ship addicted

  • me: so..who do you like together? or like which two persons do you really wish were like romantically or platonically involved..?
  • person: you mean who do i ship?
  • me: oh thank god

“No one knows what tomorrow will bring… But I know we will walk slowly together for our tomorrow..” - Guhai & Bai Luoyin / Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou

Recently I was returning a book to the school library and..
  • Librarian: Thanks sweetie, do you want to borrow some other book.
  • Me: I don't know. Maybe something not so long approx. 120k words.
  • Librarian: What?
  • Me: What?
  • That was the moment I realized my fanfiction addiction had gone too far.

Quick doodle of fem!keith (i.e kim) before sleep✨
I hardcore support my own head canon that kim wears space buns because nothing shouts ‘I’m broody and mysterious fight me lance’ like two smol buns aha

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who gets sick more often:

who is the better caretaker:

who is the most needy when they’re sick:

who gets startled/worried every time the other sneezes:

who stocks the house with cold medicine and orange juice:

who is more careful not to spread their illness and who doesn’t care:

who gets cuddly when they’re feverish:

who tries to pretend they’re fine:

who tries weird/old-fashioned remedies:

Melissa the Matchmaker (Can't Find Them in a Crowd)

Melissa: I can’t find Zack! This calls for desperate measures.

Melissa: *cups hands over mouth to make a megaphone and screams* OH MY GOSH DID THAT CHANDELIER JUST FALL ON THAT KID WITH THE SWEATER VEST?!

Zack: *runs all the way to Melissa* WHERE IS MILO?! I-IS HE OKAY?! *extremely worried*

Melissa: Found him. Milo is perfectly fine, Zack

Zack: Oh thank go-

Melissa: *mumbles* But seriously tho when are you gonna admit you like him?

Zack: what? o///o

Melissa: what? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

guys, we need to clarify

ok so it happened that now, in full accord with @animal-guardian, Abel and Elymas broke their relationship once for all.

I’m not gonna say that I’m happy of this, because there are MUCH IMPORTANT things I’m facing -so basically I could only post HALF of my ideas, and the stress had reduced my inspiration too-

and I can’t believe to hear that @idolaelyartist had received threatening messages, just because Anie Cupcake DARED to talk and show her feelings to Abel, as I’m tired to see anon trying to put their hands on MY character because they lack of creativity or seriously they thinks their whole life depends of what I chose to do with Abel!

-and I’m not referring to only this time, but even the past times, I jut know her and I’ve seen her facing so much hatred with a fiery courage!
never be ashamed for what you love Idol!-

Me and Abel are not puppets for those ship addicted, Abel’s not someone’s flag for lgbt community, he’s not your chance to see some more yaoi stuff,

I’m not being payed for what I’m posting here, this is my personal space and I do what the f— I want here, you like it or not

so next time you ever want to complain about Abel, SAY IT TO MY FACE! not Idolaelyartist, not @zenoxfurryman, not anyone else!

hope I’ve been clear on this.