ship antics

Sangwoo/Killing Stalking

* murders people*
* torture them*
* mentally/physically abuses Yoonbum*
* used Yoonbum body LITERALLY to kill a person *
* is forcing Yoonbum to kill another innocent person*

People: Sangwoo daddy-
Sangwoo and Yoonbum are going to be fore-


I’ve recently hit 400 followers and my blogoversary and have decided to list my follow forevers mutual edition. Thank you all for putting up with me and my spotty activity — my shipping antics — and how volatile my muse can be. I appreciate all of you, mutual or not, and look forward to more shenanigans. 

I’ve divided people up into fandom categories, in case you were looking for rad people to follow. 

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I am forever shocked by the veritable infantilization of (usually female) shippers by people who don’t like the ship.

Like, they’re always saying “I worry about shippers of <ship>, that they’ll end up in relationships just as <insert buzzword that is of variable accuracy here>”

And the people doing this are usually flying their “progressive” flags high. Yeah, real progressive of ya.

Like, wtf?

anonymous asked:

What if Aph Churchill makes Aph Frederick somehow enter in a discussion about who is bottoming and America and England are watching them like "The Fuck?" P.D.: I really love your art

I’m just going to assume that aph Frederick is so supposed to b aph Franklin (FDR).  I did have a script pretty much like that but I don’t know anymore if he would indulge in any of Winston’s shipping antics (FDR is that type of friend that doesn’t understand shipping) Also I haven't deiced if the nations are aware of Winston’s shipping. I love the idea that there completely oblivious. but I also love the idea that America and England are already in a relationship and Winston to blind to see the actual signs. And then there’s the third option where there like FDR and don’t understand how Winston could ship them their nations ( in that scenario nations don’t really have romantic feelings) So  many possibilities lol

  • Interviewer: Has any of you ever seen Mayuzumi-san smile?
  • Nebuya: *stops eating with his burger hanging midair*
  • Hayama, whisper-shouting: *clamps the interviewer's mouth* Wahh! Ssshhh! Sshhh! That's a taboo question!
  • Mibuchi, currently imagining Mayuzumi smiling: OH MY GOD
  • Akashi: *facepalms*

@buffster said: "“stop infantilizing shippers” is my new favorite tagline "

It really annoys me every time I see people drop the ’<this ship> is so toxic and abusive it’ll hurt young girls who see it and they’ll think bad behavior X is romantic!’ or the ‘they only like character A because he’s hot!’

There’s something incredibly sexist and sometimes even bizarrely heternormative (bizarre since I’ve seen a hell of a lot of F/F shippers, including actual wlw shippers say this sort of shit about canon M/F ships - Captain Swan and Karamel being favorite targets, for example) about these arguments. Since it is virtually always directed at female shippers or saying that women will be the ones that are 'impressionable’ enough to by into the (often disputed) 'abusive’ aspects of the ship.

No one ever says they’re worried about the guys who watch  the show buying into 'this abusive stuff is actually romantic' when a mxf relationship has the female character be arguably 'abusive’.

Like, it’s not an uncommon argument in the Anti-Olicity fandom (which I am in) to argue that Felicity has behaved abusively (emotionally abusively) towards Oliver or displayed Toxic behavior in or about their relationship. Irrespective of the merit or lackthereof of their arguments (I have complicated views on the subject as I do so much else), I’ve never seen one of them say they were worried that male shippers of Olicity would suddenly believe that felicity’s problematic (in their eyes) behavior is romantic.

Indeed, I’ve instead seen them worry that female fans of Olicity will think it is okay to treat their boyfriends the way they say Felicity treats Oliver.

Which, really, is the double standards applied to women on so many things applied yet again, but most of these particular 'infantilizing antishippers’ are themselves, women and women who say they hate misogyny and sexism and are big on Social Justice, so wtf is with that guys? 

some Seijoh ships headcanons

- Iwaizumi wears sweaters to sleep, big oversized sweaters because they’re comfy and they keep him warm at night and Oikawa dOES NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE
- One of Oikawa’s most prized possessions is a small alien stuffed toy, smaller than the length of his forearm. It’s old and looks worn and tattered, and it’s got small tears in places which have visibly been carefully hand-stiched back together. Iwaizumi won it at a game booth at a fair they went to together when they were 8 and gave it to him, and he’s cherished it ever since.
- When Oikawa wakes up in the morning, his hair falls flat instead of curling up like it usually does (once he’s had a shower, though, it somehow naturally just bounces up) and Iwaizumi is strangely fascinated by this.

