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The Appeal of Ladrien

Just one side of the love square, Ladrien is one of the two sides that don’t get as much screentime as the other two, the other being MariChat. Perhaps the least popular of the love square ships, it only seems right to talk about it.

What’s the appeal of Ladrien?

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I’ve decided something. I truly believe that SuperCat could be one of the greatest, most successful slow burn love stories of all time, and I’m just going to watch the show like that is what’s happening from now on regardless of what transpires. In my mind, Cat and Kara are endgame, and I hope the show sees that, but no matter what the fic will always bring them together.

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Guys, i can be pretty dumb sometime, i’ve been rewatching this episode loads of time but i still couldnt get what Chat was saying here. It sounds so sad tho, just look at that precious sad face of him :( Mind anyone to explain it to me ?