per pound
  • Local Dried Fruit: Between 50 copper and 1 silver per pound
  • Foreign Vegetables (fresh): 6 silver per pound
  • Foreign Fruit (Fresh): 12 silver per pound
  • Foreign dried fruit: 2 to 4 silver per pound
  • Butter: 30 copper per pound
  • Beef suet: 40 copper per pound
  • Mutton or Lamb suet: 20 copper per pound
  • Pork suet (or lard): 15 copper per pound


  • Bread: 40 copper per loaf
  • Cheese: 20 copper per pound
  • Eggs: 1 copper each
  • Yeast: 1 copper per ounce

This post will most likely be referenced throughout the Thedas Cuisine Project. As you can see from the above, most commoners in Thedas would very much live day-to-day as far as food cost was concerned.

Bonnie Really is Beautiful - It just took 7 Seasons for them to admit it

Ok, I’ve been upset about the fact that Bonnie Bennett is a very underrated character and has been for the entire duration of the show. Her treatment is far worse than the other women on The Vampire Diaries.
In addition to less screen time, she also gets less character development and is always used as a plot device.
Last night’s episode verified a few things for me:

1) The producers think that by having Nora call Bonnie “Beautiful,” Bonnie fans will somehow forget that Julie Plec and Caroline Dries were against people (villains especially) like Kai and Kol saying anything about her attractiveness or “shipping” her with either of them because “she’s just too good.” (Apparently this rule does not apply Elena and Caroline. Oh sure, let Enzo call Caroline “Gorgeous,” while he’s torturing Matt and trying to manipulate Sarah Salvatore and torment Stefan. Kol can call Alaric’s three episode medical examiner girlfriend a “pretty little” thing with a sharp tongue. Kai can kidnap Elena and call her “really pretty” – enough that’s it’s distracting him from his magical torture practice on her … but have ANY of them reference Bonnie’s beauty – HELL NO! Fans get shot down and dismissed and called “crazy” for even thinking such things. If they only wanted Bonnie to be with a nice guy, why didn’t they put her with Matt rather than have him go after Caroline in Season 1? I’ll tell you why, because they’d rather Matty Blue Eyes go after Blondie blue eyes that Brown Bonnie. Sorry – not sorry: just being real.

2) Having someone who will (as far as we know) never become a love interest or friend to Bonnie makes the compliment fairly hollow. Nora eventually knocks Bonnie out during the episode, so why bother with the whole thing to begin with?

3) They have no intention of developing her character outside of having her be bitchy about being used, and quite frankly, she has every right to be bitchy. The problem is that bitchy characters don’t get developed… but that’s precisely what they want.

4) The producers want Bonnie to become so unpopular that the majority of fans will finally want her character to die as much as Julie Plec wants Bonnie to die.

5) Bonnie is a threat: plain and simple. Acknowledging her beauty puts her in the same desirability category as Elena and Caroline; even though she’s been there all along. Specifically noting it, however, tells fans that they should take notice. Waiting 7 seasons to acknowledge it is insulting and proves they were threatened by her beauty all along. They know the series is on it’s last legs. They don’t want to bother with developing a canon ship for Bonnie.

Dries and Plec spent so many pre-season 7 interviews talking about how Bonnie is stronger now and that she’s not taking crap off of anyone; and lying about how she is her own person. When, at the end of the day, we know that she is truly none of those things.

Consider the hype and the reality:

- Pre-Season assertion: Bonnie is stronger now; The reality – she still loses every battle she fights while getting beaten up, knocked out and magically tortured as she endures endless pain that her friends care nothing about.
- Pre-Season assertion: Bonnie is not taking crap off of anyone; The reality – Bonnie is still being used as a plot device that isn’t even mentioned when she’s not in the episode. She is only called when her “friends” need her – placing her in constant danger from which NO ONE saves her.
- Pre-Season Assertion: Bonnie is her “own person;” The reality – they probably meant to say “she’s going to be a lone” person. All the talk about her having a love interest this season and it ends up being someone who chose her THIRD. (Jeremy chose her third too, by the way. Vicky and Anna came first.)

The producers want people to know that Bonnie will NEVER be anyone’s first choice even though Julie Plec complained earlier this year that Caroline is never chosen first.
Excuse me! Hasn’t Caroline dated every fucking male on that show except Jeremy? If she’s got insecurity issues, she needs a psychiatrist and not hop on a Salvatore penis.

Bonnie is the one that needs to be chosen and cherished. She’s the only one that never had an epic love; someone to protect her and put her first.

Now Bonnie fans are supposed to jump up and down that Enzo, when gets over making out with his best friend’s mother, will decide to fall hopelessly for Bonnie, who, despite their
“epic” love and “love sparks (a la Caroline Dries), she still ends up in a mental institution?
His love was so good and pure and real that she had to get mental health treatment?
What it really means is that he didn’t care enough to protect or help her. I guess he’s just the newest member of the “Bonnie is My Last Concern and I Only Want Her When I Need Her Club.”

Do Plec and Dries honestly think this romance will satisfy Bonnie fans? Do they really think we will be happy that she is not chosen but settled for?
No. They don’t think that.

What they want is for us to continue to get angry so that when we vent, we look like bullies rather than frustrated fans that are justifiably tired of our character being abused and used on their show.
I suppose it’s easy to ignore our criticism this way, while making themselves look like victims. It keeps them from being scrutinized by the media and forced to answer questions they can’t answer, as well as justify decisions that can’t be justified with any form of logic.

Plec and Dries don’t care if we (Bonnie fans) watch. They never liked or respected us. They never will.
They just want us to shut up and/or go away so that when they finally kill her off at the end of the series (or before), then they won’t have to hear from us any longer.

I also find it ironic that the dialogue written for Bonnie this season is only now reflecting what fans have been upset about after all these years: she’s mad that she’s only called when someone wants something from her and she’s perpetually alone in the romance department. It’s like the writers and producers are making a joke out of something they caused in a half-assed attempt to cater to fans. Do they really think that by having Bonnie say these things, we feel that, as Bonnie fans, they are finally listening to us?
Their attempt at “Bonnie Sass” can kiss my ass.
Their efforts (or lack thereof) result in a fanbase that doesn’t feel acknowledged, but rather one that feels insulted and mocked because we dare to complain about it.
I have no experience in Hollywood, but I can write a better storyline and dialogue in my sleep. So can my beloved #Bonkai family. We do it all the time. We do it every day. We’ve been doing it for years.
As a matter of fact: someone get Plec and Dries a pen and piece of paper – The teachers are in, so they better be taking notes.


Hey guys. So i have way too many sherlock shirts. Not that thats a bad thing, but I find myself wearing ones more than others, and these are the ones I wear the absolute least, so I thought I’d do a little giveaway with them to someone who would wear them allll the time~

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10:56 | 2/16/2015

Sitting roadside between the landfill and hollowed out factories, I searched for words all night like a mother whose child was pried from her grip. These occurrences felt all too familiar. A stranded ship in a dried out sea. Tennis shoes hung from a telephone wire.

Following the shadow of spring, I traced my tracks to the shore. Hands and feet like glaciers, I am numb. I remember you in this cold and wonder where the tide has taken you. The faces you wear and the hearts you’ve stolen.

I sent you on your way with a shrug. 

Jordan Alan Brown