- Hanamaki is a hobbyist artist and he has no specific or consistent art style but he generally likes drawing people and characters more than things and places. He has 2 sketchbooks, one regular A4 sketchbook, which he brings just about everywhere with him, and one smaller A5 sketchbook which he keeps securely locked in his school locker or in the drawer under his desk at home whenever he isn’t using it. The A5 sketchbook is filled with random little poems and stories and sketches of his friends (mainly Matsukawa) and he’d rather die than let anybody see it (if they did see it, he thinks he’d die of embarrassment anyway)
- Hanamaki can’t cook for shit (do not trust this boy with a flame) and Matsukawa honestly isn’t great at it either but at least he’s better than Makki and has the ability to cook up a decent meal (i.e. he can cook instant noodles & fried rice and use the microwave without setting something on fire or causing some form of small explosion)
- Matsukawa can sing really well but he’s shy about singing in front of other people, so he doesn’t usually sing unless he’s alone or with just his family. No matter how much Oikawa or anyone else whines at him to try and get him to sing, he won’t do it. The only person who has ever succeeded in getting Mattsun to sing is Hanamaki, who suggested that for April Fools’ Day they should sing Never Gonna Give You Up to the entire club, and he agreed. (Did he do it for the meme? Or did he do it because Makki was the one who asked? Nobody knows for sure)

- Kunimi lives really near Aoba Johsai, about a 5 minutes walk away, but Kindaichi lives pretty far from school, far enough away that he has to take a train in order to get back home. This has lead to them having an uncountable number of sleepovers at Kunimi’s house because it’s convenient for both of them (and Kunimi’s family loves Kindaichi anyway)
- Kunimi smiles/laughs a lot when he’s very nervous/anxious/panicky and Kindaichi bites his lips and fiddles with his fingers a lot when he’s nervous/anxious/panicky
- Kindaichi has a younger sister whom he loves to bits, and on the rare occasions that Kindaichi and Kunimi go to Kindaichi’s house instead of Kunimi’s, she gets so excited because she absolutely adores Kunimi (he lets her play with his hair, he’ll watch her favourite cartoons with her, he even lets her call him Akira-chan  kindaichi is mildly jealous about that last one)

KyouHaba (+ best wingman & third wheel Watari):
- Yahaba is a cat person (he has a cat, and he loves her so much) and when Kyoutani discovered this it sparked yet another disagreement between the two of them (cat person vs dog person) which almost ended in a fistfight because Kyoutani made the grave mistake of insulting Yahaba’s cat and the setter was ready to kill (they were stopped by Watari just moments before they were about to start punching each other. poor watari. what has he done to deserve this)
- Yahaba calls Kyoutani “Puppy” and he insists that it’s because he wants to embarrass him and because calling him a puppy means that he’s indirectly calling him a son of a bitch, and not for any other reason shut up watari stop sniggering
- Kyoutani always has some snacks in his bag. (sometimes it’s fried chicken from the convenience stores, sometimes it’s chips, sometimes it’s fruit.) One day during after-school volleyball practice he overheard Yahaba telling Watari that he had left both his wallet and bento at home that morning and hadn’t gotten to eat the whole day. After practice, while Yahaba was still in the shower, he pulled out the sandwich he had and quickly shoved it into Yahaba’s locker, then left before Yahaba came back. He didn’t need Yahaba to know that he… cared. (Of course, Yahaba figured it out pretty quick because pretty much every other team member had been in the showers apart from Kyoutani at that point in time. Watari said “aaaaaawwww, that’s sweet, so precious” and Yahaba tried to whack him)

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

I was tagged by @carrotcouple thankssss

So after trawling through my AO3 and having 50 cringe attacks here’s my top 5 fics

1) In the Darkness - Noragami x Harry Potter AU
What started out as an unfinished crossover art became a full-blown in-depth series which I’ve planned out completely. It basically follows the original plot but I’ve thrown in all the ships and more antics. It’s also revealed that I have a very spiteful side when it comes to angst. I could talk about this AU forever cos I’m complete trash, and its grown so much that there’s a whole bunch of art and drabbles over it. I’ve written so many parts that I can’t mention cos spoilers, but so far Chapter 4 is my favourite.

2) A Thousand Times Over
A result of the Floor Squad Adventures based on eerna’s art and one of the first fanfics I ever wrote. Little fluffangst drabble idkidk

3) Fragile Things
Another result of the Floor Squad also based on eerna’s art and one of my firsts. Based on the idea of Yato playing with Hiyori’s cord and thinking about how he’s literally holding her life in his hands

4) Phone Calls
Yet another Floor Squad product based again on eerna’s art. Basically Yato wanting to hear Hiyori’s voice one last time after cutting ties

5) God’s, Tails and Students
The very first fanfic I wrote, I cringe reading it but God the awkwardness makes me smile. Basically an au of if Yato met Hiyori by breaking into her house to find Milord

Honourable mentions cosiwillbekilledifidontmentionthem

On Her Toes - Noragami ballet au which is shelved
My Lady - Noragami 1800’s au which is shelved

I tag @blessedburial, @themusicalbookworm, @scarfblogs, @leopah, & any other writers!

Levi, get off the computer

Levi: So I heard there was a possibility we might be related. I think our marriage is illegal. 

Mikasa: But we have a child. 

Levi: Yeah, she’ll probably be taken away. 

Mikasa: I highly doubt that will happen. 

Mikasa: She blends in too well with the furniture. 

Levi: The fandom will never find you.

Now that Jensen is on twitter, I suggest we don’t bombard him with shipping stuff. He has said before that he prefers not knowing about shipping and stuff, so let’s try to respect his right to that choice. Don’t contribute to a potentially ugly atmosphere by bombarding him. Truthfully this makes me a little bit nervous. J2 don’t have a history of understanding a large portion of the fandom. I could see foot in the mouth stuff happening. But really, I don’t foresee Jensen using twitter a lot. I think he’ll end up being like Danneel or just tweet during the shows. But still. We know what he’s like. Don’t expect fun shipping jokes and antics like Misha or Jared do. Just use common sense.