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Lotor’s comet ship and why it’s insane.

Okay, so one thing that I’ve noticed that NO ONE is talking about is the ship that Lotor and his generals make out of the comet. I can’t begin to tell you guys how amazed I am that everyone is just, sleeping on this?? So I’m gonna break this ship down and give it the attention it deserves.

First off, this ship’s whole design is just so cool. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and I’ve never seen something quite like it. Not only is it sleek and badass and unique, but its design allows for it to be super maneuverable. Secondly, it is super fast, as pointed out by Coran. Maneuverable + fast is a deadly combination to begin with (take the red lion for example), but then you add in its weapons. Specifically, this one right here.

Why that one? Because it can do this:

Now, I know everyone thinks/likes to joke that the particle barrier on the castle ship is pretty weak, and it’s true, our heroes do have trouble with it, but here’s the thing. The attacks it defends against are crazy powerful. That ion canon? That is the most powerful weapon on a Galra battle cruiser. That’s some heavy shit guys, and the castle ship can take not only one, but two blasts from that thing without failing on them, yes it gets weaker, but it’s still up. It can take two blasts from a weapon that is used to level cities and destroy warships and still keep going. The particle barrier is amazingly strong. But this weapon? From this tiny ass ship? It cuts right through that same particle barrier like it’s nothing. And look! The particle barrier can’t even reform after.

That hole is still there, and it’s massive. Smaller ships can easily go through that and attack the ship directly.

Also, this ship is in fact made of the same material as Voltron, meaning it has the potential to be just as powerful, if not more. Plus, it’s pretty damn indestructable, because as this show has shown us, transreality material is pretty damn hard to break. And who knows, maybe this ship will have hidden powers its pilots can unlock just like the Lions and Voltron do.

TL;DR: Lotor’s new ship is very, very dangerous, and is going to give our heroes a run for their damn money once the generals really figure out how to pilot it.

me thinkin about the how comfortable keith seemed when hunk hugged him and lance in that one ep and the soft smile he had on his face while looking directly at hunk afterwards and also the very true and real fact that hunk is the first and only person we’ve seen who has been able to make keith throw his head back and laugh out loud in delight

“If you still want me dead,” I said, “you might have to try a bit harder.”

Lucien loosed a breath. “That’s not what I intended.” I gave him a long look. “I wouldn’t shed any tears,” he amended. I knew it was true. - ACOTAR Chapter 18. 

There my body was, prostrate on the ground, my head snapped to one side at a horribly wrong angle. A flash of red hair in the crowd. Lucien.

Tears shone in Lucien’s remaining eye as he raised his hands and removed the fox mask. - ACOTAR Chapter 45 


multishipper problems: the thrilling sequel

‘why don’t you just ship an ot3?’

Nam-Jin Appreciation

Ahh Eomma and Appa :D These two are just the best parents to us ARMY and BTS :) Where do i start?

How the way they dance together! #Adorable

The true dance line xD

Cute Moments <3

<3 Aww My heart

The Subtle hand Holding :D

These two i swear My heart..The feels

Even There Children Ship them So Hard xD

Thank you Everyone for All the recent Follows/Notes !! Love you All! 

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Fanfiction Appreciation Post: Haikyuu!! (Masterpost)

Since I’ve made four lists for Haikyuu!! pairings and intend to make some more, here’s a master list of all the links to each list ^_^

KuroTsuki fic rec list

KageHina fic rec list

TsukkiYama fic rec list

Poly Ships fic rec list

TsukkiKage fic rec list (coming soon)

IwaOi fic rec list (coming soon)

Suga’s Ships Appreciation Post

First off, lets start with Yoonmin, the smol ship

“When the members make fun of me, Jimin is the only one that tells me that it’s okay and that I’m good-looking.” -Min Yoongi

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Then we’ve got Yoonseok, the playful ship

“Whenever I’m sad I gain strength from looking at you.” -Min Yoongi to Jung Hoseok

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After, we’ve got Sugamon, the inspirational ship

“A leader you can count on always. You will never find a leader like him.” -Min Yoongi about Kim Namjoon

Then we have Yoonjin, the responsible ship

“Instead of saying I need him, he makes me feel at ease when he’s around. He doesn’t need to do anything, just being there makes me feel at ease.” -Min Yoongi about Kim Seokjin

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Now, Yoonkook, the caring ship

“Why are you guys teasing him?” -Min Yoongi

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And last, we’ve got Taegi, the dorky ship

“I’d want to switch bodies with Suga because I think he has the best part in Cypher part 3.” -Kim Taehyung

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anonymous asked:

To add onto that last ask. Why do people even try to force Soriel as a ship in the first place? It's pretty clear that the two are just good friends and there isn't anything to suggest ronance in the least. Why can't more people just accept that they are BFFs and move on?

Because people can interpret relationships and interaction differently. I myself think that they are like very very good friends with no ship status but i can see why other people see them having an intimate relationship.

Honestly a lot of things can suggest “romance” . Quoting from wiki “ a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” which you can get from anything honestly. The comfort of being with each other and such , spending time together so on and so forth. Again, people interpret things differently and thats fine? Its really not a bad thing to do.

Also honestly but this maybe just me, but i prefer to have a normal friendship first before getting into a relationship? Like you dont just see someone and go “HOO BOOY THATS THE ONE RIGHT THERE MMMM GOOOD I KNOW EVERYTHING BOUT THEM WOOOOO”, for me theres steps to build that feeling x). And I guess from Soriel shippers they see it from how Toriel and Sans have been acquainted for so long (even through with that big door in the way) and they enjoy each others company, pun and jokes are the things that make them happy with each other (I think) and by the phonecalls after Asriel broke the barrier is does seem that Toriel is hella comfortable with sans too xD.

which is why i can see Why people would ships sans and toriel x) though for myself i see them as hella good friends since i find it a bit hard to move on from past relations. My idea is that Toriel does not hate hate asgore you know. Its the heat at the moment and such, i could honestly go on and on about this but im doodling right now owo. Toriel isnt exactly innocent tbh on the account of asgores “sins” . and Everyone deserves a second chance :D

Why can’t some people just accept the fact that people think differently and its not a bad thing to do so? Whats the harm is shipping Soriel? it doesnt matter who you ship , its fictional, we are all here to have fun lmao. As far as my friends concern, They never bash me to ship soriel lmao and we are p chill with each other. Why cant we all just be friends  y’know?

tl:dr : i dont see them as forcing the ship , its their interpretation, and we all have different interpretation,

wow that turned into a rant lmao

[voltron] hance the brotp™

even though lance isn’t the type that outwardly shows their sadness and pain , if he tears up or shows a hint of sadness bottled from within , hunk will talk it out with him and both will end up hugging each other in tears

Reasons To Live

Enzo and Big Cass.

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I love that nerd and I love this nerd.

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But together?!

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They just blow my mind and make me smile so much!!


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