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Predict the day you sentence your enemies
Don’t look away, they’re coming for you
Predict the day we’re bathing in victory
A second chance –  I’ve fallen for you

Predict the day, the night’s never ending
A shadow falls, darken your face
I never thought – I didn’t think twice
I never thought

My Ghostbuster’s Shipping To-Do List

Just saw Ghostbusters and here is a list of ships I absolutely want to write fanstuff for:

  • Jillian Holtzmann/Erin Gilbert - Erin’s had enough of Holtzmann’s flirting and inadvertently tells her to put her money where her mouth is.
  • Abby Yates/Erin Gilbert - Abby and Erin tell ghost stories as kids, cuddled up together at a sleep over for two, Erin says three little words that can be scarier than any ghost.
  • Gertrude Aldridge/Erin Gilbert - Erin’s first encounter with a class four apparition goes a little different than she’d expected.
  • Patty Tolan/Erin Gilbert - Patty offers to show Erin a whole new side of New York. A fun night out winds up with the girls spending the night in jail. Patty turns down Erin’s offer of sharing a bunk until it turns out the jail may be haunted.
  • Holtzmann/Abby - Sharing a lab, getting chinese food and swapping war stories, Abby and Holtzmann make a new story together they don’t feel like sharing.
  • Holtzmann/Patty - When a prototype ghost trap leaves Patty pinned to the wall, she finds herself on the receiving end of Holtzmann’s quirkier assistance.
  • Holtzmann/Jennifer Lynch - As Ghostbuster liaison to the mayor’s office, Holtzmann is excused her comings and goings from the office of Ms. Lynch. Holtzmann’s eccentricities can be as magnetic as they are frustrating, and Lynch finds herself offering more than she should.
  • Holtzmann/Rebecca Gorin - Holtzmann is excited to show her mentor around her new set up. Gorin is more eager to see her student.
  • Abby/Patty - Abby fails to live up to her boast that she could drink Patty under the table. The morning after, Patty makes an amazing breakfast. Abby shows her thanks in an unexpected way.

If anyone sees one of these ideas and wants to run with it you have my blessings, send me an ask, I’d love to see it.


I’m in a tight spot and selling my mascot/fursuit/cosplay costumes.
Fit size 5'6" 150lbs +- a bit. Size 7.5 women’s shoes
Okami $800
Toothless $1500
Red Xiii $2000
Plus shipping

Okami is a little rough and needs new hands and paint touch up. Does not include sword.
Toothless will need dismantled to ship or could sell for parts.
Red is still like new.
Feel free to ask any questions. I can post more photos if anyone is seriously interested.

Stonehenge was initially an impressive Welsh tomb before being dismantled and shipped to modern-day England, and specifically Wiltshire. Or at least, that is the latest theory put forth by archaeologists. They were moved by Welsh who migrated and did not want to leave their ancestors’ tomb behind.